Week 33 (90MC033)

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Sep 07, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Dark waters
  2. Center of the Lake
  3. Will of the Waves

I don't really know what to critique to be honest lol. Everyone's entries was awesome.

Beautiful Choir Harmonies from John Gabriel. Some of the chord changes were really good, like very satisfying chord changes. Especially fond of that.

Heavy and strong melodic RPG vibes of Vaia. Especially digging the Pan Flute and Bongo combo. Really strong work from you.

Dense electronica from Sansero, not far from mine in similarities. That melody on that synth/bell just made it for me, loved that!

And Jose did a super lovely minimalistic piano pop kind of thing, with a super enjoyable chord progression and seriously cool vocal voccoder effects.