Late Entry

Too Much Information

posted in 2HTS525 on Apr 21, 2024

oh lord, it never ends

right at my fingertips

big data infinite

keep going let it pull you in


why can't I stop myself

subscribe to my own hell

design my prison cell

addicted to the feed



too much information

tidal wave erasin'

abso entertainment

'rupted and sedated


no nothing's ever changed

look back on wasted days

keep crawlin back again

my mind it seeks the feed

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS524 on Apr 14, 2024

I'm dying to know (yeah)

why life comes and goes (huh)

long way to go 'fore

answers unfold


I'm finally cold

I'm old and alone

I'm blue turn to gold

I'm blood turn to stone


Just rambling again

like dust in the wind

whatever I said

no nothing makes sense


acorn on my head

acorn for my legs

acorn on the set

acorn till I'm dead


still dying to know (yeah)

why life comes and goes (huh)

long way to go 'fore

answers unfold


I'm finally cold

I'm grown and alone

I'm blue turn to gold

I'm blood turn to stone


I'm finally cold

It's me and my bones

I'm blue turn to gold

I'm blood turn to stone



Late Entry


posted in 2HTS523 on Apr 07, 2024

what a wasteland

got me feeling like the pavement

overcast and ancient

stepping on the grave


glimpse at the daisy

sprouting through the cracks, amazing


karmas on the way


pick up the pace, man

makin' up a single life span

tell myself that I can

vacation in japan

Late Entry

Basketball On Adderall

posted in 2HTS522 on Mar 31, 2024

Basketball on adderall
off the walls my favorite color
spherical, the individual
get pressed into a circle

gemini so feminine
every dime I get reminded
make my mind a perfect alibi
I'm orange fantasizing

better buy the perfect size
to fill the void im feeling
saturnine Saturday nights
saffronite is what I'm smoking

Late Entry

Race to the Top (Of Your Mind)

posted in 2HTS521 on Mar 24, 2024

it’s a waste

of a polaroid

entertain me or

get off my phone

it’s a flagrant station

get on, all aboard

on the train

with the shaky floors

pick up the pace

they're coming for your throat

switchin lanes

stayin' in the zone

makin waves

let em' surf the tow

cup of joe

in the morning glow


it’s a race

to the top of your mind

quiet place

up in the sky

can't escape

when you want something nice

give it up

heavy turns into light

pick up the pace

they're catching up

they got no face

they're all on drugs

they want a taste

you eat it up

leave no trace

we're goin up

Late Entry

dune 2

posted in 2HTS516 on Feb 18, 2024

Faded in the desert

takin in the weather

make a move for better

to nothing were tethered


dune 2's comin soon

pick n choose

your favorite moov

do the dew

like mountain dew

nothing to do

by having nothing to do

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS515 on Feb 11, 2024

It’s a stylus

It's a virus

It's some violence

showin up through your phone


It's some information

that'll make you famous

it's the secret sauce

it's the final boss


it's a baked potato

it's an angel's halo

it's the dust and vapor

that’s between your fingers


it's a green tea massacre

don't step over the line

it's a blockage in the sky

it's a painting of a pipe


it's a pattern you can try

repetition till I die

repetition till I die

repetition till I die

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS514 on Feb 04, 2024


Don't mind me living all alone

Sundays I'm keepin off the phone

No words, sometimes I feel like ghost

Go home, its all I really know


no nothing's ever on my mind

third eye is open and alive

believe my life is passing by

air bag protect me from the sky


one is the easiest number

two would be nice

three times a charm

a few ways to fly



take flight like icarus cool guy

bye bye to everything inside

somehow I'm still not satisfied

bye bye to everything inside

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS513 on Jan 28, 2024

Down down down down

to the lowest common denomination

out out out out side of yourself


Its all about the reflex

reflecting on the rejects

I'm swimming in the victory

everythings coming back to me

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS512 on Jan 21, 2024


I got an idea

to save myself

cause I got nobody to care for

it's all about me me me me


no, god doesn't cut it

dead philosopher called it

feels good when I change my life

imagine it as I look up to the sky



electricity flows through me

know my why

same damn energy that I had

as a child, always tired



"have fun" in my pocket

golden rule up my sleeve

ideas as weapons

go through life slicing cheese





whats wrong with this picture in my head

all alone with a giant loaf of bread

I know exactly what I want

I wanna do that instead


Late Entry


posted in 2HTS506 on Dec 10, 2023

she got them eyelashes

that never end

she got that halo on her head



shes a bad bitch

she don’t take no shit

she the president

she the bullet in a gun


shes a hurricane

shes a famine

shes a beautiful disater

a weapon


shes unstoppable

shes a force

to be reckoned with

shes a chalice


pour her love

pour her love

give my love

shes the one


posted in 2HTS505 on Dec 03, 2023

D tuning G C F















Late Entry

FOGO (Fear Of Getting Old)

posted in 2HTS500 on Oct 29, 2023

scared of you

my truth

lose my youth


every day

my hair goes down the drain

I feel

my spirits taking shape

no way

I'll ever be the same

one day

I'll love the way I age


hold the line

my prime



lose my…

Late Entry

Fossil For You

posted in 2HTS498 on Oct 15, 2023

No words can describe

how I feel

but I'll try


for you


I'm a fossil

you're a living thing

I fall in love

by dropping everything


I'm a junkie

in a pool

sweat over nothin'

drippin' drool


I'm unlucky

you're a jewel

lose my daily

dying youth


I been tryin

thinkin' cool

dreamin big

sky so blue


blue's my soul

blue's my heart

blue's my mind

selfish me oh my


none for me

none for you

why I gotta

be so cruel?


posted in 2HTS497 on Oct 08, 2023

sometimes i feel like this

sometimes i feel like that

somedays im fanny pack

someday im manny pacq

duck n weave

crushing leaves

crushing leaves

under my feet

simple times

easy wife

love and hate

drugs and fate

whats it mean?

whats it mean?

whats it mean?

to you to me

somedays i feel like this

somedays i feel like that

Late Entry

wisdom without love

posted in 2HTS483 on Jul 02, 2023

whats wisdom without love?

find knowledge from a drug

same story burn it up

ashes, ashes, teaching us


It's the doorway to your home

breathing in , out

beating heart now

coming closer, fading faster


how to never give up

be like the dust



Late Entry


posted in 2HTS482 on Jun 25, 2023

one day at a time

now and then I lose my mind

leap of faith into the sky

eject myself and fly



am I flying?

or am I falling?

am I dreamin?

or am I dyin?


seasons change all the time

were you and I just passing by

looking down wond'ring why

we let ourselves get this high

Late Entry

automatic hero

posted in 2HTS467 on Mar 12, 2023

last one from the sun

from the ancient

wisdom like a bottle

on the pavement

dumb luck chosen one

by arrangement

whats up to the next generation

automatic hero

last one in the gun be the bullet

raze right thru the maze no resistance

no change from the same story scratch it

whats up to the next generation

automatic hero

Late Entry

route 66

posted in 2HTS455 on Dec 18, 2022

some day

I'll take route 66

all the way to the edge

ive been dreamin of it


sunset pullin me in

kissed by the light on my skin

I aint no different from it

I guess I finally fit in


one road one way one day in may

one path gods wrath into daily shapes

some times I feel like I'm alone

then I breathe in the dusty road

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS449 on Nov 06, 2022

Find out what it takes to mine out

devil's diamond eye gouge

blind and seeking the sun


move down, keeper of the gate now

one too many strikeouts

there can only be one















shadow hunter

clout scout

anti fashion

know how











Late Entry


posted in 2HTS438 on Aug 21, 2022

whirl it and twirl it

like a figment, a burden

spinning spirals

web of nothing

shape it and guide it

imperfect solution

limbs and spirits

reach for heaven

its a tornado in my body

its a tornado in your face (lol)

its a tornado in her eyes

its a tornado in the sky

im spinning and im

im whistling and im

twisted and im


its a tornado in my vision

its a tornado on the road

its a tornado its a present

its a tornado in the sky

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS377 on Jun 20, 2021

Paint my heart into landscape with sealegs

walk across

walk across

walk across

the bridge to the sun

the god forsaken one

the barrel of a gun

smoking (red-hot)

boiling (off-top)

the dome (desktop)

all gone (insta)

always (in my)

hallways (I got)

visions (non-stop)

precious (on god)

follow the scent of the hills

and the rhythm of the river

the heartbeat of a sinner

the struggles end

the joy sets in

the grief that breaks

and the time that mends

No way I'm giving up this life to the earth yet

cause I'm still up standing

and Im here still using

this air

that was given to us

for free no where else but this

pure air

pure perfect

doorway into LA

Hollywood, into thru the valley


go further, go farther, go harder

One Life

One Love

One Life

Live it up

Late Entry

I do not love you

posted in 2HTS374 on May 30, 2021

I do not love you

as if you were salt, rose, or topaz

but the air of carnation

that fire shoots off

I do not miss you

like the whisper of the wind

but the grasp of tornado

that rips the sky in two

I am not happy

dark, blue, unending

forgetting is a choice

and freedom is too

I do not need you

but I want you

Late Entry

obey me

posted in 2HTS373 on May 23, 2021

obey me

do what I say

whatever I say

as soon as I say it

I said to myself

fake it

you're never gonna make it

good luck at tryna shake it

it's my shadow, the darkness

the devil that's dancing


violent revelation

probably die before it happens

such is the nature

such is the nature

such is the nature to repeat yourself

I repeat

won't you repeat yourself

won't you reveal yourself

such is the nature to obey yourself

won't you obey me?

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS370 on May 02, 2021


42 is the number

43 is my summer

45 is too heavy, too loud 


Get back to my roots

Suck up all the juice

Remainder reminder refiner retry-uh



Save yo health and spend yo money

Joy yo life heart beats so funny

forget my lie

Now it's part of the story



What I gotta do

Why I feel so why so blue

Where's my muse?

My one and only



List out all of my needs

Triple all of my wants

Satisfaction so temporary


Save yo health and spend yo money

Joy yo life heart beats so funny

forget my lie

Now it's part of the story


What I gotta do

Why I feel so why so blue

Where's my muse?

My one and only


posted in 2HTS341 on Oct 11, 2020



believe in the power of love

make one, your why to get up

more than just the sum of your parts

subtract all the reasons you want

it's a fine line

potholes in my head

posted in 2HTS317 on Apr 26, 2020

nowhere but up from here

in this gutter, got used to the squalor

hiding from what I fear

in the darkness, forgot what I wanted


counting the rats like they're sheep in my dreams

nightmares are nothing but normal for me

sever my nerves, pinch my system it screams for the future


potholes in my head

fill em up with lead

more than just a friend

be a master or a slave

be the ocean or a wavae


backstroke, dont have to hold my breath

finish line before what comes next

idolize my own demise

death is the diamond in the sky

got you

posted in 2HTS312 on Mar 22, 2020
Eb Tuning
Bb D7 D#7 B7
All Im trying
Bb D7 D#7 C7
Is staying dangerous
Like a raging current
Or a thousand suns

Decisive moments
Under the gun
Better stretch and take it
It's the only one

Bb13 A7#5 C#M7 G7#5
The fruit and the seed
Wine with some weed
Nothing that I need
Cause I got you


posted in 2HTS310 on Mar 08, 2020
No where but inside I feel
Like myself its so unreal
Everything that peels me back
Wonder what's that thing I lack


posted in 2HTS308 on Feb 23, 2020
Fishes be floating so free
Bitches that brew on the beach
All I wants tranquility
God its been inside of me

Phases and changes and scenes
Gifted with taking it easy
Build and destroy what you need
Places and pastoral scenes

No way
Did I make it to the other side
Or am I dead in and out side
Oh well
Either way
Its all the same


posted in 2HTS307 on Feb 16, 2020
It's all of
A sudden
Nature has her way

I'm Washed up
A sad sponge
I gave in to the wave

No wonder
Go under
Its so easy this way

I stumble
No longer
got no choices to make

Spirit of an animal
Hold my breath forever more
Burn my dreams to keep her warm
Shes colder than I could have ever known

I dream her
Receive her
Try to channel her grace

I juggle
No struggle
Cause I'm up in space

A bumme r
No wonder
Its the choice that I made

laugh it away

posted in 2HTS305 on Feb 02, 2020
Death how it comes so quick
Holds up the cup you're in
Blood sweat and tears in it
Watch as he drinks from it

Takes what you thought was yours
Spits on the dancing floor
Laughs from a lion's throat
Eyes like the ocean floor

What can you do
What would you say
One final breath
Laugh it away

Look up from down below
Looks like they didn't know
Hell's just your comfort zone
Waiting for something more

What can you do
What would you say
One final breath
Take it away/give it away

Nothing to do
Nothing to say
One final breath
give it away


posted in 2HTS301 on Jan 05, 2020
all in time
find my stride
change my mind

mutations in my sense of entertainment
inspiration shifting from what I take in
never ending
get in touch with
all my senses, find the exit
brand new tenets in what I'm thinking

what I know
find my stone
lead the way
all the same
in my face
can you see the change


posted in 2HTS298 on Dec 15, 2019
I'm crispy for the truth
seeking wisdom as a fool
third eye looks out
in fifty dimensions

I'm cooking up some cool
vapor waves are moving you
a million eyes
theyre looking in the same direction

looking at me
looking at you

all I want
sharpest song
clean and calm
easy god

I'm crispy in the pool
freestyling keep it smooth
a thousand ways to get to where I'm going

Go In

posted in 2HTS287 on Sep 29, 2019
Waking up inside
Making up my mind
Lose it all again
Do it all again, my friend
My friend
My friend
My friend

Waking up in time
Dreaming up my mind
Wand'drin round the desert
Drinking water
From the oasis

I'm ready to go anywhere
Down to the depths of my hell
No idea what I'll find deep inside
Blue sky blue sky blue sky blue skies

Serenade my life
Music mixed with might
Lose it all again
Do it all for fun, my friend
My friend
My friend
My friend

I'm ready to go anywhere
Down to the depths of my hell
No idea what I'll find deep inside
New light new light new light new light

in my head

posted in 2HTS271 on Jun 09, 2019
phantom limb
phantom heart
emptiness is a state of art
feeling things that really arent
where else does the artist start

its in your head

filled with fear
afraid that someones gonna pull
the secrets from your ear

swig my beer
with intent
but all i do is get it wet

its in my head

unless you want it to

posted in 2HTS269 on May 26, 2019
radio inactive
volcanic inception
fabricate reactions
favorite piece of denim

saving my loving for nothing at all
cause love is a potion that doesnt dissolve
unless you want it to
unless you want it to

reaching for something I think I might fall
dreams dont mean nothing, no nothing at all
unless you want em to
unless you want em to

stronger than intentions
better than description
getting off on the wish of a million
singing all alone in my bedroom

Space Cowboy

posted in 2HTS268 on May 19, 2019
Face the morning light
bouncing 'round the sky
golden rays, that you can taste

coax your spirits up
wash and dress 'em up
summer days, making waves

cant see the stars in the daytime
but you know that they're there
cant feel your love and your sunshine
but know you're out there, somewhere

I'm a space cowboy
with a lasso made of tears
cut and dry and crystal clear
like your diamonds, I don't care

kiss the clouds goodnight
kill the candlelight
the glow remains, as I lay

freedom's for the fool
my body is a tool
just let it go, and relax


posted in 2HTS264 on Apr 21, 2019
life in the labyrinth
fossil in my head
fishes floating round
organize my chest

but when I'm with you
I feel alive
escape my mind

when you're round
the clouds move aside,

love, eternal happiness
joy outside myself
dreams, good as reality
walking by myself

Find myself lost again

posted in 2HTS258 on Mar 10, 2019
Find myself lost again
losing touch with all my friends
save yourself, make amends
do my best, try again

Altered state of consciousness
group dynamics make no sense
waking up in your bed
making love in my head

Day by day
Great mistake
Fade away
Delete the game

Altered state of consciousness
group dynamics make no sense
waking up with no intent
make it up in my head

never forever

posted in 2HTS243 on Nov 25, 2018
moving with the ocean
swimming in your eyes
floating with crustacean
where the water meets the sky

everything makes sense again
baby take you for a ride
mine are looking in again
yours are toward the light

never forever never ever always alway slaywalsalyw enver foreferer wha huh whwa whah whh why why whsadfl wha never fore ver ever ever ever ya o h e eh ee aah hoo ee lol

Count on the Tide

posted in 2HTS234 on Sep 23, 2018
Walking where the sand kisses the sand
hands in my pocket, water at my feet
make believe, all this was meant for me
wind in my jacket, I'm starting to see

Kick the sand, move with me
love is the answer, you are the key
take it in, ocean breeze
smell the salt sharp as me

I could never find a reason
but I could count on the tide
bring me back in the with the seasons
its gonna be alright

wait for the morning light

Peel it off, the fear from my eyes
Its all just illusion, its all in your mind
immortalized on videotape
making out with geometrical shapes
logging on and making waves
I am a god, now do what I say

under the sea

posted in 2HTS224 on Jul 15, 2018
show me the way
over the valleys
under the sea

breaking my habits
planting my seeds

show me the money
show me the light

the what?

nothing's left

posted in 2HTS223 on Jul 08, 2018
the pond my blood,
the heart my sun
love in return
for anything

taking, losing

whats doing me in
sweet ignorance
take me slow, never know
its freedom in the form of death
feathers sweep across your skin
im getting something in return

the ocean falls
the waves they leave
my god, shes dying
blood on my teeth

the wars undone
kings on knees
queens call out
'my little one'

whats doing you in
sweet ignorance
take you slow, never know
its freedom in the form of death
feathers sweep across my skin
you're getting something in return

nothings left


posted in 2HTS219 on Jun 10, 2018
light house at the bottom of the cliff
throwing its glow, for something more than this
separated from reality
remember that waves were birthed by ripples

creatures of habit come up out the sea
skeletons are laid out on the beach
freedom from everything is what they preach
they say you can have it too

ooo noises

the grapefruit of life is hanging from the tree
its dipping lower I can almost reach
and taste the sweet nirvana hit me clean
I promise itll be the last thing I need...

half man

posted in 2HTS218 on Jun 03, 2018
Theme: candyman / devil

as the devil comes out of me
the angel sings glory to the king
a deep seated weight lifts off of me
cant believe what I've been

a greedy little candyman
a missing non existent friend
a three leaf clover visualizing it was four
oh no


(save it for later)
(think of the future)
youd be so much better
now and forever
and ever
youll never

so Im different I can see clearly
look around for a crutch to lean on
some excuse and a reason to be
half the man I know I could be

who am I to be now
that I'm no longer shackled to you
feel all the wounds dry
get out from the shades of blue

the strength to leave

posted in 2HTS217 on May 27, 2018
sober for too many days
my desert opens up to the rain
I feel like my old self again
at least now I can be consistent

drifting, doing donuts in space
fuel up with frustration & pain
cause I've been here before..
as I wake up on the floor

oh sugar, baby
you're no good for me
theres gotta be a better way to release
without ya baby, could you set me free?
I think another hit'll give me the strength to leave

I never thought I'd turn out this way

lost in lavender

posted in 2HTS214 on May 06, 2018
Have you heard?
of the girls
from Brazil?

with their purple eyes
pull you in to night
with their purple light
lost in lavender

love and happiness
love and happiness
drugs and happiness
love and happiness

all you know
are the girls
from Brazil
with their purple eyes
with their purple light

kaleidoscope thighs

posted in 2HTS211 on Apr 15, 2018
I found a way
push through my brain
think for yourself
climb up from hell

scope out the space
straight to the chase
love up yourself
rainbow to wealth

get out the way
they wanna steal
the light from your eyes
slice up your kaleidoscope thighs
so you put on your shades
get out my way

heal me

posted in 2HTS210 on Apr 08, 2018
I'd love to be free
I'd love to be me
whatever that means

but I caught a virus
bones are melting
grope in the darkness
I give in to their dreams

heal me
stick me
I am nothing without you

sometimes I feel good
sometimes I cant stand myself
duplicate my mistakes
I'm stuck in this frame


posted in 2HTS208 on Mar 25, 2018
theres a void inside my head
it pulls my thoughts and memories, in
into the northwest side of my brain
how slow can the silver needle dig?

infinity pool

posted in 2HTS207 on Mar 18, 2018
black holes & waterfalls
wet walls could make a grown man crawl
through the distance, in the fog
time and space, has no meaning

who knew the void could feel so good?
dip in to the
cold hot, good and evil, safe and lethal
infinite swimming pool
watch the strings of light wrap around
devour me
get the picture right
before it burns right through our eyes

wake up walk down the hall
straight to a tall glass
of ice cold water
(i am the black hole)
I chew and rip up to shreds
anyone in my way
(i am the black hole)
walk across the united states
then I hit the water


posted in 2HTS206 on Mar 11, 2018
learn to feel the vibrations of life
begin to see my own energy
am I giving up or giving in?
am I afraid to love or just jaded and chipped?

I think I'm both

I'm broken and I'm beautiful
I laugh and cry at the same damn time
I give in to the world
Because I am the world

and you are with me
and we can't belive
how good it could be, yeah
we deserve to be free, yeah
like feathers and wings, yeah
as rivers and streams, yeah

am I afraid to live or just too sensitive?
am I a bitch or just indifferent?

I think I'm both

paradox of dreams

posted in 2HTS194 on Dec 17, 2017
when my dreams
are preferable to what I see
I take my eyes
and peel a layer off carefully
and all my needs
are met or disappear faithfully
when I hold
my wants up to the light of scrutiny

I fly under the water
I slumber at the edge of the sea
I wish for everything to be
exactly as it seems
but how pointless would that be

eat the seeds of what the dead poets left for me
swim the same rivers and all of the lakes
speak to the trees
went through life on this planet way before me
and now I'm here
is there anything new to see?

waves flow

posted in 2HTS193 on Dec 10, 2017
sinusoidal deplenetration
living it down on this plastic vacation
sink in to the sand go to sleep forever
weight of the world pass right through you

waves flow out forever
cycle round my mental
seasons they come and go
but these waves I ride forever

try tomorrow to find my place in this
fact or fiction surrealist painting
just a single line that goes beyond the canvas
look into the eye get pulled in the spiral

sunshine that kicks up off my shades
weather that always stays the same
im up in heaven
but its time to wake

be myself

posted in 2HTS192 on Dec 03, 2017
all my walls are crashing down
now i feel the ocean breeze
joker and the thief, they stole my crown
spread my wings and now im free to be

b e m y s e l f

all my art is burning down
but these hands theyre all i need
to paint a picture of my life
and what i need to be

b e m y s e l f

Mirror Mirror

posted in 2HTS186 on Oct 22, 2017
you are the mirror to my mind
everything that I like reflected from your eyes
so smooth across the surface that I glide
close my eyes and I can fly
look down and see the clouds passing me by

oh mirror mirror on this 50 ft wall
I got some silver questions that I can't recall
they slip from my mind
down the skyscraper waterfall

bounce visualizations off your mind
silver shimmer
smooth as glass
grip the throttle
rip it back

burst through the fourth and final wall
shatter into
a thousand versions
of myself
the one illusion

trash man

posted in 2HTS185 on Oct 15, 2017
wake up and I pick up the trash
love life as I fill up my bags
happy that I cover your tracks
lovely that I'm the garbage man

all of these ways
to make my name
stick to the wall
before it all falls down

all of these ways
to pave my path
avoiding the graves
before it all falls

gloria she works at the bank
counts money as she crosses her legs
day dreamin of how fast she can spend
all of that cash in her hand

the beautiful yin

posted in 2HTS183 on Oct 01, 2017
you got the beautiful yin
who wants to be ugly?
I got original sin
somebodys got to be guilty

the scale of justice
favors a balance
as they try to find the rhythm of silence
and her rhyme flows like liquid gold
in my ears drip down my little toes
and the flower rises up and grows
like a phoenix in a rodeo

you go, I know
you're more, I won't
you glow, I'm cold
you're everything

Make me better

posted in 2HTS182 on Sep 24, 2017
laying down in the river
in the middle of the valley
looking up at the northern lights
wondering if it remembers me

close my eyes and I see you (changing colors)
go to sleep and I feel you (next to me)
looking down at the northern lights
brush my fingers across the sky

move like water
glimmer like summer
change the weather
make me better

time that slips through my fingers
lies that seep through the cracks
tape my life like a video
forget theres debts collect

you got your head in the clouds
you got your legs use em now
wishful thinker
starlight swimmer
supernova dancer
where do you come from, how?
where are you going, now?

Almond of my Eye

posted in 2HTS181 on Sep 17, 2017
find the lover in my little heart
test the waters of the giving art
maybe I was meant to be
exactly what I am

scan horizons with my sharpened eyes
somewhere out there in the purple skies
sittin underneath the mango tree
dappled love its only you and me

almond of my eye
twist me into light
give me more than I could ever give myself
give you all my life


posted in 2HTS180 on Sep 10, 2017
life brings blessings and everything else
love brings disaster and everything else
toast brings emotion like everything else
boring when you think like everyone else

sorry for seventeen and losing myself
finding meaning is like everything else
nothing is changing just like everywhere else
bursting at the seams just like everything else

I am a potato

posted in 2HTS179 on Sep 03, 2017
shower while in bed
driving round my head
sentences are dead
so is my sex

giving up by 10
cook some eggs instead
im at my best in the afternoon
Drink some coffee with my spoon

I am a potato
you are a ghost
I live in the cabinet
youre in the shadows/control

so alone
stumble home
glowed some time ago
now I'm vegetable

you are the only one for me
you are the only one I need
youre my shadow
youre in control
you got my glow


To You

posted in 2HTS178 on Aug 27, 2017
Oh shes a unicorn
she likes to be alone
shes writing me a poem
about her love for me
about how we could be
glorious energy
all she needs from me
is my heart

but I already gave it away

to you

oh shes a creature comfort
slow like honey, feel so money
hit your target, eyes are closed
dealt this hand I am the man
and all she needs from me
is my heart

but I already gave it away

to you

where did you go my unicorn
where did you go my baby

they're gone
they're lost
I'm more
than I
can chew


posted in 2HTS176 on Aug 13, 2017
we're all living in paradise
and yet we choose to spin the wheel

got it all, still wanna roll the dice
whats the point if I dont feel alive

we're flying in a golden kite
but look how brights the one with no fear

we worry and we waste our selves
we're dreaming of something else

sunshine silhouettes and marmalade wings
melt like margarine, spread it across the breaded beach
feather the trigger and weather the storm
heaven is hell on this
pleasure factory

make me come baby
dont make me cry
im living up to this rose golden lie

theres buttons you can press theyre in my thigh
push them in and lets get higher and higher

if nothing else then we had a good time
if nothing else at least we'll die next to each other..

mind is a maze

posted in 2HTS175 on Aug 06, 2017
my mind is a maze its impossible to leave
my day begins, and ends inside a dream
all I can see are these mirrors all around
what I believe, I'm smothered by it now

with a deep blue blanket
with the milkiest way
dark and cool like your favorite jacket
red velvet on the inside

freefall the thoughts from the sky
leave all your worries behind
wishful thinking
in to
ful outside my mind

1 2 5 8

posted in 2HTS174 on Jul 30, 2017
counting the days and the sheep
watch them leap over me
1 2 5 8, heart I donate
it doesnt work for me

1 2 5 8

theres a warm light
coming from the bottom
of my coffee cup
youre my black light
purple in its deepest form
I drink you up

growing in age and in feat
slowly freedom starts singing for me
everything is turning in and facing me
responsibility is happening

1 2 5 8
time to dilate


posted in OHC456 on Jul 06, 2017
stack all my gold
man made and cold
wish all I had was my waterproof coat
plod through the snow
chains hang so low
caught on my feet and my face hits the floor
wishful thinking
that I'm stuck in a dream

snow fall dont stop
give me all that you got
ill pay with my diamonds
valueless parable learn all you want

everybody chasing money
follow me
and I'll give you all you want
and I'll give you all I got

Doors of Perception

posted in 2HTS169 on Jun 25, 2017
its one of those
warm blanket when its cold days
hover over the fireplace
wrap you up in a white shag rug
light your hair and smoke you up
inhale your fresh blueberry dreams
now your vision belongs to me
now you see exactly what I mean

im locked, out my
towering doors of perception
guess I'll, get lost and melt
in the desert of heaven

eyes dripping
theyre coated in my juices
and they mean
everything to me
so much to see
theyre bursting at the seams
rollin like dice
they rattle in my head
steal them from me
rather be dead

People & Cities

posted in 2HTS168 on Jun 18, 2017
easy and boring
simple and soft
like people and cities
crispy so hot

fossils so wicked
they lie on the bones that they swallowed
like people and cities
burning all the way up

written in brittle
skeleton temples
like people and cities
crumble all the way up


posted in 2HTS167 on Jun 11, 2017
be the man I was always meant to be
stronger faster smarter younger
cooler warmer smiler desire
pray to the tv and show me what I need
it might be my boring
unint'resting story
my clothing the glory
and beauty of bull' s wings

I'll be your failure
spill coca cola all over myself
trip on my blond ponytail
forget the real lines to this chorus

waiting for someday to knock at my doorstep
wishing for new things, resisting the forces
distractions and concepts that dont need my knowing
you're stupid retarded imperfect illusion
I'm stealing the bases and running
in diamonds and ovals I orbit the abyss
get closer to grasping at nothing


posted in 2HTS166 on Jun 04, 2017
I got these bones that bleed
ebony ivory
planted in my garden head
rollin in my flower bed
finger nails are ten feet long
all these breaths that keep me goin'
in and out like burger sin
drink and drive to your apart a ment
kiss then do my best to hold it in

wake up in the morning
remind myself that I am human
expand my circle of compassion
oh, but it pushes you away

I fill my bank account
with chocolate cakes and sauerkraut
cut myself with credit cards
I'll get down, lay down, stay down, wait now
to be swallowed by a snake
wouldnt have it any other way
ill take it with me to the grave (how?)

look down the mountain where we came from
the jungle that we escaped from
when death was our next door neighbor
when fear was not just made up


posted in 2HTS164 on May 21, 2017
I got a little finger restin' on my hand
it's got a mind of its own
it questions all that I know
it tells me I am a bore
I know, I hope, that one day I'll cut it away
off and put it in its place
but for now

I am a slave to the thoughts in my head
they fabricate by themselves on my bed
while I sleep and I dream
as I breathe in the sex
reconfigure my past and my future regret
o help me, sweet

wish upon an empty star
tell me please oh who you are
who grows these notions in my head
like suicide, theres life in death
glory is the gun,
the temple of the sun
manifested in my heart
and soul and life and death and skulls and bones


posted in 2HTS163 on May 14, 2017
I am the maker, entire empire
of how I spend all of my time
I am creator
of selfish desires
its always about how I can get mine

fingers curled
mind up in the sky
shape the mold
the clay is closing in
take some notes
shake my bones
and try all over again

clubs and the clovers
destruction while sober
who fixes you up when you break
mixed up and faded
unspent but im wasted
the future, too close to my eyes
imperfect solutions and instant reactions
its the space inbetween that time, that I ride

I am the maker, entire empire
of how I spend all of my time
I am creator
of selfish desires
its always about how I dont have enough time
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