301st 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS301)

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Jan 05, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Os Mutantes (The Mutants)
  2. Jellantelope
  3. (R) Evolution
Thanks for another great week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - The video selected was extremely aggressive. Not as intense as say...the primate one, but very intense indeed. We have Ryan Reynolds mutating into what we know as Deadpool so....For the last few videos I've done, I've made mostly soothing, calm happy music. Sure it had beats, but for the most part it was nested against beautiful melodies. In this case, i wanted it to be as loud as possible. So my goal was to take it beyond gabber and into experimental territories. I started with a drone pad, with intense vibrato, to get the pitch bend effect, and then extended that until the end, so it doesn't loop. That's the thing with VST's sometimes. I doubled that with another synth doing sort of the same idea, but with the Vibrato slightly faster, so it wasn't the same. I did this as a unexpected surprise, and so it didn't feel too repetitive, if that's the word. Nest this one some usual, if a bit experimental gabber beats, and your good to go.

Ok then, moving on.

RicardoMenegasso - The melodies used in this track, are just...amazing. The funk is seriously strong, and the beats really help lock in that groove. The use of panning was also amazing, as well as the effects. The arrangement as well was also really good. Put it short i love this one. Well done!

Antik - Sweet Dreams dude. Fall asleep to this one in minutes. So beautiful! Sure it's different to the theme, but why not have Ryan Reynolds sleeping like a baby? Well done man!

Chardas - Same vein as Antik, except yours promotes nightmares, than sweet dreams lol. This is dope, the minimal feel of the trap beats, nested against that rather distant cold piano really makes for one unique listen. I enjoyed this, well done!

Lukeloww - Who knew mutation could be so soft and warm. The chord choices, are a bit strange in a good way. You can recognise some of that dissonance, in that consonance, if you catch my drift. 808 can be a little boomy, but for some weird reason i think it sounds better like that. Long story short, i enjoyed this great job!

Nukage - The production is like...so so good. This is incredible to a T. You really showcase your expertise here. Starts of more like the Classic dubstep, before you turn it into modern day Skrillex. I loved this, amazing job!

Timv - So unique, i really enjoyed this. Has elements of what you would find, in glitch music, but with a slightly more straight forward feel. I think it sounds more like IDM. I also like the ending, when you add a lot of great room reverb, for a lovely distant feel. Shame it ends so quickly though. You could have expanded it! Still i loved it, so well done!

Teenagebeard - Such lovely chords, on a nicely done lyrical track. There is a bit of humour here, in the lyrics, but when you nest it against the production, it flows over your head so easily. I really enjoyed this dude, nice one!

Grecr - Dude you must tell me what you use to get that amazing guitar tone. I absolutely love it! It is a Jam like you say, but you cram so much technique into this composition it just sounds...awesome. Well done man!

Awesome - Pretty much everybody this week.

Needs Work - Nobody. Wow!