Week 52 (90MC052)

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Jan 25, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Four Seasons
  2. Change of Seasons
  3. flavors of leaves

Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - Everyone agrees that this is pure ambient music lol. Because it is pure ambient music. I mostly used 3 instruments all stacked on top of each other playing the same chords/sequences, while the sub adds a bass layer to the mix. Everything is in pure C Major. No black keys in sight.

cotmm68030 - Nice interesting textures. Feels like the sound of thunder or wind. It has a lot of cool interesting moments. I like it a lot, well done!

Vaiaphraim - Lovely chiptune stuff as always, this is really well produced. You always make such amazing melodies, and this is no exception. Fun stuff, bopping my head, well done!

Misael.K - Beautiful chords and melodies, this is lovely. Great developments, i was not bored throughout. I just love the synth and piano combo, such beautiful stuff. Awesome work!

Harvey - Your dad is a legend. You should be proud :)

Sansero - Great kicks and snares, sounds like a very 80's drum sound. Nice chords, very mysterious sounding, lovely deep vibes, seems fitting for a video game of some sorts. It does need a melody to seal the deal, however what i've heard was enough for me to sound great. Well done!

DJohn - Very nice cinematic stuff. Feels like it belongs to some Viking movie (Although it's actually African inspired, your voice), your voice is super flexible and awesome. I could never sing like you. Lovely stuff, well done!

Top 3 - Misael.K, Vaiaphraim, cotmm68030.

Awesome - Everyone's was awesome, no need for this section.

Needs Work - Again, everyone's was awesome, so no need for this section.