288th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS288)

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Oct 06, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. The Eleet Heist
  2. did they get out?
  3. Back rally
As usual, thanks for a great week!

TheVideoGamer - I had soo many conflicting ideas for this one. Because it was a heist, i could do so many things, as long as i kept it dark and aggressive. So i thought, as a change, try hip-hop. You know, Trap. What kids these days listen to. But when i did it on my software, it felt a bit boring, not really exciting, and also it didn't match the fast-paced theme. So i scrapped it and tried metal. I found this really cool 80's speed metal song called Full Speed to Hell, which i tried to use before, but didn't have an opportunity until now. It has a really nice simple riff, that i could chop up, to make the main loop in itself. I then topped that up, with some gabber beats, because i was really feeling the aggression, no thanks to the video, but also it felt boring on it's own. Another song called Attila the Destructor, also by the same band, was used for the middle section, as i felt it was too repetitive, and it needed switching up. All that was left, was to simply structure it, until i felt it was rearing to goo.

Now for the real deal.

Fixyourlevels - This is one half atmospheric, one half dancey. Something fast-paced for the club. Probably hard-trance is what i can describe it. I love how dark it is, and the beats are amazingly dynamic. I can tell you trying to go for as loud as possible, so i won't take that as a criticism, but the energy is intense and crazy. That ending is just incredible. Never have i been blown away by such an ending. Amazing Job!

Chardas - A little too calming for the theme, but nonetheless i loved it. The beat really soothed my soul. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Very distinct, with some really great melodic elements, and nice orchestral sound pallets. The main problem i have however, is the lack of reverb. Give some space man, it feels dry. Other than that, i really enjoyed this! Good job!

Onia - This is not even close to a chill beat. It's not even on the same wavelength as a beat. I don't know what to call this, it's too experimental for any form of hip-hop. It has a lovely atmosphere and an amazing use of synthesis. Again for the theme, not very fitting, but i love this so well done!

bo0m3r31337 - Daam Boomer i have no words. The switchups are crazy, it sounds like a machine gun! The intro is very intricate, and super dark. This is extremely fitting for the theme! It changes so much, from each listen, i just love it!! Well done!!

Antik - Despite the minimalism in this beat, i actually enjoyed it. Unlike others, this one was extremely engaging, and has a great groove. I love the grooves here. I actually really like the simplicity. Great job!!

PyrrhicPrince - It's like 3 compositions in one. It's soo spooky and soo dark. When the tempo switches, it almost feels like some fast rave song of some-kind. The rapping is impressive too. When it changed, it really took me by surprised. The production sounds really dynamic, with some great bass sounds. I also really enjoyed your lyrics in this one too. Well done!!

Grecr - You had me engaged there dude, but you had to cut it short at only 40 seconds. Man i really enjoyed this, but it was over too soon. Still though, nice job!

r05537G - Great attempt here! Unfortunately the bass usage is over-kill, it made it loud as a result. The subs were over-powering, and lost the potential for a great composition here. Still though great attempt!!

Awesome - Fixyourlevels, Chardas, Onia, bo0m3r31337, Antik, PyrrhicPrince

Needs Work - Vaiaphraim, Grecr, r05537G