298th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS298)

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Dec 17, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. Crispy Duck - A succulent Thai Luang recipe
  2. The Crispy Ballad of Genocide
  3. Into the Kitchen
As usual another great week!!

TheVideoGamer - To make a track dedicated to crisps can work, but it's sooooo awkward. I mean the art of potato, mixed with seasonings, how would that go into a track. It wasn't an easy theme, so i decided to settle on Party Food. So i composed Party Music. I felt some unusual atmospheric chords coming along, to introduce each buildup, as well as a high-pitched glide synth for the "drops" if you will. I built my drums around that, which convey a sense of Jumpstyle/Hardstyle approach. Once that was done, i was really just adding as much layers as a can, to make a more cohesive and well balanced section. All i needed to do then, was do a second drop, which is slightly varied from the first. After the usual structuring it was good to go.

Now then....

RicardoMenegasso - This is so funky as usual man!! Love the vibes in this one, and the Bitcrushed effects are pretty awesome. Great job dude!!

Kneecaps - This is soo cute. Of course it's Kneecaps so it's expected. I'd be careful the vocals nearly go into the threshold, but the production is very well produced, and again it's soo cute. Well done!!

UrinalPooper - Nice punk vibes today! Really enjoy the guitar and vocals! They work well, giving off this aggressive tone. The drums seem a little muffled, might be me. Luckily they don't detract too much from the composition, and they don't sound half bad. Good job dude!

Vaiaphraim - Love the 80's retro vibes here! Really enjoyed the drums and melody especially! Well done man!

Teenagebeard - Another cute composition! Needs a bit of refining mix-wise, but the composition is really good! It's some kind of Christmas march, that you'd get in a T.V advert. Well done!

bo0m3r31337 - OOOOOOF this hits soooo hard!!! This is dirty as hell!! The bass synths are awesome! I really like the flow too. One minute we have these dark ambient section, next it's boooom!!! Awesome work man!!

Phoolard - This so gives me Stevie Wonder vibes. The funk is seriously strong, and works so well with the beats. The bass slides give such good character, and the clavinet is pretty awesome. Amazing work dude!!

Lukeloww - This is a nice soothing vibe. It feels like part electronic, part 90's alternative rock or something. People often say Nirvana, expect i don't feel it, but it does feel like some 90's rock though. I really like this combo, and the vocals as well as the guitar tone sound pretty great! Great work dude!

Nukage - As always, you always make really nice mixes! Great atmospheric intro, a great anticipation into the dubs n wubs! Really like the stutter effects on the saw synths, really brings out the character of the rhythm! Also like the switches up, into full aggression, as a contrast to the light melodic elements! This is just well executed! Awesome work man!!

r05537G - Good attempt, but sadly it's too short, and very bass heavy. It's a good idea though, as the drums sort of have character, and the melodic elements in the background sound great! Good attempt!

Awesome - RicardoMenegasso, Kneecaps, Vaiaphraim, Teenagebeard, bo0m3r31337, Phoolard, Lukeloww , Nukage

Needs Work - UrinalPooper, r05537G