335th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS335)

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Sep 03, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Santiago Path
  2. omw to the Holy Mountain brb afk
  3. sorry for the long post. here is a potato
I liked my description last time, so i will continue to keep it brief.

TheVideoGamer - Very much Boomer's style, with intense hardcore passages, ambient choral sections, and a lot of industrial synths. I think i might follow this up, on Sunday, who knows.

Now then...

RiccardoMenegasso -The DnB vibes are real. Awesome breaks, lovely synths and a nice use of sample integration. Incredible dude!

DavidKirk - lol....

cr73645 - Oof, that's a good pad sound! Well done!

nukage - Louder beats dude! I need some weight to stand up to the very nice synths!

UrinalPooper - lol UrinalPunker ;)

Antik - Daam such a fire ass beat. Such compression...Awesome dude!

Vaiaphraim - Classic Vaia sound. Well done!

pixel boy - Ooh these beats are fire. Really liking how this one flows. Well done!

Chardas - Chill beat bro...Well done!

fixyourlevels - Very tropical/on the beat feel. A bit of a retro 80's sound here, which i really dig. Well done!

timv - Sounds almost like a polished track, for an album or something. The wub vibes were real. This is awesome!

phoolard - The range of samples work super well. I need to learn my sample game lol. Well done!

Sunny Says - Still think your a fire ass rapper....

r05537G - Great range of synths! This was great. Mix needs a bit of work, but rest was dope! Good job!

Awesome - RiccardoMenegasso, DavidKirk, cr73645, UrinalPooper, Antik, Vaiaphraim, Pixel Boy, Chardas, FixYourLevels, Timv, Phoolard, Sunny Says

Needs Work - Nukage, r05537G