307th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS307)

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Feb 16, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Flood
  2. The Flood of Bass
  3. flooded with vibes
Another fantastic week as always!

TheVideoGamer - I'm not going to bother explaining everything, because it's as simple as it can get. My goal was to accurately represent what a flood would really sound like. So i used a combination of pads and noise, mixed with real running water to create this effect. The reason it takes so long, is because i'm trying to be as accurate as i can, than the most musical. I really like this, pretty proud of my work.

Anyways. Moving on...

Vaiaphraim - Very noisey, almost like Jeff Mill's styled Hard Techno. I know you didn't intend to follow this style, it just reminds me of it. Very intricate use of bitcrush, and i do love these synths. Well done!

Teenagebeard - Such a well rounded unique composition. Extremely wide, and a brilliant use of vocal effects. Almost found it a bit cute in areas. Love this!

Adreqi - Good to have you back dude! This is just excellent. Brilliant use of sound design, and the mix was sooo clean. The synths work so well with piano sounds, and the drums were spot on. Amazing work dude!

Lukeloww - A classic Luke composition. Works extremely well, and as always really did your chords. Halfway through the guitar gets a bit into the vox, so it can throw me off, but i love the rest. Well done!

Nukage - Incredible production. Love the piano intro, before it transitions into more Electro type vibes. Nothing like your usual dubstep, but has a lot of the ideas associated with the style. Nothing bad to say, excellent as always!

Antik - Best sample you've used ever? Possibly. Works extremely well, and really gives me a chill mood. Loved the flow too. Pretty much excellent! Well done!

Awesome - Vaiaphraim, Teenagebeard, Adreqi, Nukage, Antik, Lukeloww

Needs Work - Wow nobody needs work, everyone was excellent!