Mother 3 + Summer Carnival 92 (PRC387)

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Feb 13, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. Jetter is Nowhere
  2. Who Invited Jetter to the Party?

Only 2 entries, but still, worth a shot. PlanarianHugger has a nice remix going on, but Bundeslang is the winner here. Well done guys anyways!

Bundeslang - Your mix is nice and consistent, and captures the essence of both entries. The choice of genre and style reflects both sources, using the motif's and rhythmic content of the Jetter Source, and the melodic content of Magypsy Party. To say both are completely different in league, they actually work pretty well in this context. I'm impressed you managed to work both sources in. I love how consistent it is, something i had a problem in your last mix. This one is actually well mixed (Even though things pile up at the bottom). Everything is perfect,'s not without it's flaw. Some of the sounds, felt a little out of place, mainly at the end of the piece and the overall dynamics feel a little constrained, however though the pad sounds, and the instrumentation in the intro are justified well, with great sounds. Overall, i think you done a great job, earning my choice of winner.

PlanarianHugger - What i really like about your mix, is integrating the Jetter source into the Magypsy Party source, but not like Bundeslang where it was almost, 2 remixes in one, but rather rearranging the rhythmic ideas, and some of the melodic ideas to suit the arrangement. Yes it might mean more listening to find the source material, but it does mean you have a knack for creativity, and originality. It's nice that you fit the limitations of the sources, into something more special. Drums were good, and the sound choices were decent. I had slight problem in dynamics however. I sensed you were trying to layer things as one whole. It got far too loud in areas. Overall though, yes it's a bit loud in dynamics, it's still a well produced mix, so don't let the bad bits get you down.
Feb 15, 2019 bundeslang
  1. Who Invited Jetter to the Party?
  2. Jet Attack (BONUS MIX. DO NOT VOTE!)
  3. Jet Attack (BONUS MIX. DO NOT VOTE!)
PlanarianHugger - Nice way to use the sources together. Totally different as my way to use them together, the samples work good together.
TheVideoGamer - Like the effects you used. As you say it's repetitive but I enjoyed the stuff you used.

Both thanks for contributing (again).