Week 55 (90MC055)

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Feb 08, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. awakening to the impenetrable ceiling of waves
  2. Calm Sea
  3. Beneath

Another great week people!

TheVideoGamer - Did an ambient thing, very melodic, very relaxing, captures the calming nature of the sea.

cotmm68030 - Lovely string samples, great movement, really portrays the tense nerve-racking depths of the sea. It's like i've encountered a massive sea creature. Well done!

Harvey - For a quick submission, this was lovely. Sweet pads, and lovely aquatic sound effects. Well done!

Vaia - Almost venturing into breakcore here lol. Lots of busy synths and drum beats, feels like were running in the sea. The drums are a bit loud personally, and this is not so much theme accurate for me, however it was super nice, i'll give you that. Well done!

Everyone's was awesome, so i don't need to do this section. Well done all!