posted in 2HTS210 on Apr 08, 2018
Sopping up AIDS blood with my smashed cock,
I drag my bloodied stump of manhood into your mouth
Frothy bits of flesh stick in your teeth
I blow many wads of AIDS CHUNKS in your mouth

I don't wanna wait
For our lives to be over
I want to know you got AIDS
from my AIDS chunks

Moon is Gay, Go Sun!

posted in 2HTS202 on Feb 11, 2018
I hold the moon corpse on my cock
Gaping butthole lunar prolapse
I only bang it to relax
The Sun is the best thing Ever
We don't take kindly to Moons
If you ever cross us
We bang your AIDS filled pontoon

Ra RA! We're the best thing yet,
fuck with us and I spew chunks on your bed

Watch as I sodomize the gay moon jizz

Vidal Cocoon

posted in 2HTS199 on Jan 21, 2018
Harvesting the fecund broth
I rend the creature from its sloth
hacking from the womb within
to tear apart its mother's skin

I tear this corpse baby from Cocoon
Eating its brains with a wooden spoon
Little corpse so tender and red
I bang its butthole until it's dead

CORPSES! I harvest them from within!
CORPSES! Your childen = my Din din
CORPSES! I feel strongly about them
CORPSES! I cannot nut without them

Seeping Death Cock Drowning Baby

posted in 2HTS198 on Jan 14, 2018
I see dead baby
my cock loads to explode
must contain myself
for the bodies must corrode
drowned baby I give my mortal gravy
drowned baby I give my mortal gravy

Skull's head explodes as my cock impales it's eyes
dead baby fucking, is this baby's final demise
As I rape the corpse of baby, it's mother cries and pleads
but I rape the baby to fullfill my rapey needs

Confessions of a Teenage Goth Doosh

posted in 2HTS122 on Jul 31, 2016
In the 90's I was an angry goth
burned by the light like some tortured moth
I'd smoke ritalin and shoot animals with a pellet gun
just for fun

I made bombs with my friends and we blew up trees in the woods
Just because we could
Failing out of school just to spite my mom
I'd spend the day smoking pot in my wig wam

Parents divorced, dual custody, probation twice a week
I was arrested

In the 90's.
Shit was whack.
Nothing was fine and I didn't know
How to Columbine
I took to drinking just to ease the pain and cut myself just to feel again!

Consternation, isolation, retreating into art just to feel yes.

My parent's divorced I shot guns I lost my head thinking I was someone so I took aup the drums and the drugs and packed my car and left, I left, for California
In the 90's.
Nothing was good. Everything was bad.
Nothing was good. Nothing was glad.
But here I am, making music with you fucks.
Pokemon is the stupidest thing that's ever been. It's the cause of things like 9/11. Pokemon is Hitler, is that what you want? It's been proven that Pokemon is a massive cunt. Pokemon diverts funding from cancer research. On top of being the cause of cancer. Pokemon there's just no excuse. For hating gays and the jews like the way you do. Pokemon totally does Nazi Cosplay and probably listens to Kanye West, Creed and Coldplay. And probably listens to Kanye West, Creed and Coldplay (Like Phippo! Like Phippo!)

Taco Bell Cannon

posted in WHC3 on Feb 20, 2016
Learned the cadence, ended up just using the first 3 chords of it for this track. Sorry this track is LONG. It just ended up that way.


posted in 2HTS93 on Jan 10, 2016
I got no soul to save
but you know I really should behave
agnostic or not
even though I don't really give a fuck
I'm still incarnate in some fleshy bod
Like a mod on some fucked up thread
listen to me and maybe you'll get outta bed
Your brain needs to get fed
If not bitch you're already dead
I'm a teacher but I have no credentials
Like a preacher but more beneficial
Put the pen to paper to make this shit official
(write some shit)
Spittin' lines into a 58 trying to consecrate demonstrate and illustrate
with the words that have thus only failed me- don't derail me
(my confidence is fucked!)

I'm tryin' to make you smarter
with the boot in your ass and maybe you'll try harder
I'm tryin' to make you smarter
with some lube on the boot in your ass and you try harder?

This coming from a guy who lost two jobs two bands in two months it's too much
But there's only one way to go from here
It's not down but up- I'm a soothsayer
If "unemployment" was a town I'd be the mayor
If I was a metal band I'd be Slayer
I'm not goin on a bender or a binger- I'm a harbinger
yeah. A prescient motherfucker who sees the writing on the walls and I'm sayin' grow some balls (grow some balls) If you care at all- do you care? I'm just trying to make you smarter.

I'm tryin' to make you smarter
with the boot in your ass and maybe you'll try harder
I'm tryin' to make you smarter
with some lube on the boot in your ass and you try harder? X2

The trick is to not give a fuck in the way that you *do* give a fuck? But you can't really give a fuck like zero fucks.
In the art of fuck giving, don't give a fuck (I don't give a fuck)



Without Light

posted in 2HTS77 on Sep 27, 2015
(We can't see.) I believe light is best described by ascending melodies. So I made a thing with a thing. Because light is pretty cool.

Osama Bin Laden

posted in 2HTS75 on Sep 13, 2015
The ackbar at the end of the video + this time of year=

"Osama Bin Laden
O' what have you got in store
for western civilization
you said you'd destroy our nation.
Osama Bin Laden
O' I think it's rotten
you'd want to kill me
and my friends.

But your Jihad
means nothing to
I just hope you don't kill
my family in D.C. (and New York.)

You really should know better than
to attack the USA
You may have lots of money
but we have more by a long way."

The Old Ones

posted in 2HTS70 on Aug 09, 2015
Regarding Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath:

"First time through
I descend the steps
on the darkest path
to find Kadath

Alone and confused
I find the Zoogs
They know what they are:
They point me to Ulthar

Where all the cats dwell
as far as I can tell
This carving reveals
Where the Old Ones are

This is where they go
After that I've got to know
What's my path?
To Kadath
Cuz I can never die
So long as I find
The Old Ones
The Old Ones

Second time through
I've been shipped to the moon
where the demon-beasts
put me up on to feast
(The Ulthar Cats come through)

This is where they go
After that I've got to know
What's my path?
To Kadath
Cuz I can never die
So long as I find
The Old Ones
The Old Ones

The Old Ones
The Old Ones


posted in 2HTS63 on Jun 21, 2015
Dexatrim was a "monster" of a weight loss pharmaceutical. It used to contain ephedra. Speed kills. . .your appetite!


posted in 2HTS61 on Jun 07, 2015
Grabbed a "traditional" Ghanan vocal track, comped some synth parts, bass and what have you and then put a house beat to it. Some of it is out of phase which I kinda like.

Aesthetic Indifference

posted in 2HTS58 on May 17, 2015
Marcel Duchamp was a genius and an asshole. And I sampled some of his responses to questions about "ready made" art and other stuff that really fucked things up.

Track was slapped together in Reason 7 with a cat on my lap.