402nd 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS402)

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Dec 19, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Naughty Boy
  2. wanna zucc zucc ma zucchini?
  3. Meat the Chef. Get it. As in Meat vs Meet.

Ok i don't feel like doing a full on voting session in this, because it usually ends up with me praising everyone, because you guys are just too good, so i'll keep it brief. Great week, even if i couldn't be here. (I have a lot on at Christmas, so if i'm not in, this is why). Anyways let's goooo.

AggieMonster - Like how you've chopped guitar parts into a cool dance groove. Enjoyed this a lot.

Vaiaphraim - First half is some very cool eerie orchestral vibes, second is some very crunchy chiptune vibes. It's like 2 tracks in one, i enjoyed both of them, Well done!

Wolftrax - Intense DnB. Almost matches what Timv usually presents to us on a Sunday. The drop was absolute fire!! And the intro was great. Well done!

Antik - Not often you got to 3 minutes lol. I'm a fan of Vapourwave Antik.

Entoen - One part is very sparkly almost like a Mario game. Then it drops into some very avant-garde dubstep. Beautiful funky vibes, well done!

Gercr - Oh how i missed you funky guitar licks. So good.

NickC - Breaking all the sound barriers. That bassline is seriously dirrrtttyyyyyy oof. Really goes all out with the sound design and distortion. Soo good, soo intense. Well done!

coolgreenapple - Nice drum set, very simple, but effective bassline. Whole thing feels like it's tuned down by a few steps. Very warm, i'm into a lot! Well done!

DJohn - Amazing voice and piano, you just sing soooo beautifully. Awesome work!

UrinalPooper - Finally back to the drums and guitar eh? Lovely space in this, very humorous as always. Lovely work!

Rosseyg - Like the beats in this, great melodies. Some parts are a bit too piercing, but i enjoyed what you've done. Well done!

Jose - Great techno vibes in this one! Has a bit of a cute edge to it, love the processing on the vox. Well done!

Nukage - This needs to be 3 minutes, not 1 minute :(. Awesome dubs and wubs as always!

Timv - Daam those are some fire arps. That waveform is massive! The DnB vibes you do are just sooo good everytime, like how!!!

I'm a bit bias towards the DnB stuff here, so my top 3 is pretty much that, but coolgreenapple and DJohn's was soo good, i would also put them up there. Well done all!

Everyone's was good, so i won't bother with any awesome's or stuff. Well done you guys, see you next week!