327th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS327)

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Jul 06, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. feisty dream
  2. Filthy Bacon
  3. old dream
Another interesting week as always!

TheVideoGamer - The words generated ended up with a seriously weird theme. I took a long think, and ended up making cute music. The theme was too weird, so i just...winged it lol. Mix that in with 2 sections, which follow the same cute idea, but one is a straight dance banger, and one is more breakcore/drum and bass. Oh well, i'm into this a lot, the chords are some of my favourites in a long time.


Grecr - Lovely atmosphere dude. This is such a free-flowing experience. I've notice you are starting to use more samples, so i assume this could be one? The vocals are really nice, which is why i say this. Whatever it is, i loved it, so well done!

dione bigode - Really nice techno vibe, with some great 707 drum grooves, and a great bass sound. Like this one a lot, well done!

TheGuitarWiz - The atmosphere is incredible, it's like a really nice textured soundscape, especially with the simulated helicopter sounds. Well done!

RicardoMenegasso - Awesome funk from the one and only. Loving the melodies here, they're awesome. Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Vaia rocks the chiptune vibes. Your use of the soundchip is incredible. You really know the NES. Well done!

Teenagebeard - Very soft and soothing, almost like Smooth Jazz. You had to sell the Squidward vibe eh? lol. The clarinet actually works here....which i'm impressed with, lol. Well done!

Kneecaps - I love your voice, you mixed it perfectly. Goes really nicely with the rather Kneecaps esk, backing beat. Well done!

UrinalPooper - Classic punk from the master. You really let loose with your vocals man, they were killing, on this track. And of course the guitar solo. Well done!

Antik - That snare is soooooo cute lol. This beat be chill AF. Well done!

Nukage - You are soo good at what you do. A lot of people say it's too compressed. I disagree, distortion is needed to sell this style. Well done!

phoolard - You might be the contender for the best sample master in all of 2hts. The sample is just beautiful, HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW WHAT SAMPLE TO PICK. Excellent dude!

Umbug - Second to UrinalPooper your voice is also excellent. It works super well, with the great guitar playing. Well done!

Timv - Loving the combination of styles here. The vocals are so good, they work really well with the dubstep influences, or Drum and Bass, who knows lol. This was just awesome. Awesome work dude!

wchronn - In terms of your first submission i loved it, Vaia has competition lol. Personally needs to be louder, it's a quiet mix, but the idea was awesome, so well done!

coolgreenapple - STFU with the description. This is the most amazing funkiest thing, to ever grace this Week. Samples or not, this is soooo good, and so realistic. HOW THE FUNK DID YOU MAKE AWESOME WAH CHORDS, AND SOLOS IN 2 F*CKING HOURS!! Superb dude.

bo0m3r31337 - I don't need to say much, it's the Boomer i always love. As usual, great buildups, contrasting from slow aggressive numbers, to the usual fast machine gun like gabber beats. Well done!

Sunny Says - Great beat. Very unique and slightly weird, especially at the start, however with the vocals, it becomes a great rap song. Adding Squidward is kind of the icing on the cake. Well done!