Week 42 (90MC042)

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Nov 09, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. New Beginnings
  2. Galaxy Party

Well i missed a seriously good theme, i'm a huge fan of images like this. But alas i was seeing a movie, so i couldn't be in for this one. I'll vote though, so that's a thing. 2 entries les goo haha.

Misael.K - Fancy seeing you here again, it's been ages. It'd be good to see you to return weekly, i always enjoy a good tune from you. Great moody sounds, very bright and calming, but with a nice tight drum groove. Very soft and subtle, really emphasises that space feel, but in a more positive way. Really works actually. Lovely sounds, well done!

Sansero - Very nice synth work here, it feels very 80's, which honestly i've come to associate you and your style as. Great drums, loving that snare. The melodies were very nice, this is a great composition. Well done!

Djohn - Only 35 seconds, but you still manage to make something pretty magical. You still sing super well, and i love your harmonization it's soo good. Despite it being short, it's very well produced. Well done!

Of course it's a really short party, only 3 entries, all of them were seriously good. So no need for the usual Awesome's and Need Work's etc. Keep up the good work guys!

Nov 16, 2021 Sansero
  1. New Beginnings

@Misael.K: Very cute and cozy. I like it a lot.

@David John: Really like the layering here. It sounds like a very cool intro to a cool song.