AWDS - Sasha's Theme (MnP98)

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Dec 30, 2018 TheVideoGamer
  1. Sasha's Titillating Sound Upgrade...Oh Mai.
  2. Advancing into the Holidays

Well done guys a great round! Sorry folks, I could have entered, but sadly the source wasn't speaking to me (I don't have to enter every round do i? lol) Oh well.

If Klevar wasn't a bonus, that would be first place straight away, as the orchestration on your mix, is spot on and realistic, but for a more fair round, it's Hoboka that takes the win, which was just as good.

Hoboka - A lovely tune with great choice of orchestration! The sounds are convincing and the choir is amazing. What i really loved was the switch up in the second-half to a more Polka style. That what really made it stand out. Of course that's not to say i have problems with it, because sadly i do. First of, the mixing is poor. Everything was fighting for the front, and when i heard the bass come in, it gave me an idea to how it was mixed. It's a great tune, but things are off. The choice of drum sounds didn't resonate with me either. They felt unwanted, like your adding it in for the sake of adding it in. It didn't feel dynamically balanced, and more in the way. A more minor nitpick, but be ideal if i said it, is the strings. Fantastic use of them, yes. But they were rather empowering. Maybe add a break or 2? On the whole though, don't let the negatives get you down. Fantastic arrangement and my choice to win.

Trism - Yours is definitely more balanced than Hoboka's, yet i did feel you were trying to compress things. It's quiet, and i mean really quiet, not like you would for ambient music, for example. To begin with, the choice of sounds are great. I love the bells and chimes, the highlight of your arrangement. Unlike the others, yours is different, with a more synth approach. I also liked how it followed in the original style, so i was moving along to it and remembering the melody, so there's that regard. Now sadly, for the things that didn't move with me. I already discussed how quiet it was, and for some genre's it's ok. For this genre however, it did not work, and i had to increase my speakers to a somewhat audible level to hear it, which honestly shouldn't be necessary. Second, there is a rather jarring limited number of sounds. Like i said the bell sounds are was just bells. At least in the other arrangements there was a mix of sounds (Like strings and brass). Your showcasing drums in your piece, but they wanted to be as far away as possible to the sounds. They really needed work, but the choice of drum sounds though is good, i'll give you that. Despite all the problems i might have said, praise be where praise is due. I love the bells and chimes! Don't let the negatives get you down, this is really a solid take on the source!