330th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS330)

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Jul 26, 2020 neweyesnewsights
  1. Metaforiklee Speeeking
  2. happy shamisen
  3. Warm Up Freestyle
    Sunny Says
because my master will destroy all my equipment and punish me if i don't win
Jul 30, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Metaforiklee Speeeking
  3. The Boomer Mask
Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - This track is essentially a cover of an old 60's novelty tune, which can feel and sound creepy, despite it having only drums and lyrics. The song is called They're Coming to Take me Away, Ha Haa and was done by a dude called Napoleon XIV. I felt it was perfect, because it had that, if you don't wear a mask, they're gonna take you away.


DavidKirk - The 303 vibes are strong, i love this. The tempo hypes me up, and the way it flows is just....awesome. The lyrics are so funny, it got such a laugh out of me. Awesome work!

joeylucas1224 - The chords are soo cool, i love how it works with the nice soft beat. It's just such a nice cool atmosphere. Well done!

reali-tglitch - The drums are big and punchy, i really like them. I also like the rather out-of-tune piano, that seems to clash with the melodies, but makes for a really dark experience. Vocals also. Point being, this was nice, well done!

ricardomenegasso - The acid here is just awesome. Well done!

TheGuitarWiz - Loving that flange guitar, this really turned it into one heavy jam. Well done!

MrsToen - Ok this was really unique, it's actually really good (Like the Japanese instrumentation works really well). I love how simplistic it feels, but yet it works together in harmony. The 707 drums just....work. Well done!

neweyesnewsights - HOLY THIS IS INTENSE. I really don't know how you've managed to turn the theme into a really aggressive sound-design kind of track. Who cares, this is amazing. Incredible dude!

UrinalPooper - Awesome punk from the master. Feels kind of happy for a dark theme. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - As usual i love the melodies here. You just excel at chiptune. Well done!

Antik - Fire beat as always! The sample here is soo good. Well done!

pixel boy - Really liking the funky sounds here. Has a bit of moodiness, despite the funk. Well done!

Nukage - Never disappoints with the good ol' dubstep vibes. Pad sounds were really good. Well done!

Gercr - The guitar tone is pretty awesome, this was one hell of a jam. Well done!

Phoolard - Daam this was both epic, and amusing at the same time. I see what you are trying to do lol. Hey if it works, why not copy it haha, i wonder what Boomer thinks of this. The samples worked really well, this was actually pretty awesome. Awesome work!

Sunny Says - Really liking the backing track, and your vocals are fire. Great rapping as usual. Well done!

NickC - Oof this is dark. Loving the unique drum sounds. This was just awesome. Well done!