323rd 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS323)

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Jun 13, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Painkiller: The Rise of Amelia Dyre
  2. Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches
  3. The Drunken Husband Musical Bore
Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - Since the theme is painkillers, i thought, why not full drive the headache home. So i made Jeff Mill's styled hard techno of course. Loud, full-on and does not pack any punches. It just goes haaard.


RicardoMenegasso - The funk is seriously strong here. I love it. Great intro, really nicely builds into the great beat and synths. Awesome dude!

Cutesaw - Really does sound like oldskool Dubstep. Great growly bass synths, really compliments the drums. Well done!

fixyourlevels - Synths were really nice, goes well with the beats. Vocals need to be brought up, they are heavily masked, but i like what's here, so good job!

Nukage - Great entry! Really like the vocals a lot, they work soo well with the rather soft EDM trap beat. I thought it was gonna be dubstep, but nope, defines expectations haha. Well done!

Umbug - This was too funny, to ignore haha. The lyrics are awesome, well done! The guitar is very in your face, but the lyrics took the problems away, it's just lol. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Good ol' retro from the master. This had some great melodic elements! Well done!

UrinalPooper - Great instrument choices. Classic UrinalPunker! Well done!

gercr - Grecr really selling the hard metal approach. It's very interesting of you to use real drums, than your own playing. But if you can find a song that fits your playing, then go ahead. Well done!

Sunny Says - Nice rap freestyle. You are such a solid rapper. Well done!

TheGuitarWiz - Really nice atmosphere. I'm not sure what the goal is, but i really like how distant it sounds. Well done!

bo0m3r31337 - OOF the mix is soo good. The bass synths are awesome, and the way it flows is awesome too. Incredible work man!

r05537G - I guess it's 20 seconds of something right? Can't say much, because i didn't get much, but it was good, so good job!

Awesome - RicardoMenegasso, Cutesaw, Nukage, Umbug, Vaiaphraim, UrinalPooper, Grecr, Sunny Says, TheGuitarWiz, bo0m3r31337

Needs Work - fixyourlevels, r05537G