Week 39 (90MC039)

Votes (3)

Oct 19, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. Slither
  2. Mambawave
  3. snake ambience

These entries are as solid as snake

Oct 22, 2021 Harvey
  1. Snake Eyes Genesis Style.
  2. Snake in the Grass
    JH Sounds
  3. snake ambience

Oct 26, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. snake bit sample kit
  2. Snake in the Grass
    JH Sounds
  3. Mambawave

Made sure to vote this time!

Looks like thereís no comments to reply to lol. Anyways.

TheVideoGamer - Just a Sega Genesis tune I did. Nothing too fancy, because I was struggling to come up with any major b section. I couldnít seem to expand upon it, nor was any of my old projects doing it for me. So this is best I can do. Glad you liked it anyways.

cotmm68030 - Very interesting sounds. Reminds me of a Cicada. The panning is quite intense (Which is a good thing), very lovely glitches. Really dig how experimental this is, your most experimental to date. Great synth sounds, and cool grooves. Flows together lovely. I hear a beat, from one of your old OHCís lol, but honestly it works so well, itís a very cool composition. Well done!

Eva - Nice to see you here! Very cool chorus on the guitar, itís very much feels like weíre travelling to space. Vocals are very interesting too if a bit quiet, so the vocals are a little hard to decipher, but I really like what youíve done here. Good job!

Maiu - Welcome new person! Very lovely pass going on here, a combination of calming and nerve racking. Very lovely guitar work, lots of speed ups and slow downs. Very short, would love to hear an extended version, but it was great. Well done!

JH Sounds - I nearly thought it was a cover haha. Very beautiful guitar flowing through, great lyrical writing. Really beautiful backing vox, one of your strongest tracks from you to date. Well done!

Harvey - Cool chord progression, really nice and tight grooves. Has a bit of that 80s influence, snare is very crisp. Melody is very lovely as well. Well done!

Lyra_183 - At least you made something eh? Lol. Interesting singing, good job!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, JH Sounds, Harvey.

Awesome - cotmm68030, Maiu, JH Sounds, Harvey.

Needs Work - Eva, Lyra_183.