294th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS294)

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Nov 18, 2019 TheVideoGamer

  2. ricardomenegasso
  3. Optimus Primal
Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - I was in a Drone mood today. I was focused on simple melodies, and lots and lots of long drawn out bits of repetition. I was also feeling, some sound effects, to co-inside with the fighting and the intensity. When i started, like many, i had the urge to go full ham, and make something not even Gabber or Hardcore, but more like Harsh Noise, but i hesitated, because i didn't want to cop out, on something that cheap, just because the video is aggressive. Also, it wasn't working, i got bored quickly. The more i leant towards Harsh Noise, the more i felt more drone material take over. I found a sample, which i used both double time and half time for. I also added a common DNB beat (Kool is Back from Funk Inc), both as background flavour, but also to set a pace, to the mostly drone based material. Lots of clips and FX pop in and out, to keep it from becoming stale, but also contribute to the atmosphere. Lastly, i added sort of 2 buildups, because the first one, i felt ended too early, didn't give us enough excitement (Only made it about 2 minutes 30 seconds). Once structured, i was rearing to go.


Gercr - That guitar tone is pretty amazing. The whole composition is full of funky Latin influences. Even if it's only 2 instruments, (Guitar and Cajon) it's perfectly balanced, and the guitar like i said, is pretty amazing. Well done dude!

RicardoMenegasso - Brilliant balance between Tribal and Funk. Lots of fast bongo rhythms, mixed in with some really rich resonant acid bass synths. It's very fast and manic, but sort of unwinds in the second half. Amazing dude!

Chardas - Dear god, i was hesitant at first, because you already got 1st place last time, but every listen is just like a tear to my eye. WE NEED A SINGER ON THIS! This is just absolutely beautiful!!

Nukage - Starts of in the vein of some intense EDM trap, before it switches into usual Nukage Dubs n Wubs. I really enjoyed this dude, great mix! Well done!

Antik - I sensed what you were trying to do lol. Because the theme is Primate, why not go for 8-bit. Too Lo-Fi for Lo-Fi hip hop haha. Nice concept, but too square-wavey for me. Needs something like a triangle bass, and maybe not as loud square chords. Still though, it's simple and short and does it well. Good job!

Pixel Boy - Really love the melodic elements, they worked really well. Bass in second half was aggressive and really switches it up with great ideas. The only problem, is the drums are too over-compressed for my liking, making it too loud. Still though, good job!

Vaiaphraim - Great retro tune as always. You always excel in melody writing. I'm afraid it's a bit inconsistent mix wise (Lead was a bit loud unfortunately), but the composition was great! Nice job!

r05537G - Good attempt. Sadly there was timing issues, and a oversaturation of sweeps and swells, (The transitions into different FX) On a positive note though, i really liked the melodic elements here. Just you went a bit overboard in the rises and impacts. Good job though!

bo0m3r31337 - Mixed feelings for this one. On one hand, the piano intro was pretty well executed, loved the dark melody for it, while on the other hand, it felt a bit too sparse. It needed more, even if the second drop showcased more aggression. Good choice of sounds, and as i said the melodic elements were great! Nicely done dude!

Awesome - Gercr, RicardoMenegasso, Chardas, Nukage

Needs Work - Antik, Pixel Boy, Vaiaphraim, r05537G, bo0m3r31337
Nov 21, 2019 ethansight
  1. Optimus Primal
  3. In the Beginning
1 hard stuff
2 chiill
3 great atmosphere