322nd 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS322)

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Jun 01, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. New Era
  2. New Era
  3. The New Era of the Eleet Space Fleet
Another great week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - This might be my favourite of all time, that i've made. The chords are just...so ethereal and space like, but the beats are so aggressive and DnB like. My goal was just, heavy atmospheric, but relaxing textures paring up with abrasive beats, Plus a 303 for modulation, and a load of bass synths and effects. Just, awesome.

Now then.

David Kirk - So funky man. You really know how to use these beats man. Lots of intricate layers in each second. Really like the minimal vibe, so i don't know why you say it needs a melody. This is lovely. Well done!

Teenagebeard - Really nice and soothing, with a great use of detune. For me the vocals need to come up a bit, but the rest was lovely, so well done!

Dione Bigode - It's like a rock band being processed in a cave. It's very consistent, but in a good way. Really nice mixing here, i'm into it a lot. Well done!

Antik - I swear you know your samples. This beat was fire, well done!

JessieJames1978 - Really nice house like grooves. I thought the bass was a voccoder, turns out it's not. It sounded like a vocal sample or something, that's why. Your voice is really lovely. Use that more often. Well done!

UrinalPooper - The smooth silky sax, is very dynamic and adds a ton of life to the rock chops. Well done!


Vaiaphraim - Really nice clanging action going on. Almost like metallic bongos. They go well with some rather hummable melodies as always. Well done!

Adreqi - Very out there, if you know what i mean ;). Really liking the arps and pad combo. This would work for some technology advert, or NASA promo. Your very good at commercial music. Awesome work!

Grecr - I think this is your guitar processed into a soundscape (As well as the obligatory hidden metal track at the end. Don't know who it is though) I'm into it a lot, well done!

bo0m3r31337 - Your mixes are always fire dude! One minute bam, it's gabber, next minute it's blast beat, dubstep speedcore action. So many descriptors to describe it lol. Awesome work dude!

Sunny Says - You make a fine rapper. The backing track is quite dark, and works with the vocals. Well done!

Onia - The drums are dynamic and weird as hell. It's like half IDM half Wonky. I'm into this a lot, it's so unique. Well done!

r05537G - Very simple, and very short. I like what's here, but it's not really developed, but more a 5 minute sketch. Good job though.

NickC - This is great. Love the bass synths, and the off kilter beats, playing unusual time signatures. What's also good, is the tempo switches towards the end, going into full on glitch music. Love this a lot, well done!

Awesome - David Kirk, Teenagebeard, Dione Bigode, Antik, JessieJames1978, UrinalPooper, Fixyourlevels, Vaiaphraim, Adreqi, Grecr, bo0m3r31337, Sunny Says, Onia, NickC

Needs Work - r05537G