332nd 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS332)

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Aug 16, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Slight Of Hand
  2. Playing Cards With 13375
  3. Cards? Let's Play.
Can't be bothered to write a full description, so i'll be quick.

TheVideoGamer - Lack of inspiration made me go for a quick hip hop track....yeah.

Sonicsbr - Great vibes, if completely off the grid, in relation to the theme. Well Done

RicardoMenegasso - More great vibes, with some seriously good beats. Well done!

DavidKirk - Awesome acid, amazing work!

Antik - Fire ass beat, with some great vocal usages. Well done!

UrinalPooper - Lyrics are pretty funny, this was rocking! Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Waveform looks a little too loud, however the composition had some lovely melodies and synths. Well done!

Nukage - Not as aggressive, as usual, but still bumps hard. Well done!

phoolard - Quite comical to incorporate Lemmy into the track, but it some ways it works, especially with the rock feel. Well done!

Gercr - Awesome sample, works really well with the funky guitar. Well done!

TheGuitarWiz - Awesome work for 20 minutes. Had some solid ideas here (Especially the drums), well done!

NickC - The intro is absolutely fire!! Like seriously it's soooo goood. But i also love the second half, when it calms down into more softer territories. Incredible dude!

bo0m3r31337 - The boomer i always love, but this time with extremely delicious aggressive synths. Awesome work!

Sunny Says - Still a fire rapper, great composition!

Awesome - Everyone.

Needs Work - Nobody.