377th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS377)

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Jun 20, 2021 Lenticels
  1. Whatever It Takes, Come to Me
  2. eau de toilet water
  3. er

Jun 27, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. eau de toilet water
  2. coom
  3. Avocado Perfume Experience

Sorry guys i was out, but i did managed to catch and listen to each one! (If briefly)

David's is very pretty, almost soothing, but has that nice techno groove.

Nuke's is very much in his signature EDM style. I like how the first half is more breakbeat, while the second half is thumping dubstep.

Jose's is very minimalistic and calming. Personally the beat is a bit too hot, for the melodic ideas, but it was fun.

Nice lo-fi from Antik as usual. Great sample!

Vaiaphraim has some pretty cool swing in his. Lovely bass/EDM sounds, very juicy. The melody at the end was super nice.

Exubeat had a great chord progression on a nice synth. The beat was super groovy i enjoyed this one a lot. The snare sound is awesome.

Lovely guitar playing from Lukeloww. The vocals are very unique. It's like a combination of singing and chanting it's very nice. I also like some of the falsetto parts, really brought it to life. Lovely work.

Another sick freestyle from Sunny Says. The kick sound is very aggressive, not feeling it for me. But the rest is awesome as always.

Timv killing it as always with his incredible Drum and Bass. Loving the bass synths, can't stop grooving.

Well done to everyone! Last minute voting here, so i didn't have time to full listen to them all!