312th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS312)

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Mar 22, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. The Black Raspberry of Death
  2. Pick A Berry
  3. Those raspberries gave me corona virus
Another great week!

TheVideoGamer - Let's be honest, you've probably heard something like this in other entries, so i won't bother. It's samples from jazz records timed to a 4/4 beat. Yes that is Willy Wonka's voice, and yes i added some small touches to make it more than samples. Moving on.

Teenagebeard - Such a unique quality that draws me in to the track. Love the chords and definitely love the spacialisation. Nice vox too, all in all a lovely composition, with some nice reverse guitar like sounds. Well done!!

DavidKirk - Daam dude, this is such a well mastered track for only 2 hours of work. A full 5 minute epic piece, with a lot of variation done in only 2 WHOLE HOURS. Impressive if you ask me, such funky too. Well done loved this!!

jessiejames1978 - Love how you explore as much as you can with only simple sounds. The result is some kind of uplifitng intense emotion running through. I thoroughly enjoyed this, well done!!

UrinalPooper - Now there is kinks that may need ironing out, but the concept of one man band really comes to life here. The very fact you did everything in one take, and i mean practically everything. Playing each instrument at the same time, in ONE SINGLE TAKE, is the most breath-taking thing I've seen all week. That alone excuses it, and turns it into awesome! Well done dude!!

Antik - Such a solid groove dude. Hip-Hop at it's finest man! Well done!!

MrsToen - Sorry i disagree about the mix. This is lovely! The mix is fine as it is! Loved the vocals too, soo nice! Well done i really enjoyed this!

AkiaDaGreat - Love the chords and the drums. Mix was nice and clean! Such chill, and mellow. Well done!!

Vaiaphraim - Nothing else to say, other than good ol' Vaia. Love the melodies as always, and i really enjoy the drums! Well done!!

bo0m3r31337 - Dude any faster and it becomes like a wall of saw-tooth synths. HOW DO YOU MAKE SUCH BANGERS IN ONLY 2 HOURS!! HOW!!! Amazing is all i can say.

LukeLoww - The man of a thousand chord progressions. Seriously i love your chords, like every track you make has such an amazing use of guitar. chords. I also dig the juxtaposition of the strings in the back, with the chords, gave it a unique element. Love this dude!!

Onia - Such a nice jazzy chord feeling. So many drum changes, i don't know what i am even hearing. Sounds like a variation Nuke's work. Love this dude well done!!

Awesome - Every one was awesome, even UrinalPooper's one man band!!

Needs Work - Nobody needed work, all your compositions were awesome!!