328th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS328)

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Jul 14, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Samba de Guacamole
  2. CherryPoppedGuac
  3. The Guac Pit
Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - Guacamole is rather an upbeat theme, or at least that's how i interpretated it. Started with salsa, but the samples weren't doing it for me, or at least enough for 2-3 minutes, so i moved onto cute music. I'm afraid it's an old project, because of time and mental blocks, but i love it nonetheless. Tried to incorporate some lyrics, which sound awesome, but i can't seem to time it right, so in the end, i left them out. As a whole, it's a cute ditty, that i enjoy a lot.


DavidKirk - Sick acid beats as always, and a rather cool, and amusing vocal snippet. Just simple acid techno, as always. Well done!

dione bigode - Ooof this is intense. The vocals are really processed for that industrial feel. Love this, well done!

UrinalPooper - Excellent incorporation of the theme. Loving the structure, it feels like a real song. Guitar tones, awesome as always. Well done!

Gercr - Very funky guacamole dude. Loving the guitar playing. Well done!

anubisrl - Great effort for your first submission. Really liking the guitar playing here. Sadly vocals and drums are lost, the mix overall needs work, but great idea, it was nice. Good job!

neweyesnewsights - DAAAAAAAM dude, you really gave me some ideas for my next composition. This is extremely unique sounding. Needs to be longer, because it's awesome. Excellent work!

TheGuitarWiz - HOLY THIS IS GOOD. Like this is really good quality bossa-nova good. Daam i love this guitar playing, the chords and melody were incredible. Fantastic dude!

nukage - Really liking the chill trap feel, much different than the dubstep you usually do, but still welcome. Can't make the same song now can we? lol. Well done!

Kneecaps - Always liking the ligh-hearted Kneecaps feel. Enjoyable as always. Well done!

Antik - Great beat dude, but then again, Antik always makes fire beats. Well done!

phoolard - Oof these chords are great. Loving the funky feel too. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Nice beats! Always down for some great beats. Nice combination of the retro and modern melodies. This was just well...good. Well done!

Sunny Says - Forgot to trim did we eh? lol. Really nice track, however the vocals were a little loud, and eats into the backing beat. Good job though!

bo0m3r31337 - Wooooooow. 7 minutes, and it still feels short. Then again, we had and extremely long build-up, that took at least 2 minutes. Yes it's long, but i enjoyed the whole thing, from start to finish, a lot. Awesome work dude!

Awesome - DavidKirk, dione bigode, UrinalPooper, Grercr, neweyesnewsights, TheGuitarWiz, Nukage, Kneecaps, Antik, Phoolard, Vaiaphraim, bo0m3r31337

Needs Work - anubisrl, Sunny Says.