317th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS317)

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Apr 26, 2020 jessiejames1978
  1. Brightly Colored Jumpsuit
  2. Shit Fuck Ass Piss Manhole
  3. Comeback of the Infinite Pothole

Thevideogamer: this blends old/new school of video game music style and that is why I like it. I like the cute little drum fills in between the chip bit sounds

cutesaw: great idea adding the news report over the top with some melancholy/ominous piano music over the top.

DavidKirk: I love the sparse, crispness and the chill vibe across the board. Excellent production.

gercr: this has a Wild West/blues feel, love the reverb and the whirring fuzz sound over the top of it all

adreqi: very professional sounding mix, I like the acoustic piano sound during the break (I am a pianist and a piano teacher) mixing acoustic instruments in with digital sounds really nice to my ears. There's also a very ear wormy hook with the bass line you've got going on. I like how you use silence to transition too.

MrsToen: loving the tribal vibe at the beginning that transforms into this swingy trippy off beat rhythm. You added a bunch of cool little sounds throughout. Very sparkly :)

antik: I watched yours with the video brief and it lined up perfectly with the little guy falling into the pothole. It was short and sweet and dense with interesting sounds.

UrinalPooper: I love the old school garage band vibe. It's very indie and has a "Cure" feel to it in the instrumentation. The emotional tone in the vocals is convincing.

akiadagreat: I love the beats and how the lyrics are very rhythm heavy and they "pop" awesome production skills!

Vaiaphraim: you have great production skills as well. This has a cool video game/hip-hop almost vibe to it. Nice work!

boom: Very dynamic piece this week. I love the pp-ff build, how you worked the choir in behind the punchy bassline. I like how you put your signature machine gun rhythms at the very end. Gets me amped to hear :) This should be in a video game for sure.

Lukeloww: better thank Beck ;) Love this piece. You have an album right? You should be gigging and have merch and stuff. Very legit professional sounding.

Ds productions: I like the experimental rap and the piano backing track, the hook is great "why do I keep filling? Can. you fill me in?"

nuke: I love those crunchy sounds that remind me a lot of sharks, and also the DJ Jauz. You nail the mix hard. It's just really cool, very professional sounding.

Apr 27, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Wiggle Worm
  2. Pothole
  3. Deep
Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - A bit of a short one this week, because i wanted to showcase a solid retro 16bit video game tune, and due to this, i wanted to make sure it was interesting, not repetitive. I felt like if i went on for longer, it would just be cheap. And besides, Video Game music isn't usually long anyways. I guess i do live up to my name haha. I was mainly replicating the YM2612 FM chip mostly used in the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive consoles. In this, it uses 6 channels of FM synth, with the 6th channel, being given as the option to use as a drum track, becoming 5 channels of FM synth + 1 channel of PCM for drums. If not used it becomes 6 FM channels. The PSG is for square waves and noise. This can also be used, at the cost of no external power, so it was a free add on, for additional melodies. This was the basic chip used in the Sega Master System. I don't pride myself on VGM, but for this one, i think it went great.

Now for the entrants!

Cutesaw - The news story seriously gives new life to the track. This is so depressing in a good way. Very dark, with a lot of lovely string sections. Now you could say the drums are a bit too faint, however though for this feel, i think it works well. The news story really compliments this soo well, i'm more drawn into it, the more i listen. Well done!

DavidKirk - Good ol' David Kirk techno vibes. The basslines in this one are soo good. I love the structure, builds up exactly how it should, with a lot of intricate textures. This dope as hell well done!

Grecr - This is more experimental than usual, but it works extremely well. Love the atmosphere, especially with the guitars it's just awesome. I really enjoyed this, well done!

Adreqi - Dude that double bass....this is just incredible. It's such an upbeat cute dity, i love it. The chords and melody were awesome too. This is just soooooo goood....can't stop moving. Excellent work!

MrsToen - This has to be the greatest thing I've heard all week. I can't tell you how awesome this is. The aggressive swing gives is such a unique character, and the melodic and chords are just...on another level. This is such rainbows and unicorns. I love this sooooo much. Beyond excellent dude!

Antik - Bruh the beat was fire, but it went by without a single note. Had to play this 5 times to get a grip of what's going on, it's soo dam short. I found the ending pretty humorous, great job!

UrinalPooper - Classic UrinalPunker with some excellent guitar playing. You really excel with the guitar, love the solo's. Well done!

AkiaDaGreat - I get it, the theme was hard. That's why i went the VGM route, because of it. Still impressed you managed to integrate the theme into the lyrics, it works really well. Mix was super clean too, which is a big plus. Loved this, well done!

Vaiaphraim - Beats were fire, and the melodies were awesome as usual. Love the different sections. One is very much more like a classic retro 80s thing, the other is more in-line with IDM. Loved this a lot, well done!

jessiejames1978 - The out of tune jazz, is very weird, but strangely satisfying. Maybe a bit too sharp for my taste, i feel you could integrate the jazz thing better. But having it out of tune, is still a great idea, so good job!

bo0m3r31337 - Buildup is longer than normal, but worth it, because the ambient sections always rock with your compositions. Not as intense today, maybe more dubstep than gabber, but as always the ideas are excellent, and it gets me going, so well done!

lukeloww - The effects are excellent. Love the distant reverb vocals, and the delay on the beats. This really made it stood out. Love this a lot. Well done!

DS PRODUKTIONS - Really nice rap tune. The piano is quite simple, but works well with the beats. I actually like the space more, the more i listen to it. Nothing bad here, well done!

nukage - Dude this is the loudest dubstep i've probably heard in a long time. The bass sounds are just....beyond dirty, my speakers can't take it. Loved this, well done!

Awesome - Cutesaw, DavidKirk, Grecr, Adreqi, MrsToen, Antik, UrinalPooper, AkiaDaGreat, Vaiaphraim, bo0m3r31337, LukeLoww, DS PRODUKTIONS, Nukage

Needs Work - jessiejames1978