Sin a wooden prison

posted in 2HTS406 on Jan 09, 2022

something like this.....

bad spelling fuhv!

a wooden hole

solitude for the sole

weilding sharpened mind

in the quiet he finds inside

But in the snakes and ladders of life 

it only takes one ladder to die. 

in rest a few penny is his plea

forget your earthy needs

not to find a place scream 

but deficate on society

in larger crowds of blank stares

be the one to be aware

So If sinicism be your plyte

lets stand together,piss and fight"

The right path

posted in 2HTS402 on Dec 12, 2021

I was 17 when I learnt how to scream. 

You opened my door thinking I was in my dreams. 

Started counting to 10 but I only managed 3.  

So I grabbed what was left of my dignity. 

Jumped through the window on to the street. 

Must of been at least 20 miles until I got home crying. 

By the time I reached my room a cat had got my tongue. 

If I only knew that night I'd hold on to this so long. 

Now 4 years have past since that January night.  

I fight my demons but they come out at night. 

Late Entry


posted in OHC683 on Nov 11, 2021

Let me see inside your view

Am I a quarter back

does my body lack

if society thinks that im on crack

let me step inside your shoes

full prom queen

platinum blonde dream

but shes got more than 2 cents

to say

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