320th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS320)

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May 19, 2020 TheVideoGamer
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Another great week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - Not much for this one. Sample based tracks tend to be simple for me, and in this case, it's a 70's funk sample, some house beats, a breakbeat and some Family Guy chops. Yup.

Now for the entrants.

dione bigode - This belongs in a horror movie. The piano is very dynamic here, with a lot of velocity changes. It has soft moments of calm, and then sharp bass notes for a rather clustered feel. I just enjoy it a lot. Well done!

reali-tglitch - Really like the pads and atmosphere, as well as the nice simple beats. It is a rather simple track, but it's a simple track done well. Well done!

NickC - Any more glitchiness and it becomes Venetian Snares lol. What's really interesting is that the consistent laser sweeps (Which never stop until the end) actually help the track more, than you think, and because it goes against a rather dark haunting melody, it works as atmosphere quite well. I really like this, so well done!

DavidKirk - Feels like a more intense variation of C418, like something from the Minecraft soundtrack. Really enjoyed this, well done!

Nukage - Dirtiest dubstep track to date? (Even at 2 minutes) I think so. Well done dude!

Antik - The title though. This was a really well produced 80s retro styled tuned. Love the synths a lot, and the nice soft beats. Well done!

Mmlez - Drums are huge. I'd listen to this on repeat, is so good. Love the growls, especially when they go against the atmospheric sections. Awesome work dude!

UrinalPooper - Good old punk from the master. Sick guitar playing as always. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Love this. The beats are very massive, and have a lot of dynamic changes. Feels very modern, but with a lot of retro styled twists. Awesome work dude!

Timv - You think, all the voices seem to out of place, but actually it's not. The bass goes really deep. This is just excellent. The weirdness out the sample placement against the heavy compressed beats. I don't know, this is just awesome, got my bopping my head. Excellent!

gercr - Has a lot of power and soul. Really like how it flows too, especially when combined with the pads. The guitar is always awesome as usual. Well done!

bo0m3r31337 - Classic boomer as always! I'm always impressed that you managed to keep it so smooth, while literally changing and morphing into 5 genres within 3-4 minutes. Awesome as always!