287th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS287)

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Sep 29, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. Boom in Her Box
  2. Tension
  3. Sing with me boombox
Thanks for another awesome week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - It's a love theme, so no matter how hard i tried, i had to be as sappy as possible. So i made it uplifting and joyful. I began with a simple loop, which uses a combination of a guitar and a piano. (These aren't real sounds unfortunately), and mainly built it from there. I added breakbeats, for the boombox part of the theme, creating a groove. I didn't want it to be nothing but, piano and guitar. After that, i really kept building it up, from the loops i made, adding strings, and synths, until it felt like a complete bar of something. I then made more loops, to the point where i can structure into a proper composition. Once that was done, it was good to go.

Ok, now for the entrants.

UrinalPooper - That guitar and bass tone is pretty epic. For the most part, the theme was kept in the lyrics, i definitely felt like this could have been the song from the video, playing through the Boom Box, it was that accurate. I really did feel the vocals and lyrics. Well done, i really enjoyed this!

Antik - I really got a 90's retro feel. Early 90's house and electro. Personally i need more, than mostly beats, but i love the groove, so well done!

Vaiaphraim - I love this adventurous vibe! Melody and chords were amazing, and the switch up into more Dubstep/Electro territory, really was the icing on the cake. A bit too loud, unfortunately, but the beats, and melody were on point. Well done dude!

Grecr - Solid guitar jam here. I really dig this tone, and the quirky chords. It's only a jam, but it's an great one, so nice job dude!

Onia - The grooves are crazy maan! They seem to fall off the beat, for that wonky vibe. It starts of experimental and ring modulated, but it seems to lock into more atmospheric territories later on. I love this man, amazing job!

Lukeloww - This could easily fit on a modern day album. Love the guitar tone, and the chord progression is on point. Vox was a bit too loud for my taste sadly, but the rest is well produced! Nice one Luke!

bo0m3r31337 - Daaam, i've yet to find a single bad Dubs n Wubs track from you dude! This is amazing as always! Bit brave of you, to have a 3rd drop, still liked it though. Excellent one man!

PyrrhicPrince - Ignoring all the jokes, in the lyrics, i really feel this production. Whimsical, with a jazzy approach. I prefer Wendy's lyrics to yours, but the composition itself is incredible. Lovely stuff from both of you!

Awesome - UrinalPooper, Grecr, Onia, bo0m3r31337, PyrrhicPrince

Needs Work - Antik, Vaiaphraim, Lukeloww,