309th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS309)

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Mar 01, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. when dat lemon hits u bruh
  2. Cry Baby, Cry
  3. Lemon snek
Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - I could have done something original and spectacular, but i wasn't motivated as such. Remember last week i said i was at one point going to remix a track of mine. Well i did, and it turned out great. I had fun on it. The remix is 2hts 258, which i titled My Jazzy Size. It was a composition in 2 halves with the first rooting in more Bossa Nova traits, while the second half was more a Swing/Charleston thing. I took the sample from the second half, plus more from the original sample used, (Which is a Tony Mottola track) and timed it to the tempo. I alternated between the samples, while switching things up to keep it fresh. And because the theme was lemon, with pictures of babies, i went in that direction with additional sounds and samples. I had fun with this, and i hope you did too listening to it.


RicardoMenegasso - I disagree that you don't like VST, because you did this so well. Beats were excellent, and works with the lovely Jazzy Electric Piano. The Babies cry, surprisingly added a unique weird quality without it clashing or getting in the way. Amazing work dude!

DavidKirk - Acid synths were excellent and the drum combinations made this one hard hitting stomper. My only problem is though, is the runtime. I get the genre and all, but 5 minutes was a bit much, especially when things take so long to develop. I was expecting some squelch early on dude. Sure it's preference, but the latter half was the best bit, something you could have explored more at he beginning. Still though great work dude!!

JessieJames1978 - Really nicely done for your first attempt! Lovely atmosphere, and great synth choices. A bit short for my liking, but it's a nice bit of design, so well done!

Antik - Absolutely incredible. Just wow....so different, so unique, and such a amazing sample! Thought it was gonna be hip-hop, but it ended up more like DnB or something. Fantastic dude!

Teenagebeard - Super trippy dude! Awesome sound design, works well with the deep vocals! Love this dude, explore more synths dude, you do a really good job! Well done!

bo0m3r31337 - The usual Boomer is back here. Love the sound design here, amazing. Prefer the kick to be toned down, to stop it overtaking the mix, but rest was dope as hell. Great work dude!

Timv - Such a deep rumbly bass. Almost like a distorted square. Works so well with the incredible DnB like beats! Love this one dude!

Awesome - RicardoMenegasso, Antik, Teenagebeard, Timv

Needs Work - DavidKirk, JessieJames1978, bo0m3r31337
Mar 02, 2020 jessiejames1978
  1. The Battle of Sour Face and Trill Kill
  2. when dat lemon hits u bruh
  3. Sour face
I really liked Lemon Snek by timv because the cool crunchy sounds, and what sounds like the sub of a teenage engineering sub pocket operator. My three choices above....the mixes were really well done. I am a pianist/percussionist at heart and interesting beats and builds, with some dubstep robot sounds get me psyched. But I liked everyone's ultimately! Thanks for letting me participate :)