305th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS305)

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Feb 04, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Psythe Massacre
  2. Afiando a foice (Sharpening the scythe)
  3. laugh it away
Another great week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - For this one, i had to think about it. When i initially made this track, it didn't really sound like the theme, so at the last minute i added a lawnmower sound effect. You know, cutting the grass. It was an old project, refined heavily for 2 hours, largely because i only had 1 hour, as i was out. I begun with a rather atmospheric guitar loop, from Dillinja's early works, and chopped it into one bar, as a sort of in and out styled soft melody. It was essentially a build up to the main synth line, which works as a bass and a lead. Like the title, i was feeling a Jungle Mood. I like to pick a genre depending on the clip. It was really at this point, adding different sections, while of course piling high with breaks, and vocal snippets. Especially the Amen breaks. Lots of them. After that i simply arranged it until it was good to go.


RicardoMenegasso - This one is awesome. The chords are amazing, and the acid textures work extremely well. There was a lot of comments about the 5 minute runtime, and while i suppose i understand where they are coming from, i think it engages well for it's time. Long story short, this is awesome, well done!!

Nukage - This is some exceptionally well produced Dubstep! Chords were pretty great, and the basslines were rich and dirty as always. The only complaint sadly, is the excessive use of the vocal lines. It got a bit grating after a while. Still though, this is great so well done!

Antik - Dope beat dude. Short but simple, and has a great buildup. Nothing bad about this, great job!

Timv - I love the half-time feel. It really creates a trippy drum and bass style. It's like it's trying to sound like DnB but it' quite slow, so it sounds more like Dubstep or Drumstep. Whatever it is, it sounds pretty awesome, except however for 2 things. The ending was off, and the Scythe sound effects, were a bit overkill. But the rest was fantastic, sooo....

Vaiaphraim - This was a lovely retro piece, with some creative use of bitcrushed effects. Of course there was some modern elements, so it didn't sound too 8-bit, but the result works great, and i enjoyed this a lot. So well done!!

bo0m3r31337 - Dude this is like....just incredible. I'm surprised you managed to do this in 2 hours. It sounds like a lot in 2 hours, not to mention this is your 2nd track of the day! For how much work you've put in, you have showcased an extensive amount of creativity. From the Hardcore sections straight into the ambient sections, straight into the dubstep sections. This is just awesome, amazing work!!

Onia - Dude your female friend has a lovely voice. Use her more often! Shame though it's too loud, it cuts into a brilliantly produced track. Great drums, and definitely great synth chords! It would probably also work as an instrumental too. Apart from the slightly loud vox, i enjoyed this so well done!

Lukeloww - The guitar is on point here. The combination of the sweet tones and chords mixed, with the emotional vocals, make for a pleasant experience. Everything about it was just lovely. Awesome work dude!

Awesome - RicardoMenegasso, Antik, Vaiaphraim, bo0m3r31337, Lukeloww

Needs Work - Nukage, Timv, Onia