Week 36 (90MC036)

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Sep 28, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Another One Lights the Gust
  2. I'm Sorry This is Probably a Bit Too Experimental For You Guys.

Only 2 entries, why not.

Mine was a Industrial Noisey Breakbeat number, designed to be theme accurate than musical. I'd figured it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but i was following the image, rather than any form of musicality. It was meant to be 4:20 but i forgot an ending, so i did a kind of fade out, making it 5:25. It's a little long and reptitive i'm sorry, but the images for a lot of these compo's dictate both the sound, the style and the mood. Hence why a lot of tracks sound a bit crazy. Glad you liked it to a degree anyways.

Vaiaphraim - Sick VGM vibes, totally sounds like it belongs on the Mega Drive/Genesis. The only thing i would change is the drums, in the sense that i would do a bit of modification. There doesn't seem to be a snare when the kick hits, and there doesn't seem to be a kick when the snare hits. I know you've cited limitations, and that is true, since the Genesis can only do 1 channel of PCM, but you can make hi-hats out of white noise using the PSG channel, saving room for more drums. Just a pro-tip for you, if you make more Genesis music in the future. I think i've rambled too much though, well done!

Exubeats - Really amazing grooves here, i love the synth vibes, you picked some really good synths. The snare sound is super crisp and tight, and the mixing is spot on. It's just a fun listen to from start to finish. Shame it's not on ThaSauce i would have loved to vote it.

Honestly i don't even know why i'm doing this, i literally only have Vaia's and Exubeats to look at, and i can only really vote for Vaia. Oh well, awesome work guys!