308th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS308)

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Feb 23, 2020 TheVideoGamer

  2. tranquility
Another awesome week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - Aside from a strange bug halfway through, and the ever so Japanese theme, i found something i liked. I was trying to go ultimate traditional, but with a modern edge. I dunno, it's a bit too obvious but i like it's quirky humour so who knows. The second half is more chill and stripped back, and was much needed if i was ever going to make a 3 minute track, and not a 1 minute 30 second loop. After arranging i was good to go.

Moving on...

RicardoMenegasso - Great sample choices dude, this was dope. Awesome funk as usual, and a really nice mix. Nothing wrong with this, the classic synth funk i know. Well done dude!

Mmlez - Good to have you back dude! This flows beautifully, and has a surprising amount of interest for something more minimalistic. Mix was wide and clean, love this dude!

Antik - Ignore the comical value, and this is pretty dope! The actual south park reference works so well, almost like a rap track! Amazing work dude!

Teenagebeard - Great vocals and guitar! Surprisingly so chill, and has a lovely voice to go with the mix. Well done dude, this was awesome!

UrinalPooper - Like Antik, if you get rid of the comical value, you have a great composition! Such a shame it ends too early, the guitar solo was pretty sick! Still though, love this dude!

Vaiaphraim - The way it's structured makes it more difficult to identify as a composition in parts, but non the less the sounds were pretty great, and like with a lot of your tracks, has a lovely melody! Love this dude!

Nukage - From the sound pallet i thought this was going to be dubstep, but no it ends up into something like Electro House/Complextro. Still i love it, and the mix is as always soo clean! Well done dude!

Lukeloww - Guitar and vocals on point as always! Really dig the drums, so quirky for this style! Nothing bad about this, love it dude!

Timv - The melody is so unique but so well done! It works to the beat amazingly. The mix was lovely dude! Well done loved this!

Awesome - RicardoMenegasso, Mmlez, Antik, Teenagebeard, UrinalPooper, Vaiaphraim, Nukage, Lukeloww, Timv

Needs Work - Wow nobody needs work! Amazing!