348th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS348)

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Nov 29, 2020 InvisibleObserver
  1. Loconut
  2. secret message
  3. I worked way too slow
Nov 30, 2020 Jose
  1. I worked way too slow
  2. Co co co co. cococo. co coco coco nuuut
  3. secret message
♥Umbug - OMG how ? It's awesome song. I can't belive you did it in 2 H :D ♥♥
phoolard - tropical vibes, used coconut lyrics ♥
starla - coconuts in the background and really lovely song
Dec 02, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Co co co co. cococo. co coco coco nuuut
  2. Every Being. That Ever Lived.
  3. me head is a loco coco choco nut
Ok i can i just personally apologise for the abysmal entrant i cashed in? It was not my intention to post someone else's song, i am deeply ashamed. The track is great sure, but i was not in the right place to do this. Here's why....

TheVideoGamer - Ok it's Sunday, and i only had 30 minutes before compo starts. I was in a push for time, in this very moment, and i had to leave, i was out for a while too. Now i had already created something, it was a short beat, that i was due to upload, i had it sent to my phone, so i could upload it, at around when the theme is announced. However though, it wouldn't let me upload it. It was dark out, i was freezing (I was doing essential shopping, and had a McDonald's), but because i was busy that day, and couldn't go home to my usual setup, i had to settle with what i got. Now i tried to upload it, did so at least roughly 30 times, but it wouldn't recognise it, and it was a mp3, under 20mb. Feeling pressure, i thought, well i didn't want to give up, i tried with another mp3, and it worked. Now i was trying to communicate back and forth with other people, and also because i didn't want to keep trying, for time reasons, i stuck with this track. By the time i had got home, compo deadline was up, and so you are stuck with it.

For those who are wondering, it's a track by German group Smash, written by Marc Acadipane, It was the only other track i had on, at the time, since i don't usually carry tracks from my phone, and i was pushed for time. It was sad, because my beat, i really wanted to share, but i missed it....

Since then, until tomorrow (Or today, as i write this), i had doubts about, if what i was doing was ethical, and although, i shouldn't be doing this, time reasons prevented me, from my original plan. I've experience corrupt, MP3's before, i remember one being removed from such occasion. So although, i don't think this is a big deal to some, i am apologising if people didn't like what i was doing. Thank you...

Now then...Jesus i wrote all that? lol....

Note: For those that are wondering, there are a couple of recurring keywords that you might want to know, that come from this track. It's in German. Audio quality isn't that great either, but that's the track itself, not the rip. I'm not fluent by the way, i only know a few phrases.

1. Weißt Du - You know.

2. Atmosphäre - Atmosphere

3. Korreckt - Correct, or Correctly.

4. Geht Schon - Everything's Ok or Alright

Anyways i've rambled too much. Let's move on.

RicardoMenegasso - Nice house beats here. I like the simplicity and moodiness of it all, well done!

Athangatsoulis - The pad and vocals, are incredible, like beyond incredible! I love this soo much....

Jose - This is really nice, pretty funny i must say. A bit uneven, but nice work!

Vaiaphraim - You produce some of the most fire melodies dude! Well done!

antik - Jesus, them chords man.........Sure it needs more drums, but man them chords......

UrinalPooper - Not proud? Lol i think this is fire, classic UrinalPunker....

dione bigode - Very interesting vocal synthesis i must say. Overall i think this is a great track. Well done!

TheVodouQueen - This works as a fire intro man, needs a proper beat to sound like Infected Mushroom though. I was missing that thump. Good job though!

Umbug - Good ideas here, great guitar work! Good job!

TheGuitarWiz - What bad mix? I don't hear it, if anything, i only hear a fire guitar composition. Well done!

starla - I really dig that drum break. This is just too good, well done!

phoolard - Shit dude, that sampling........i have no words....

nukage - I think i need to lie down lol. This is amazing, the mix is SOOOOO GOOOD!!!

Sunny Says - Fire rapping as always dude!

r05537G - Interesting ideas here dude, good job!

InvisibleObserver - I weirdly like this a lot. The over distortion and clipping seems to work to an advantage. Well done!

Awesome - RicardoMenegasso, Athangatsoulis, Vaiaphraim, Antik, UrinalPooper, dione bigode, TheGuitarWiz, Starla, Phoolard, Nukage, Sunny Says, InvisibleObserver.

Needs Work - Jose, TheVodouQueen, Umbug, r05537G.