300th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS300)

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Jan 03, 2020 TheVideoGamer
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I can't believe i forgot to do this! I wasn't here, as i was celebrating the New Year in Paris! But i got something in, so that's a plus right? Let's do this.

TheVideoGamer - Yes that is Vanessa Carlton, and yes that is A Thousand Miles. This is a cover, and this was made in the style of hardcore, and more importantly this was dedicated to Antik, the loveable goofball. So for those who are confused, this is a real joke entry, dedicated to all the 2hts crew here. Here's to another 300!!


Chardas - Nice beat here chardas. Has a lot of great piano samples used, and a nice tight vibe. Personally for me, the elements clash, the samples used are too intense with the beat. Maybe pick a better beat maybe? Other than that though, i really enjoyed this. Good work dude!

Reali-Tglitch - For all the jokes this round is going to give us, i legit enjoyed this! Sure the vocals need a bit of mixing nuance to be better integrated, but i love the production and i love the lyrical content! Well done dude!.

Hedcanon - You would sound like a great fill-in for Nukage, you so have his style. The melody and the structure is amazing. I felt a great buildup into the drop. Sadly though it's too loud, and gets to the point of clipping. Still, i enjoyed this so great job!

Pixel Boy - This is sooo trippy, but sooo enjoyable. The microtones really enhances this hip-hop vibe. It's like it's half 80's and half modern day. It's pretty awesome. The drums are also huge and punchy. For all the detune and microtones it has, it's soo engaging. Long story short this is amazing. Awesome work dude!

Antik - Who know toilets are good at making dope beats. This is literally dope, for it's joke value. The beats were tight, and the bassline was funky as hell. Awesome work dude!

Vaiaphraim - Nice and engaging chiptunes as always dude. Great melodies here! Nothing bad here, just solid NES styled tunes. Well done man!!

Timv - Dude where have you been? Sounds to me like you've calmed down a bit. No manic Neuro dubs today? All jokes aside i like the dubstep vibe. Completely different from Skrillex and sort of more of the early 2000's dubstep, that's closer to Garage. The beats were great, and the minimalistic melody made things different. I enjoyed this, well done dude!

UrinalPooper - Ahh i'm like watching rainbows while taking a shit haha. The lyrics are really engaging for all it's joke value, and the guitar tones were pretty great. The drums were also nice and tight. This is too cute to ignore lol. Awesome work dude!

Teenagebeard - Even if it's short, you cram a lot of nice elements here. I enjoyed the chords and and the melody definitely. There is a lot of space here that i enjoyed. Really breaks up monotony. I wish you added more though, it was over too quickly, and the production is a little sparse. I still enjoyed it though, it's a good thing! Great work man!

Gercr - Sick guitar tones! I love them. The beats were very sparse, and sounded more like percussive hits than actually drums. To be fair, the guitar is the star of the show, and the one part than really drew me into the track. It is pretty awesome. Fantastic work dude!

Awesome - Reali-Tglitch, Pixel Boy, Antik, Vaiaphraim, Timv, UrinalPooper, Gercr

Needs Work - Chardas, Hedcanon, Teenagebeard