stay alive

posted in 2HTS536 on Jul 07, 2024

gotta stay in

don't wanna begin

startin thinkin about

what's in store on the


it's been ten times ten

years since I've been

renderin thoughts of when

I swum through the

low tide

arched their brows when

I told them how I

scoured the grounds

and I found what I found to

stay alive

I am not a cactus

posted in 2HTS533 on Jun 16, 2024

how can I live

in the desert sun

dried up and shriv-elin

in the desert sun

when I first feel it

on my face

think I can steel it

enjoy the taste

but I'm not built that way

come to learn the fact is

I just need to find some shade

i'm not a cactus

how can I live

in the desert sun

dried up and shriv-elin

in the desert sun

I'm crawlin and gaspin

feel my mind turn to dust

sand in my throat

skin's hot to the touch

see a single splash of green

in an ocean of beige

so I slice that thing open

and drink in the waves

for a moment it's cooling

for a minute I feel fine

for an hour I am suffering

in a day I'll be dying

how can I live

in the desert sun

dried up and shriv-elin

in the desert sun

Late Entry

to the fire

posted in 2HTS530 on May 26, 2024

I will never understand the way

you see the world every single day

with your priorities mixed up

don't wanna know what's in your cup

in your cup

I know what you want, what you're working toward

but is the method worth the reward?

watching the numbers climbin higher

you're just adding fuel to the fire

to the fire  

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS527 on May 05, 2024

I don't mind

waitin all night

on the line

just wastin all my time

wastin all my time

how long can I wait

for just one crate

oh dart

you got my heart


plastic kisses

a hold that never misses

integrity strong

how come I have to wait so long?

so long

how long can I wait

for just one crate

oh dart

you got my heart


Late Entry

couple shots

posted in 2HTS521 on Mar 24, 2024

if I take a picture

will it last longer

I got my finger on the shutter

is it okay if we get another?

the light is holding you so sweetly

the breeze is kissing you discretely

and I've still got

a couple shots

and I don't wanna waste em

on something that's not-

so I'll hold the camera

and you just walk along

and believe me baby

nothing's coming out wrong


Late Entry

I need to dust my apartment

posted in 2HTS517 on Feb 25, 2024

I tried to make something completely different but my project crashed, so here are the lyrics for that song at least:

sweep me up

dust me off

I don't feel much like

anything anymore

for awhile 

I was glad

to be lying around

now I'd like a kick out the door


now I'm coating


how I'd like to be floating


floating away

feels like I'm beginning to rouse

as the sunbeams strike

through my immeasurable body

I rise with the light

her light

posted in OHC802 on Feb 22, 2024

i'm over the moon

hiding away

but she's coming soon

with a swoon and a sway

as the sun

sings good night

she'll raise her sleepy head

while the city 

still shines bright

prismatic lagoon

crystallized sky

from my rooftop saloon

I watch her float by

for a moment in time

I let slip/ my lines

as I allow my eyes

to be filled by her light

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS510 on Jan 07, 2024

all things must come to an end

but if I can give it a shove

my world may continue to spin

on and on, through the years

I will sing through my tears

cuz the only way to keep going

is to make the wind keep blowing

in my life

there've been times when

I've wanted to quit

but I keep

pushing myself

for the hell of it

while all my friends have settled down 

I just don't find it comfy on the ground

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS506 on Dec 10, 2023

when I catch your eyelash falling

drifting in the autumn wind

make a wish

think about the future calling

not there yet but soon we'll be in

imagine this

all my life, I've been fortunate

enough to keep the demons out of me, but

in time, I'll need something

to keep the cold from seeping through my bones

save your wish 

for a rainy day

keep it close

don't throw it away

on a superficial want

don't you let it go to waste

keep that eyelash secret, keep it safe 

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS505 on Dec 03, 2023

someone told me that I

was a long way

from where I'm meant to be

it was a sunday

afternoon at the bar

she had a chardonnay

I looked back and sighed

I said "yeah, you're probably on to something there"

how come I can't even find the time to cut my hair?

one day I'm walking with my shoulders back and head up high

now I'm just eating these salt sticks

and they're making me dry

they're making me dry

they're making me dry

they're making me dry

when I open up my fridge and see nothing there

I think of all the ways I let myself down

many years ago I told myself I'd learn to care

meanwhile the leaves on all my house plants turn to brown

digging through the cupboards at 3 am

finding nothing but emptiness within

check that drawer I always forget exists

and find a bag of those same salt sticks

they're making me dry   

Late Entry

same photo different frame

posted in 2HTS503 on Nov 19, 2023

can't say

I saw it coming

can't say

I thought of running

were my eyes

open wide

enough to see

the light fading

from in front of me

had I known

a week before

maybe longer

a year or four

would it have done me

a lick of good

could I have foreseen

what I should

have done differently

or would it be the same

same photo in a different frame

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS502 on Nov 12, 2023

can I resist

doing the same old thing

can I resist

the pull of safe and easy

every time I open up my mouth

the same sentence seems to come out

can I fly the spaceship to the moon

break from the box inside my head

will I make the same pragmatic moves

doomed to repeat mistakes again

rocket on the trails of a shooting star

burst with light like a solar flare

break new ground on the planet mars

can I get there? I think I'll get  there

Late Entry

break through

posted in 2HTS501 on Nov 05, 2023

spent way too much time trying to find the right key LOL chorus ended up a it ended up.

if I can break


what will we do

midnight blue

fortune and fame for life

freedom from pain

freedom from strife

all the pavement's slick

with autumn rain

as the cool air grows thick

in our fogging brains

fucked up that it's

so hard to meet

someone who can

crush our fears and

hold out for the

day when we're not

shaking, crying

trying just to

break through 

Late Entry

heart of hay

posted in 2HTS500 on Oct 29, 2023

standing in the field

knowing that I'm broke

think of how it feels

being a scarecrow

stuffed with golden straw

poking out my veins

stitches in my jaw, don't

think I have a brain

please come closer

I'm no monster

no need to fly away

or peck out my heart of hay

I'd kill for a friend today

don't know how to find a way

stuck in the pouring rain

left out to rot again

clothes damp as sunken caves

my half life's down the drain 


Late Entry

another doomsday

posted in 2HTS496 on Oct 01, 2023

I never thought

that I'd be the one to

call the shots

or close down the avenue

it's been awhile

a week or two's gone by

I don't know why I can't begin

to even bring myself to try

when the mail never comes

just know it's not your fault

the wind and rain and sleet and snow are

still raging in my heart

while the envelope stays empty

and the book of stamps stays closed

just burn all of my letters

as the first and final blow

it's not sunday, just another doomsday


Late Entry

kitschy trash

posted in 2HTS489 on Aug 13, 2023

on the outside again

all the papers say it's so

close your eyes, count to ten

open up, the numbers grow

nowhere to go

they won't stop

til it all sounds the same

they'll keep on

til they understand your brain

they know what it takes to make you

whip out that credit card and

pony up the cash for that

same old kitschy trash

feed the beast, they got us down

to algorithmic ATMs

take a last look around

before they bury all the gems

don't bow to them

they won't stop

til it all sounds the same

they'll keep on

til they understand your brain

they know what it takes to make you

whip out that credit card and

pony up the cash for that

same old kitschy trash

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS487 on Jul 30, 2023

in his hidden lair

he's got nothin to prove

in his hidden lair

he's got nothin left to lose


we took a bite out of you

spew your poison gases

leak them into the air

it's only all our asses

why should you even care


we took a bite out of you

when we're all lightheaded and dizzy

they'll be the ones lyin in the shade

they can try to keep us busy

we can try to make them pay

Late Entry

the other line

posted in 2HTS484 on Jul 09, 2023

open up the door

turn your handle to the floor    

crystallized, frozen shut

nothing there to pull you up

remember something that you saw


pull out that hairpin

so you can begin

to fight for your freedom one last time

before the call comes in from the other line

Late Entry

piece of me

posted in 2HTS466 on Mar 05, 2023

sink or swim

i play to win

this game I find myself playin

over time, I feel the grind

I feel the warmth

I feel the air

I feel the wind blowing through my hair

and yet it burns me to the core

on the sidewalks, in the road

fuckin everywhere I go

the sneers, the comments pouring out

make me scream, make me shout

but you won't take this piece of me

tear me down, or make me weep

I know it's more than you can handle

when I wear my socks with sandals

practice punches

posted in 2HTS450 on Nov 13, 2022

something a little different today :]

all synth and string parts played live (synth is behringer model D, strings are redtron mellotron VST)

don't think I ever learned how to mix synthy stuff in my chiptune days...

Late Entry

dig me out

posted in 2HTS448 on Oct 30, 2022

I hear your voice

coming in from the outside

muffled by

six feet of eternity

I've been locked inside this

box as long as I don't know when

guess I'll keep calling for

someone to come dig me out

can't stand to be on my own

somebody please come and take me home

I'm on the outside looking in

I couldn't explain, don't know where to begin

how did I get here? I don't know

I'm way too young to end up a ghost

come dig me out

come dig me out

please dig me out

come dig me out

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS446 on Oct 16, 2022

are you a beacon of hope?

are you an omen of destruction?

something tells me by the time

I get a clue, I might be fryin

on a cloudless darkened day

I'll watch the sun give the earth away

burning rocks falling from the sky

all the birds forget how to fly

and the lakes and the riversides

run as barren as the oceans dry 

and a million glowing moons

hum a solemn sunken mourning tune

we will not forget you

we will not forget you

though we hardly knew you

we will not forget you

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS445 on Oct 09, 2022

I'm sick of the cuts on my fingertips

don't know what I'm s'posed to get out of this

what am I meant to do now?

gotta find a way to dull the pain somehow

I'm searching but I can't find

no evidence, no question line

I'd kill for a breakthrough

something honest, something true

I'm scooping up DUST witht he oars of my canoe

and burying the lead

search me I've got nothing

search me I've got nothing

investigation's off the rails

you poured dry ice upon the trails

there's nothing

search me I've got nothing. the case is

shattered beyond all recognition

I'm stopping now, ending transmission

there's nothing

I swear to god there's nothing

Late Entry

spend the night

posted in 2HTS444 on Oct 02, 2022

every night

every morning

I see you there on the floor

 would it be too much to ask of you

would it be over the line?

would it be so preposterous

to ask you to spend

(the whole night with your body wrapped in mine)

to ask you to spend

(eternity with your heartstrings tied to mine)

to ask you to spend

(a moment or two with our hands and legs entwined)

to ask you to spend the night

with you and me together


posted in 2HTS441 on Sep 11, 2022

toss me out

I won't be coming back

when seasons change

I will remain the same

the subtle summer breeze

won't put a bend in my knees

when green turns to autumn red

I'll stay asleep in my bed

I'm not your boomerang

can't throw me away

expect me to come

circling back

after all

the years of attack

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS439 on Aug 28, 2022

as the current

rises freely

no resistance

underneath me

falling, sinking

through the wire

raging, burning

feed the fire


endless circuit runs

fortune favors none

damage can't be found

broken path to ground

Late Entry

Proper Gander

posted in 2HTS437 on Aug 14, 2022

there must've been something in my eye

a smudge on my glasses making it hard to see

I'm not typically this kind of guy

please don't think any less of me

out of the dark, out of the mine

into my mind

I won't blink, I won't close my eyes

the second time

no lies, no libel

no slander

all I want

is a proper gander

I really, really care, I really really wanna see

what it is you're trying to show me

Late Entry

sayonara sammy

posted in 2HTS433 on Jul 17, 2022

you didn't have to

I know that it's true

I'm not quite as good as you

but I knew the basics

enough to get me through

I know it was you

who told the big cheese

about my lack of experience

with excel spreadsheets

sayonara sammy

I'll see you in Miami

at the office team building getaway

I'm filled with mixed emotions

you got me this demotion

and relocation

to the 5th floor

no bathroom no water fountain

5th floor's got me always poutin'

I could've looked it up on YouTube

now my career is TooDoomed

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS430 on Jun 26, 2022

alternate title: growing up as a cis straight white man in the USA

it doesn't seem fair

to be breathing the same air

an open window

bars on the door

I don't know who's counting

but they fucked up

I've spend hours doubting

just sipping my cup

in the end, I'll burn

my eyes

from staring at the sky

I know I don't

deserve this life

I've had it easier

than most

and I know that's wrong

Late Entry

seize the day

posted in 2HTS428 on Jun 12, 2022


something stirring

in the world today

endless worrying

about running out of things to say

ideas falling out of your head

replaced with memories

of things you wish you'd said

can't escape this feeling

seize the day

grab it while it floats within your reach

seize the day

forget the thing they say about the earth belonging to the meek

seize the day

Late Entry

snake in high heels

posted in 2HTS427 on Jun 05, 2022

a song about going for a walk in the desert after your pet poodle has died and hallucinating a snake wearing high heel shoes

left my sneakers in the van

next to my coca-cola can

ten miles out I'm feeling faint

shut the windows peel the paint

I'd be feeling okay

on any other day

there's a snake in high heels

hope he knows how I feel

Late Entry

takes one to know one

posted in 2HTS426 on May 29, 2022

a song about robots

big dreams

of living in the city

feeling that crimson glow

a life of celebrity

but did you know

that there's nobody

left who does it right

and those names

you see up in lights

have never seen the flash of the camera

never caught a glimpse of their reflection in the lens

hold a candle up to next to no one,

hey, I guess it takes one to know one

takes one to know one

small steps

the calculated crossing of every line

the low hum

of mechanisms whirring in perfect time

honest thoughts

honest feelings

as foreign as Jupiter

metal hearts

pulsing data

through the wires in their brains

they've never seen the flash of the camera

never caught a glimpse of their reflection in the lens

hold a candle up to next to no one,

hey, I guess it takes one to know one

takes one to know one

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS425 on May 22, 2022

shades of green and mediocrity

never heard of reciprocity

her purple mountains majesty

fade to blue

and I'll never see ano-other autumn

the way I used to-oo

when I was making my way to the bottom

I thought I saw hue

yellow, good bye orange sunrise

red brick buildings, golden french fries

Dark Side of the Moon, hey, remember that tune

Any Colour You Like?

and I'll never see ano-other autumn

the way I used to-oo

when I was making my way to the bottom

I thought I saw hue

I knew it all along

posted in 2HTS415 on Mar 13, 2022

don't apologize and don't be afraid

maybe someone else can clean the mess that

you made

you're acting so surprised, but there's

nothing wrong

by now I'm sure you've realized I knew it all along

broken arm in toys r us

posted in 2HTS336 on Sep 06, 2020

I've been so many places

ain't been dealt too many aces

everywhere I go it seems

I shatter more than just my dreams


you may find it rather funny

you might think it's rather sad

this life i live

sounds like a joke written

by my dad



oh, the fractures

in the radius

and the humerus

in the toys r us





the highlands

posted in 2HTS329 on Jul 19, 2020

when I'm feeling low

I go to the highlands

there's nobody else

save all the sheep


got nothing to prove

I sit in the silence

mist billowing round

all over me


under my feet

the grass is so green

I cannot remember

the reason I left

the birds and the trees

for smoke and embers


can it be

my soul itself

lies broken

in shattered pieces

amongst these hills



friend of mine

posted in OHC589 on Jan 23, 2020
what is a dragon, but a big ol turtle anyway?

is all you'll ever be
fearful people
think that you're their enemy
try to light a smoke
you got em runnin wild
they think you're gonna eat em
when you give a friendly smile


every day is a hurdle
when you're a fire breathing turtle

I don't know how I can help
I don't think I can change their minds

but you're still a friend of mine

don't try to find me

posted in OHC536 on Jan 17, 2019
i am so sleepy

I'm a cute little spider and I don't give a damn
wbat you think of me, cuz i got a plaaaaaan

I've had enough of people trying to kill me
I've had my fill of always missing the movie
gonna leave this place and I'm never coming back

don't try to find me
forget my face, my name, my number (and just know)
I did my best to keep you safe, to keep you warm (was it enough?)
but don't try to find me

guitar solo


posted in OHC534 on Jan 03, 2019
i wrote a chorus

the gears in my head keep on turning
while i'm yearning
for you

the space in my bed keeps on growing
the tears are flowin
it's the truth

and my eyes
for now

and it seems
dreadful now

til the batteries in my clocks run out


posted in OHC523 on Oct 18, 2018
is there something you don't understand?
can't you see I don't wanna take your hand?
I'm on my own path, I go my own way
and there's nothing you can say
I'm sorry girl but, it's better off this way

I really hate to say no
but it's the way it must go

I'm losing my mind
because you really seem fine
it could be now's not the time
why does this feel like a crime?

muddy water clouding up my eyes
booming thunder crackles through the skies
I'm on my own now, I'm all alone, see
this is just how life has to be
let the rain pour, and wash the fear off me

future town

posted in OHC492 on Mar 15, 2018
I'm not here :( I'll listen back to everyone's track later

walking through this future town
look to the sky, it's falling down
what am I supposed to do?
guess I'll have a beer with you

why is this happening to us?
I wish it wasn't...happening to us

a spOOooooOooOky breakdown that I didn't mean to play
this is what's happening now
here's the chorus:

future town
why did you have to go?
why'd you have to blow me away?

future town
why did that moon have to come down and make us all dead today

future town
what the hell is going on?
I don't know

maybe tomorrow
there'll be another fuckin boatload of fuckin snow

sitting at the bar with my friend
wondring if the world will end
I'm pretty sure that it will
guess i won't have to pay my bill

etc etc

out in space

posted in OHC487 on Feb 08, 2018
out in space you'll never
know what you will find
when you're driving round the world
in your space car looking fine

and in space, you can't remember
all the troubles that you had
with your dead end job, your cheating wife
and that ugly guy named vlad, OH!

out in space, you are free
to live the way you feel like living
and you will never know
all the hurt that you knew back on earth

when in space, the only
worry that you have
is that asteroid coming near
should've held off on that 17th beer...

collision course for
eros 433
don't forget me


the power of the painapple

posted in 2HTS201 on Feb 04, 2018
when you're on your own
and you're feelin kinda bored
hop on your bike and go, go, go
down to the local store

walk inside, check out the produce
man, they've got it all
grab what you want, but there's one thing that we're after
get a big ass pineapple

pedal home,
soon you'll be in the zone

walk into your room
bring your groceries
grab that bottle of lube
don't let grandma see

lube up your pineapple
or don't if you prefer
drop your pants and your clothes to the grooooound!
and put that thing in your butt

ouch ouch ouch

let the power of the painapple
heal your sorrows, and wash away your sadness
it only costs $2.75 a pound to have your worries and your cares
melt awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

its just phat

posted in 2HTS185 on Oct 15, 2017
it's been awhile since I've used sunvox so i figured I'd fire it up. also all my instruments are in the other room and I'm lazy...

I sampled my cereal bowl for the dings

these rats

posted in 2HTS177 on Aug 20, 2017
trapped living behind these bars
breathing smoke from human cigars
i'm sure they'd rather be on mars

shunned, sickly, kicked out of the way
there used to be much better days (than this)
little creatures just want to play

these rats so misunderstood
shuffling through your neighborhood
trying to survive on what little they have

these rats are doing their best
searching for a comfortable nest
they mean us no harm, just leave them alone

how to live

posted in 2HTS137 on Nov 13, 2016
unfinished because I'm about to go to dinner with the girl and her parents


I take my pills all the time
I take my pills and I feel fine
I can't go out
I don't wanna stay in
My pills help me learn how to live

grav eh tea

posted in 2HTS121 on Jul 24, 2016
crushing down on us all
feel the weight compress your soul
can't escape nowhere to run
we are servants of the sun

when you're weak you will soon fall
your heartbeat slows to a crawl
in your head you know you're through
gravity will finish you

and it's all right
by me
is it so hard
to see

take it to the edge

posted in 2HTS108 on Apr 24, 2016
based on the true story of every 2HTS I've ever done
done in ~one hour

take it to the edge
going to the end of the line
the end of time

take it to the edge
do it for the glory,
the thrill, the kill the story

turned inside out
by the speed of the chase
you erase your past with a blast (boom)

take it to the edge
while you can. what's the plan?
who cares, just go!

sock hop

posted in 2HTS107 on Apr 17, 2016
now this is a story--
let me stop you right there
this is my life
my tale
sit down in your chair

I'm a stud
I'm a player
but not like tiger woods
I've been up, down, left, right

I don't mean to be a bragger
don't mean to boast
but when I come up in the room
ladies love me the most

I'm not your average joe
sure I know how to rock
cuz look out world
I'm Young MC's sock

(you want it, etc)

do I miss my home?
sometimes, sure, I guess
but that dude's feet stank
had me under arrest

Now I'm free to roam
explore my inner sole
plus, I love to see em dancing up
on that pole

look out
look in
to the animal within
I'm 15% concentrated power of cotton

though I'm just a little sock
*realize I forgot to write the rest*


posted in 2HTS100 on Feb 28, 2016
Friends gathered all

Around me


More coming through the


C G/B Am

Haven't seen your face before


But I know your mind

repeat chords


F G Am

I searched everywhere, found nothing but brick walls

F G Em

And people bringing me down

F G Am

I thought I'd never find a reason, a home

F G C Csus

Then I found one here


A room filled with teachers


and their students, each other

C G F Fm

Writing songs about the moon and the sun

C G C C7

All together just for fun


three chords and kazoo

posted in WHC4 on Feb 28, 2016
I dumped my girl, she stole my truck
I got too drunk cuz I don't give a fuck about her
I hugged my dog because he is still here
oh wait jk, he is no longer here

i ran away from my troubles and doubts
they found me later and so did a cow and a bull
underneath them all, I was crushed by the pressure

I wrote a song then I threw it out
I drew a picture and I threw that out as weeelll
I can't create, but there's one thing I can do
I play one mean kazoo

I don't have another verse in me
I think I'll go climb up a tree
actually that is something I won't do
I'll just keep hummin into my kazoo

can't grow a mustache

posted in 2HTS82 on Nov 01, 2015
a tune for those of us who can't grow proper facial hair


can't grow a mustache
I can't grow a mustache ( :( )
no no, no no nooooo
can't grow a mustache aaat allllll
(no no)

but it's okaaaayyyy

cthulhu dinner

posted in 2HTS70 on Aug 09, 2015
out there is a bringer of night
it haunts your dreams, fills your heart with fright

can't watch out it's already too late
your fine head's on cthulhu's plate

got a spoon, got a fork and a knife
his seasoning will end your life

salad bowl full of your entrails
chef cthulhu never fails

it's time for dinner!
cthulhu dinner!

time to feast, he's gonna eat you alive!
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