One Hour Compo - Round 703 (OHC703)

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Mar 31, 2022 Koekepan
  1. Crisp Evening
  2. cool night air
  3. Night Colors
This time, not even close. Ethansight's piano, with flowing lines and changes, dominated utterly.
Mar 31, 2022 Suzumebachi
  1. Silicon Jungle Meditation
  2. Night Riders OST
  3. Adventurous Night

excellent glowy bridge week everyone!

Mar 31, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. A Sun Sets Upon Our Time
  2. tdov
  3. The Last Bridge You'll Ever...

There's so much that I can't see.

Apr 06, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Night Colors
  2. Night Riders OST
  3. Blur Across the Span

@Arcana - Or we could have both ;)

@Misael.K - 6 minutes has become apart of my signature style lol.

@CotMM - Oh god, that takes me back lol.

@Tetsu - Kind of a mix of oldschool and new school.

@Misael.K - Oh, i'd better take a look at that. I know what i'm doing in this track is not a new thing, but i wasn't expecting other compositions in OHC to have the same effect. Very cool.

@Coloradoweeks - Squarewaves are often my go to for melodies.

@CotMM - TLDR: Too busy going through the circle of fifths.

@Everyone - Eminem knows what's up.

@JH Sounds - DJ Shadow eh? That's new for me lol.

@Ethansight - Your going on a rollercoaster ride through 12 different keys lol.

@Tetsu - Valhalla.

@CotMM - I don't think there is distortion on the lead synth. Last i remember it's just a square-wave played at a really high octave. Glad you like it anyways, i tried to make sure i took you through some interesting moments.

@Everyone - Since i compo at 2am, what is March 31st for you, is the 1st April for me. So i couldn't resist sneaking in a little something for you lol.

@CotMM + Misael.K - It was a very last minute addition, based on a quick glance at the date ;)

@JH Sounds - I'd bet that would happen, i've seen my fair share of crazy submission titles.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - Honestly, my description kind of describes my track well. It's basically a mobius loop kind of thing, where i start with a key signature and a 4 chord loop, and then as i progress through the piece, i transpose it to different keys whilst still retaining the melody. Nothing changes, everything is the same, however it is kind of a cool way of switching things, without loosing the flow/groove. In terms of production, i tried to make some kind of breakbeat loop with one shot sounds, a multitude of bass synth layers, thickening the sound as well as some heavy pad, piano and choir chords forming the main sound structure. The middle section explores more of the mobius loop idea, but with different chords and sounds. All in all, i'm glad you liked it!

cotmm68030 - Really nice deep pads and textures. Really expressive for single note half-steps. The tribal beats were very cool, loving the processing on them. Kind of makes the whole thing more cinematic and sort of eerie. Bassline really amplifies the funk aspect, leaning away from the pure tribal aspect, into more groovy territories. It's got a loose approach as well, nothing feels organized, it's if you will. Simplicity works well in this one, really enjoyed it a lot, well done!

DarkShadow - Bring on the 5/4 Untz. Really interesting twelve tone chords as always, you must have some kind of sound bank of progression you use lol. Second part was cool, has more electro type influences. Abrupt ending, but good job!

Souperion - Are we getting Souperion Synthwave? It almost sounds like your working in that mind set. The tempo is fast however, but i dig the synth-rock electro feel. Drums were super cool, great mix of drum machine like sounds, and rock sounds. Synth lead was lovely and vibrant, the whole thing was very groovy, lots of great dynamic melodies, awesome work!

Dex - So this is all AI generated? This is very interesting. Apart from the ending, which sounds like Queen, the first part reminds me of the D Flat Major Fugue from Shostakovich's Preludes and Fugues, very hyper and wild. Piano is very much stock sounding and mechanical. Really it seems like your just trying something here as an experiment. Sounds cool, but good job!

Nukage - Really high energy start, feels like it's setting itself for some dark and dirty Dubs n Wubs. The growls in this one are insane. The drop was super hard. I mean all of your drops go super hard, your production is just soo good. Well done!

Koekepan - 5 Minutes from Koekepan with what sounds like a mixture of funky music, and calming dub sounds. The vocals were kind of hard to decipher, and were mostly coming in unexpected, however i dig it nonetheless. The pad chords that come in, were really a breath of fresh air, it obviously is trying to set itself up for 10 minutes, however sadly that's against the rules. But for what you've made, in this case the good outweighs the bad, it was just very enjoyable and chill. Well done!

Ethansight - Some sweet reverb on those chords. Very spacy. Kind of sets itself for a piano piece, but with some synthwave elements going on. The reverb usage is just lovely in this one as always. I'm expecting some bad boi drums and bass on this, it's fire. It can be a little loud in some parts, because of the reverb usage, but honestly, when i relisted, i felt the live piano aspect more, and it kind of made the end critique/comments, more positive as a result. Even though what i've said can still hold true, i'll give you this one, because the melodies were pretty awesome (Especially since it's your signature harmony, you always bring to the table). Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Alright it looks like you've made some kind of soundtrack. Let's dissect each one:

  1. Very melancholic, really has a kind of desolate city feel. Really digging the sparse melody, and tight beats, this is the DDRKirby i recognise and love, super tight production. Wish it was longer.
  2. And now a more calming and uplifting beat. Could work in some T.V advert lol. It's very pretty stuff, tight production as always. Again wish it was longer! So good.
  3. And now a touch of Jazzy EP chords. Lots of similarities for each, really brings the cohesion together. Really has the hip-hop groove down, soo smooth. Again wish it was longer, this is lovely.
  4. That melody is soo dynamic, it's beautiful, works lovely with the chords. More downtempo goodness, as usual needs to be longer, it's soo good.
  5. This one pulls all the swing into this one. Really liking the eastern instrumentation used in this one, also a tight groove. I also wish this was longer lol, these tracks barely give me any time to process them!

All in all, incredible work!

Wassup Thunder - Ooh cool adventurous chords! Some hyped up euro-rock gracing my ears. Really love the way the drums drop in, really goes for the racing game feel. Nothing else to say, the melodies were super tight and enjoyable, and the grooves were lovely. Well done!

eva - It's perfectly legal to rework old material, i've been doing it for years lol. The effects on your voice, really make it sound your an alien, it's super cool. Way too short for me to get enough mileage i'm afraid, but as a submission, i loved it. Really nice sounds, good job!

mcmiagblackmanisgod - Tight loops......

NickC - Now this is a style i was not expecting from you, but i'm all for. The chords The synth sounds really make it cosmic, it's soo good. I'm a huge sucker from drum and bass, but this almost feels like Kirby DnB. lots of cool space synths, and tight beats, this is really something. Totally fits that late 90's PS1 sound. The arrangement, the unique melody ideas, were just amazing. I could say one of my favourite entries from you even. Even if it could do with some spacing out, the idea was just....outstanding to me, i love it. Incredible work!

Arcana - 2 minutes? Are we going back to Logic Arcana this time? I hear orchestral brass, so it must be the return of DAW Arcana. Really liking the compression on the drums, very tight. Chords were super nice, really great use of 7th chords. The vocals get lost in the first half, but get a bit front and centre in the second half. It could be the mixing of the strings and brass, who knows. In terms of overall mix, this is one of your strongest ones. Everything didn't stick out as too loud. I prefer the first part to the second, mainly because the the attack on the strings really dampens the sound, however the overall composition was lovely. Good job!

JH Sounds - La La Land, now theres a film i haven't heard in a while. It went through a bit of hype, then went into hibernation. It'd be nice if you did more Jazz covers to be honest, maybe even original Jazz tunes, because it's not often i get to hear this, and it sounds lovely. Feels like your voice is super suited to it. Well done!

Misael.K - Jazzy Techno Misael.K ooh. Really digging these super funky chords, lots of sus movements goin' on. Really has the elements of synthwave in this, the chords were really smoothing, i'm just a sucker for complex harmony like this. The different drum layers really adds a bit of spice to each part, without loosing the strong melody ideas presented here. The kick is a little pulsating not gonna lie, it feels like it's not mixed in this track compared to the rest. I'm hearing like a DOM - BA - DOM - BA instead of a 4 on the floor. However though the melody ideas were so awesome, i've decided to veto any of my kick drum comments, in favour of saying, well done!

Tetsu - 15 minute speedrun entry les gooo. Really fire chords, really has that 80's synth aesthetic. Very satisfying watching the filter open up like that. Drums were a tad bit slow in my opinion, and it could benefit from some expansion, maybe a dynamic melody here and there. Nevertheless i am understanding that this is a 15 minute quick fire entry, so i am sympathetic to that. Still sounds good though, good job!

Lenticels - Late entry les goo. Even though i can't vote on it, i can listen to it. Feels like some cool electronic dubstep influences here. Digging the drum work here, and the saw basslines we have going on. It's a little bit on the same dynamic range in my opinion, mostly because it relies a little on repetition to drive things forward, which is good for certain styles/tracks, but sometimes it doesn't always work. In this case, i feel it would work as a 2 minute piece, or maybe something less. When the chord changes do happen though, it does get me excited, this is a very nice piece of music. Good job though!

DJohn - I hope your not having dinner at 4am haha. It would be the first time i've seen someone eat this early in the morning (Because who does that?). All amusing lyrics aside, this is pretty beautiful, and really sets itself up for some skit/or comedy short in my opinion. It's just...lovely really. Well done!

Top 3 - NickC, DDRKirby(ISQ), Souperion.

These entries also deserved a place on the top 3:


JH Sounds


DJohn (I so wish i could vote for this one lol)

Awesome - cotmm68030, Souperion, Nukage, Koekepan, Ethansight, DDRKirby(ISQ), Wassup Thunder, NickC, JH Sounds, Misael.K, DJohn.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Dex, Eva, mcmiagblackmanisgod, Arcana, Tetsu, Lenticels.

Apr 07, 2022 ethansight
  1. Night Colors
  2. Adventurous Night
  3. The Last Bridge You'll Ever...

1 NickC - Crazy movement in your pads, and very frantic drums amazing piece

2 Misael.K - Lovely tour from a laid back local

3 Tetsu - The super swell! Very open

Dex - Like sprinkles of motzart 

nukage - Squeaky drop

Koekepan - Relaxed and open

TheVideoGamer - Very interesting concept and song progression

DDRKirby - All great minisongs, Losing Control was my favorite

Wassup Thunder - Fast driving track, feels like it needs a kick

eva - Melancholy little track

isagun - Nice spot for the needle to get stuck

Arcana - Hopeful lyrics

JH Sounds - Great rendition! Like the laid back brush drums