380th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS380)

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Jul 11, 2021 DJohn
  1. The Ultimate Explosive Eleet
  2. explosion!
  3. Explosion

Jul 12, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Explosion Magic
  2. The Ultimate Explosive Eleet
  3. Double Dragon

Yo guys sorry i couldn't make it. It was the Euro final, which for the entirety of Europe, was a big deal. I read Antik personally flew to Slovenia to catch the final. So yeah, it's no joke lol. Since it was England, i had to support it, just like i do every week when it's on. That and it's the best we've ever played. Yeah the fans are a bit toxic sometimes, i've noticed that (Which might explain why some people support Italy), but considering it's my home country, it's my duty to showcase pride in my team. That's why i picked the song, because it's a perfect message to why i can't be here. The song represents England as a team, everyone sings it, and everyone comes together as one to sing it. It does get annoying after a while since it's overplayed, but based on the amount of people singing it, it's become essentially the England football anthem. And signifies England playing football, especially in a match like this. That's really why i couldn't make it, because footie's on lol. This track was made in about 2 hours, but it was made long before kick off. Like around 6pm-7pm. I also uploaded it during half-time thus giving the reason why i wasn't here.

The song is basically Three Lions by The Lightning Seeds featuring Baddiel and Skinner, just incase you still don't know the song. Anyways i've rambled for too long. Time to look at some entrants.

Vaiaphraim - Ok i didn't follow the theme as you might have guessed, so my entrant will stick out quite a bit. This is very nice anyways, the drums are lovely and vibrant, like EDM. Great mix of retro square waves and EDM electronica, just your signature style done well. Well done!

NickC - Great piano melodies. Like the sudden explosion of drums, like in the theme lol. Very fast, pretty much Gabber sounding. Great job!

Nukage - More Nukage vox please lol. Can't say anything bad, your a master at your craft, very well produced Trap. I like how you inverted my expectations, i thought this was gonna be Dubstep lol, but awesome work anyways!

UrinalPooper - Poops seems to be incorporating more Electronica into his tracks. Noticed that a lot. Lyrics are pretty funny as usual. Not really one for the kiddies huh? Haha. Awesome job!

bo0m3r31337 - This theme is definately for you lol. CHUGGGG. EDM ROCK les goo! As always, just can't get enough of your style, so good. The kick at the end, was just....holy shit. Awesome job as always!

Exubeat - The dialogue in the video turns out to be really good for sampling. You've showcased it quite well. Even turned it into a melody haha. Great drums, very much a heavy trap sound. Well done!

DJhon - Welcome new person, i heard you were here because of a reference. Really nice sound-design, reminds me of BBC Radio 1 house music, it's great. Very lovely compression, awesome work!

Top 3 - Nukage, bo0m3r31337, DJhon

Awesome - Everyone

Needs Work - Nobody.