501st 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS501)

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Nov 05, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Sub Surface Tension
  2. SurFaceBassFace
  3. tense butthole type beat

I wrote down my thoughts on Discord, as i fell asleep during the party (Typical am i right?), and i'm pasting it here so i can vote for the entries.

AthanThatGuy - Intense DnB, the bass abuse is insane. So many different sections, it's pretty wild how you keep the DnB elements interesting, in each second of the piece. Very retro and oldschool in parts. Well done

Ricardomenegasso - Some very sweet and juicy synths, it's got a lot of cool atmosphere, especially for a funky genre. You could say it even has....tension lol. The piano line is pretty emotional as well, it's got a lovely melody. Interesting direction overall, not much in terms of syncopation, and there's no drums to this, it's more of an ambient kind of thing. I loved this a lot, really great melodies in the piano! Well done!

Mecharissa - That is some lovely singing, it sounds kind of gothic in parts. The track is quite moody, and feels like were in some kind of subway tunnel. Loving those synth bends, this is slightly warm. Lovely lyric work, this was dope, well done!

Vaiaphraim - Those are some sick arppeggio's! I love the chords, were going underwater almost. The drums seem to be bit on the quiet side, but i have a feeling they're deliberate. The track is a really nice mix of epic synth work, and oldschool video game music. The melody is quite buried, which is doesn't feel it's deliberate. Towards the end the drum velocities do pick up, so all of my expectations are destroyed at the end. The bassline is very thick, and i love it. Quite the expressive piece, with so many changes, especially for what is mostly 2 chords. This was lovely, well done!

Antik: That is a lovely sample, it reminds me of a Jay-Z type sample for some reason, it's super fire! Your sample game is on point! Whole thing was head-boppingly hard, you just know your hip-hop man! Well done!

UrinalPooper - Haha that title, i knew there was a tense butthole song here somewhere, and of course it had to have come from you. Lyrics just made me LOL, i guess nobody knows humour as much as you. Lovely return to form, with that classic UrinalPunker sound, and cool almost augmented chords. Even has the killer solo, that we all know and love. Well done!

Nukage - Woah that is an incredible bass synth! This is not a typical Nuke entry, but damn it's soo dark, close to EBM sounding, but on a more aggressive scale. Loving those pads! And that drum beat is sooo sick wow. You need to do more of this, i absolutely love it! It's literally a full on pendulumn type beat. The DnB drop was beyond eargasmic, my god. Absolutely love this, probably my favourite entry of yours to date, it's incredible! Well done!

Relaxd - Hi late i'm TVG! That is a nice drum sound, and a really nice vocal line, that is quite....loud lol. It seems very deliberate though, so that's fine. That piano is quite funky, i like it a lot! Your lyric writing is top notch, and the bass work is funky as hell. Lots of fun to be had, it's a great piece! Ending was....intense. Well done!

LBAApophis - Wow you went for quite the length, to say i mostly hear 2 minute pieces from you. Nothing wrong here, it's all within the limit. Loving the granular textures here! Loving how you edited parts of the theme video into something super cool! Whole thing is like an experiment in breakbeat and granular manipulation, it's a great mesh of styles! Loving the moody background elements, quite trippy. The processing on the vocals is pretty awesome i must say. Nice breakdown in the middle, nice way to bring breathing room to this. Well done!

Coolgreenapple - That is some lovely Major 7th chords here. Really great changes, kind of wholesome. Amazing singing as always, you are just such a well accomplished songwriter! So many wonderful chord changes, and the tempo modulation was a lovely touch too! Awesome melodic fragments, i loved this, well done!

Taiine - Last one of the night! Ayy you returned! Great of you to come back, i missed your bangers! Lovely intro, those chords are....holy shit those chords. I am reminded of Omni Music, and ambient DnB label. Those arp's are wonderful! I need to sample this! My god i definately missed this, woow it's soo sparkly! The Drums are incredible, very 2-step garage like, but in a faster tempo, and a IDM overtone. The switch into the oldschool rave was both....WTF, and holy crap i love this. I know you make bangers, but this is especially a banger this week, this might be the best thing you've ever made hot damn! Well done!

I know i was going to expect some bangers this week, but fack me! These are some of the dopest tunes yet! You guys absolutely knocked it out of the park, some of you guys just....i cannot compete, i am not worthy....

Anyways, that's all of them! Thanks all, hope to see you next week, fully refreshed and musically active!