291st 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS291)

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Oct 27, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. Wicked Psy Baba
  2. Iron Tooth
  3. Opus 291 The Eleet Ballad of Baba Yaga
Happy Halloween everyone!

TheVideoGamer - I don't usually make trap, because it's not really my thing. I unfortunately find this genre, a little too formularic, with little room for experimentation. I'm the kind of person that likes to branch out. Not dissing the genre, it's just not for me. Works for a person who likes the style, and has found something they can specialise in. I'm just the person who makes multiple genres. I began with a rather spooky motif, that was so good, it ended up as the main motif, what begins and ends the pieces. I then built drums on top of it, (The usual 808 sounds for trap) before having a crazy idea of switching it up, into more aggressive DnB territories. It worked, through building it up, but it felt very constrained. I didn't feel the aggression or the build up, but luckily Nightmare on Elm Street helped with that. It really elevated this track to a new level, something this track wouldn't work without. Mix this in with sound effects, and we have 2 half's to one whole. I'm pretty proud of this one.

Now then.

Grecr - I really enjoyed this. The guitar tone (And solo, i might add) is pretty amazing, and mixed with the drums makes for one solid jam. Well done dude!

DavidKirk - This is beyond incredible. This is soo groovy!! Wicked acid jam, and definitely a lot of development for a genre reliant on simple loops. Sound design is fantastic, i just love this. Awesome work man!

AkiaDaGreat - This is soo clean, and definitely suited to the Halloween feel. I would imagine this one a modern day pop album. Nicely done both of you!

Nukage - The integration of the original video, gives this track a whole new breath of fresh air. It's so dark, and industrial, with a lot of incredible sound design. Amazing stuff Nuke!

UrinalPooper - So experimental, so fresh, so exciting. Definitely on the edge of my seat. Fantastic work dude!

Chardas - Nice dark beat dude. The video usage adds a bit of depth too. Great stuff as always!

Antik - So dark, so scary, but soo funky! I was feeling this house vibe, even if i'm bummed about you using the same witch sample as me. Amazing work as always!

Vaiaphraim - I love your melodies man! Every song has some brilliantly executed melody! The synths here are soo good, both for a modern edge, but a retro feel too. Well done man!!

bo0m3r31337 - This is so crazy man. The cinematic arrangements combine a bit of uplifting flavour with action type drama. So unique, but so engaging. Synths here were like the most amazing I've heard. Beyond incredible dude.

Johnfn - Sure it's not really fitting to the theme, but the vibe was soo uplifting and really provided a different contrast to all the scary horror feels of all the others. Essentially a happy ending. I really enjoyed this. Well done dude!

Awesome - Grecr, DavidKirk, AkiaDaGreat, Nukage, UrinalPooper, Chardas, Antik, Vaiaphraim, bo0m3r31337, Johnfn

Needs Work - Daam, nobody needed improvements. Every song was a winner!!