374th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS374)

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Jun 05, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  2. I do not love you
  3. Balloonz

Yo dudes if you didn't get the memo from the track, i was in London at the time of making. It's been ages since i've last actually gone on holiday since the lockdown, so it was something to pass the time. As a result, when i go on holiday i leave my music tools behind, therefore i can only cook up on GarageBand IOS. Great software sure, but also limiting for those who professionally produce. No hate here, i just feel it's more of a toy for less experience producers. Anyways, I'll cast in a vote, as a way to compensate for me missing the party. Let's do this!

@Antik - It's not the internet that's the issue, it's the fact i'm out walking in a public place, so i can't use my headphones and listen. It's different sitting on my laptop at home vs walking in a busy area with my phone. Hope you understand!

Also thanks all for the kind words!

TheVideoGamer - So this track is a combination of stuff i was listening to at the time, and cool ideas i wanted to try. I was mostly focusing on developing the harmony in this, with the beats being more of a background thing (While still keeping the anchor). I tried to loop it a bit, since i grew attached to the chords. All in all, probably one of my finest GarageBand projects, glad you liked it.

DavidKirk - Duuude this is awesome. I am a huge sucker for looped based acid techno, and this is just...lovely stuff! Ok it's not full acid, but with a lot of squelchy bass synths present, and sick beats it's just too good. Well done!

dione bigoode - Wow, multiple compositions in one, i like this. It's kind of psychedelic, but with a weird unerving sense of space (Probably in the reverb used). Also you left the metronome on lol. (Intentional?) Lots of cool heavy distortion effects here too. Really like how towards the end, it sort of drops into a full intense beat. Makes for a great dynamic shift. Lovely work here, well done!

AggieMonster - Has kind of a folk feel to it. I think i hear a banjo here. It's a very strange collage of sounds, sweet panning here too. I don't know what to describe it to be honest, but it's very cool. Vocals really add some extra spice to it. The lack of a bass might make it more sparser than it is, but as of listening to it, i'm not too bothered by that. The idea is super lovely. Well done!

r05537G - I think your heavy use of arps, might just be your signature sound lol. I will say i do love the chords used in this one, it's very trance like. Great work here!

UrinalPooper - SynthPooper oo. Really loving the production here, especially since your usually a live rock person, than a synth person (Although i will admit, it feels like most of the synths are pre-sequenced, not that it's a bad thing) There is some weird placements in the snare, which i find a bit out of sync. I assumed this was all played live on a keyboard. It doesn't distract me from the awesomeness of the composition, but it does put me out of the track a bit. Well done though!

Antik - Very chill and minimal. The drums are kind of interesting. The way it's setup kind of makes it house like, but the drums are very slow, making it more like ambient/hip-hop. I don't know what's going on here, but it definitely feels like some variant of Lo-Fi Hip Hop. All in all, awesome work here! Well done!

Vaiaphraim - You make some seriously cool EDM tracks. Especially when you combine it with the VGM styled retro sounds. It's a lovely blend of styles. Kind of surprised me with all the distortion used. You never go that far in distortion haha, this is a first for me. Vaia is almost on the verge of doing industrial music lol. I love how it flows, and the melodies are awesome as usual. Well done!

Lukeloww - Man that kick is punchy, really resonates on my headphones. I just love how you turn the guitar into a more electronic instrument, than a acoustic one. The vibes on this one are soo good, i love when acoustic instruments go into more electronic directions. The vocals are a really good idea, more of a chant than normal singing, but brings a bit of a monologue to the party. Well done!

Sunny Says - Fire Freestyle as always! Interesting of you to use an autotune for your vocals. Nice to try something new, especially since it fits the trap beat. Well done!

I won't bother with all the awesome's and all that jazz. All of you guys were great.