316th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS316)

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Apr 19, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Chaotic vacation
  2. my ears need vacay
  3. Decaytion
Another great week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - The theme was actually harder than expected. Sometimes really simple themes give me too many ideas, which in turn wastes a lot of time. In the end, i'd figured since I've not done something hard in a while, we'd go for some cheesy 90's Happy Hardcore. Standard distorted beats, uplifting euro synths and a loud fast tempo. I think I've succeeded although it might be a little repetitive. That's what 2 hours does to you lol Anyways.

Now for some entrants!

DavidKirk - This was dope. Very soft and minimal, and has a nice soundscape in the back, alongside some great techno like beats. Well done!

RicardoMenegasso - Holy shit dude! Just...what the hell. This was the most craziest but most interesting composition I've heard in forever. This is such a unique experience. The stereo panning is all over the place. I don't know what to say, it's soo extreme (Especially with the screaming), but so interesting it became probably my favourite for this week. Amazing work dude!

reali-tglitch - Beats were tight, and the vocals were lovely. Impressive rapping skills here. Wooooaaaaaeeeooooooohhh. Lol that vocal synth this was great. Well done!

Nukage - Nothing bad, the standard nukage i always love. Great dubstep dude well done!

Cutesaw - kind of similar to Ricardo's but this one seems more lost than the other. It goes from one track to another without any form of transition. Still love it though, well done!

Vaiaphraim - If chiptune went to a rave. Not strictly rave though, the beats just happen to be punchy and almost techno like. Love the melodies as usual well done!

Mmlez - Good ol' DnB but with a nice light melody, and then a sudden whompy second half. I really enjoyed this dude, well done!

Teenagebeard - This was nice. Great pop like production, with nice psych influences. Nothing bad, just great well done!

AkiaDaGreat - Akia got tha sauce bruh. This was dope, the mix was so clean! Well done!

Antik - Excellent sample choice dude. You are a god when it comes to sampling. This beat was fire dude. Love the vocal drops too awesome work dude!

UrinalPooper - Classic UrinalPunker. Punk rock done right. That solo was awesome, love it. Well done!


Timv - Holy......this is the best DnB track from you to date. This is literally fire! Incredible dude!

DS PRODUKTIONS - Sorry dude, nice ideas, but the vocals get a bit lost, and it ends too quickly. Also unfortunately it's a bit uneven, and a bit too chaotic (For the wrong reasons, i'm sorry) Still though, really enjoyed the ideas!

Awesome - DavidKirk, RicardoMenegasso, reali-tglitch, Nukage, Cutesaw, Vaiaphraim, Mmlez, Teenagebeard, AkiaDaGreat, Antik, UrinalPooper, bo0m3r31337, Timv.