490th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS490)

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Aug 21, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  2. Autopilot boys
  3. life on autopilot

I should keep on top of this, if I’m not here. I forgot last week forgive me. I often forget. Also this is mobile voting, so forgive me for any mistakes made here. Well done all! Hope to see you next week for an actual TVG appearance! Thanks all!

AthanThatGuy - Very interesting Synthwave with a very vapourwave feel. Lots of lovely vocals and deep subs. Really liking this a lot, well done!

Antik - Amazing sample, amazing hip hop beat, thicc subs, well done!

UrinalPooper - That Vocaloid is working in all sorts of directions, it’s very crazy and weird, I love it.

LBApophis - I really like how the break is disjointed in this. It subverts my expectations for a more traditional oldschool hip hop beat. The melodies in this are lovely too. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - It sounds like I’m tuning to the news, but in the lens of General MIDI and VGM lol. Never heard of XCOM2 so this is all new to me. Lots of lovely chord changes, and of course you are fire in the melody department. Well done!

Entoen - Hakkuh! Damn going full gabber?  Not what I was expecting, but man I am all for it. Your trip to Netherlands has rubbed off in the music lol. Some parts are almost Speedcore in terms of how fast and long these fills are. Even with all of the blistering drums you still manage to include some nice space like chords and some lovely vocal samples that are quite melodic. Gabber with a hint of Entoen lol. Well done!

DioneBigode - The track sounds a little Latin inspired, but with a lot of funk and rock influences. Very Garage Rock styled approach, sounds very loosely mixed. I apologise for my lack of understanding for the language spoken/sung here. But I’m any case this was lovely. Well done!

Lukeloww - This is quite the crushed tune. Almost like you’re feeding a techno track in a dodgy speaker lol. This is a good thing, it’s quite an interesting experimental like idea. The chords were suprisingly mellow for a distorted piece. Lots of great changes and switches I love it. Points are deducted for going over the 3 minute mark ;) (Although I’m still voting for you) Well done anyways!