480th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS480)

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Jun 11, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Taxi
  2. FRENCH!
  3. soz

Can't make it this week, so i need to get on the voting to make up for lost time!

LBApophis - Jazzy trap. digging the delay effects on the piano. Nice of you to come back. Well done!

AthanThatGuy - Ooh now this is a house groove. Loving the bassline in this, soo dirty. Digging the pitch warped leads in this, so funky! Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Really nice phased bassline in this. Sounds like 80's music in the eyes of a Video Game composer. Lovely melodies in this, very catchy. Lots of nice GM sounds. Well done!

DJohn - The return of Sadboy Sunday, this time with your signature reversed piano stabs. Amazing guitar and piano combo, and some excellent singing. A delightful emotional entry. Well done!

UrinalPooper - Urinal going techno? Damn i'm looking forward. Turns out i'm completely wrong, and it's just a synth embellishment. Sick punk rock and vocaloid singing. Notice there is a lot of pauses before each fill. Makes it more atmospheric than full on dancey. Honestly not terrible, it adds a lovely sense of pull and release. All in all, a sick punk tune with a lot of amazing noodles. Well done!

Antik - Over 2 minutes!? Blasphemy! That is one chill sample, sounds like wind. Also really digging the detune, makes it very lo-fi almost like were in the artic circle or something. Bass was subtle, but adds a lot of weight to the sound. Don't know why you hate this, i love it. Sound effects were super cool. There's nothing wrong with experimenting, going out of your comfort zone. All in all, i love this, it's creative and unique, and sounds lovely. Well done!