One Hour Compo - Round 810 (OHC810)

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Apr 18, 2024 Koekepan
  1. Monster In The Deep
  2. Turbulent Waters
  3. Black Vapour
On time
On theme
obScene wins.
Apr 18, 2024 Cerfeuil
  1. Tidal Rave
  2. Snake in the Lake
  3. Safety is but an Illusion

Apr 23, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. dragged under
  2. Monster In The Deep
  3. On board above

All comments are replied to on Discord so this section is irrelevant. Onto the voting!

TheVideoGamer - This track is probably the darkest entry i've made in a long time. Maybe not to date, but certainly for a long period of time. I'd say also the most chill in a long time, but this is subjective. The bulk of the track is based around 2 keyboard arp sequences, and a airy chord progression playing deliberately dark and spicy chords, to keep the eeriness alive. The melody is played on a bell sound, to keep it's atmospheric pulse, and the drums are deliberately light and unobtrusive so it doesn't detract from the groove. It's basically an IDM beat but without the glitches. Towards the middle i switch it up with a chord progression to keep it from being repetitive or boring, and in the end, i decided to keep it more vocal focused to compliment the spacey airy feel. Speaking of vocals, i decided to incorporate samples of a female singer singing mostly ooh type sounds, mostly because i felt it fit the dark theme perfectly. All in all it does sound a little different from me, but it's still the same ol' TVG. I really like this, it has such a cool atmosphere for the style. Glad you liked it anyways!

DarkShadow - The master of sawtooth basslines is back. Surprisingly this waveform is not too loud this week, it's actually pretty nicely mixed. I do like the interesting filtered synths this week, it's more of a laser type sound, than your classic filtered chords. I do like the different changes in sound, there always something new brought to the table. It's not my personal favourite from you, i feel like we could go for a bit more of a melody, however what i heard was surprisingly nice. Good job!

BJKMenu - Never heard of this song before, and my god this is hilarious. I don't know if this is on purpose or something you've added for your cover but it definately made my laugh out of loud. I can't really identify exactly what the vocal is saying, not just from the vocal effects, but also the way it's rapped. I can tell you also had fun too, because you were laughing also. It's not really theme fitting sure, but it was too funny that i just couldn't not bring myself to not include it on the awesome ranking. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Sweet drone-y pads, pairs super nicely with the unique mallet sounds, that sound both woody and also slightly metallic. I love how the pad chords slowly evolve, it isn't just a single note, but more and more layers are building up to make this really fire chord progression. Love the spices towards the middle it's so cool. When the hi-hat hit i was feeling that lo-fi downtempo groove, but then you're like "Nope" and were in DnB territory. Such a subversion of expectations i love it. The drops are so good, especially that ending with the sick arps. This is just another one of your extremely catchy pieces. Definately voting worthy, shame i can only pick 3 though, awesome work!

Misael.K - Ooh i like that drum groove, that's such a sick drum kit! Super tight and clean. Those keys are very squirty, you definately nailed an underwater vibe here, i could totally see myself underwater with all the fishes. The sliding guitar is such a lovely touch it really adds that cinematic vibe to the whole thing. The chord changes are amazing, but i feel we could go even further with a melody, this type of beat is definately setting us up for a melody, and yet that doesn't arrive. That doesn't make the beat bad, it's still more than awesome, but i think it could just go a little further. Still though this is sick, nothing else stuck out to me in a bad way at all, i love this one. So gutted this cannot be voted on, but as i say every week i can only choose 3. Amazing work!

Koekepan - This one is kind of similar to DDRKirby's entry, except yours is basically straight up ambient, and the mallet sounds are not as pronounced, and are mostly just simple chimes. The relaxing vibes here though are lovely. I totally can just zone out with the ever so changing dynamically varied string pads, and chimes, it's not a complex piece, it's a slow evolving one, but man does it work. This is such a theme fitting track, that is packed full of variations for a track more reliant on minimalism, and i think it's the perfect amount of minimalism. Not too repetitive at all i could listen to this for hours, and that's the reason why i decided to place you on the third spot. Amazing work!

Cerfueil - I'm liking the chiptune style arps, it has that classic video game sound. I do like the beat here, but it is a bit too crispy for the arps and chords you are trying to make. I would soften it a bit, with a soft clipper and also incorporate other drum sounds to keep the groove going. It gets extremely interesting melodically towards the end, there is some seriously cool seasonings chosen for the chords it is really cool. I sense a lot of potential here, the arps are sick. It's just the drums i would tone down a bit to make it blend better with the melody ideas. Good job!

A2Z - A2Z is back with the gabber baby! Although i don't consume the genre as regularly as people think i do, it is kind of my weakness, i don't know i just feel weirdly captivated by this genre. The kick drum is not as distorted as a classic gabber track is, but it does have a lot of weight in this, it's not getting lost in the sea of melodies and harmonies. Speaking of which, it's quite pretty i will say, you have a really nice chord sequence going, and a sick melody line that permeates throughout. Some of the leads are quite shrill for me, i'm not really a fan of this sharp stabby tinny lead, i feel it could be more smoother, as it kind of dilutes the track a little. I don't hate the lead, but i do think it could be better without it. I sense a lot of potential here, it sounds great as a concept. Good job!

obScene - You know it's obScene when you hear the distinctive piano layers, and percussive taps of the strings, prepared piano at it's finest. The vocal work is really cool, i totally feel like i'm in a horror movie universe. The way you incorporate different percussion elements, both in sound and rhythm is always very cool to me. You do love your polyrhythms, it really makes the beat fresh. I thought the track was over, but you decide to throw in a surprise new section with a really great organ emulation. I mean what else is there to say, this is not only one hell of a cinematic obScene experience, but the melodies are just so damn nice and fitting to the theme. This was just really lovely stuff, so lovely i decided to place it on the 2nd spot, incredible work!

Ethansight - Deep pianos seem to be a slightly recurring topic in this round. Those are definately some classic Ethansight chords, you just have that signature harmony that i always love. Loving the trance gated synth here, it really feels like we've blended the old school retro sound with a modern touch. Damn i was not expecting that breakbeat, i assumed a more techno approach it's really sick. String work is pretty awesome here, it's just such a catchy vibe with a lovely progression and a really sick mix. Yeah i can't think of anything else, this is a really nicely made composition. It was just...beautiful. Awesome work!

NickC - Woah this is 5 minutes, that's very rare from you to go this long, but i'll definately take it. This beat definately has the CotMM overtones, that is typical of his style. Usually a menacing beat, and some dark ambient pad flourishes. The beat is very hard hitting, but yet it's not really formed into a groove as such, and more serves as the pulse for the whole thing, i like it a lot. Pad chords in this are definately not in your face, it's designed to be as moody as possible, without it being just pure kick drum. Awesome chord choices here, it sounds very eerie and mysterious, without it delving into straight dissonance. This is not only extremely creative as a compositional idea, but it fits the theme extremely well. For a hard hitting kick, it's mixed very well, i don't feel like i'm being pushed down or that the beat is too distorted, it's pretty dope! So many cool melody ideas added here, it's a horror music landscape, probably fitting for Silent Hill. Really love this one a lot, maybe the most unique NickC entry i've heard so far, and also one of the many reasons why i've decided to place this on the top spot. Incredible work!

Coloradoweeks - Wow that is an extremely tight break! Not my choice for the synths, again i somehow felt a techno beat, but instead breakbeat was the choice. Subverting expectations is always fun. This is also quite moody, but more so in the way the deep chords go well with the beat. This is soo funky, that break is very infectious, but yet it works so well with the chords damn. Loving the unique scratchy effects towards the middle, and the really cool brooding pads towards the ends. The mix is very watery, i can tell it sounds unorthodox in regards to mixing, but this is 100 percent deliberately. Oh man i wish it wasn't 2 minutes, and more like 5 minutes, because the ideas were definately not finished by the time i got to the end. I definately felt like i want more. This one was just awesome though either way, so different from your normal beats, but still had that Colorado touch. It's just lovely stuff, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Dex - Nice Violin melody, really compliments the soft synth flourishes. This is probably the most happiest of the bunch this round, it sounds like maybe some end credits or something. For a theme featuring some really dark clouds and a boat stranded in water, this is very happy and uplifting. The rock drop wasn't too surprising, but somewhat different. The key change was extremely weird, i don't know if this is accidental or it was deliberately, but some notes definately clashed with each other. This is an extremely pretty piece, i feel definately uplifted. I think some of the harmonies could be smoothed out, so it wasn't too harsh on the ears (For me, i know taste is personal), but aside from that this was a really pretty composition, lots of great melody ideas here. Good job!

Arcana - I'm glad you at least entered, even if there isn't any substance provided here at all. It's a really nice layered vocal take, with a cool delay sound. Hopefully you will be here next week making music for us to here. Good job both of you!

Top 3 - NickC, obScene, Koekepan.

My top 3 took a lot of delegating this week as there was so many amazing entries. This honestly could go in either order, but this is what i was feeling at this time.

These entries are also excellent and deserve to be on the list too:

DDRKirby(ISQ) (Lots of amazing grooves, really sad this can't be voted on)

Misael.K (Man this one was amazing, so sad it could be on)

Ethansight (Super catchy as hell, also sad this couldn't be on)

Coloradoweeks. (Amazing drum work, and chords, also sad this cannot be voted on)

Awesome - BJKMenu, DDRKirby(ISQ), Misael.K, Koekepan, obScene, Ethansight, NickC, Coloradoweeks.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Cerfueil, A2Z, Dex, Arcana.

Apr 25, 2024 NickC
  1. Turbulent Waters
  2. Monster In The Deep
  3. On board above

Apr 25, 2024 ethansight
  1. uilebheist loch nis
  2. Monster In The Deep
  3. where dem sea monstas at

Hope y'all escaped the sea monster ;)