297th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS297)

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Dec 12, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. Ankle Deep Doo Doo Streets
  2. california bad vibes
  3. California Gurl
Great week everyone! Sorry i couldn't make it, i had something on.

TheVideoGamer - This one started out as a chord progression of 8 bars, which cam from a combination of trial and error, and understanding the relationship between notes. Sometimes i create chord progressions or melodies without realising they can actually sound pretty amazing. This one, ended up being so good, i made sure to use it in every case i got. For the "verses" if you can call it that, i simplified things and went for something more basic, as a contrast to the rich vibrant layers of actually well designed synths. Yeah, surprise i would really enjoyed it. The only other section remaining was a kind of triplet thing in the 3rd part. Well ok, it's not really triplet, it's a sample in 3/4, stretched to 4/4. The Edward Scissorhands score from Danny Elfman. I dunno, i found it and felt it really could provide a nice contrast. Just timed it, and it works. Nest all this one some soft breakbeat action and it really does give off a feeling of Christmas (I was in the spirit of the holiday's heh) Pretty proud of this one.


RicardoMenegasso - Love the sample in the intro and ending! Shame you didn't get to use it more, it was really fitting. Besides that though, the funk is strong, and the synths were really nice! Loved the effects in this one, including that bitcrusher! Nice way to switch it up at the end, really added a burst of energy to the rather slow and chill funk vibes. Well done dude!

UrinalPooper - I love this one! So chill, but so high energy. I also like as it progresses, it gets more manic, and wacky to the point, where you can't tell what's what, but it works to the advantages here. Brass was well executed, and works so well with the guitars. Amazing job dude!

Atmosfaerie - Nice melodic elements here! It's only one sound as such, but it's a nice rich sound, so a lot of elements work well. Not really a fan of the detune, you can go pretty crazy with it, but it was nice here, so it's a good thing. Good job!

Teenagebeard - I really like your chord sequences, and vocals. Your vocals are very inviting and soothing. Only small issue i have is timing of the vocals, to the composition, but apart from that, i really enjoyed it. This is great dude!

Antik - House vibes, deep as usual dude! Felt both chill, but groovy here man! Explores a lot, and keeps me going. Well done man!

Phoolard - Felt like it belongs in a Spaghetti Western, but apart from that, it was a really nice composition. The fact it sounds western, doesn't put me off though, especially in the context of California. The guitar here was incredible though. Be careful, nearly goes into the loud threshold, but apart form that great job!

bo0m3r31337 - Oof these drums are soo good. Very punchy, and very well executed to the track. This might be the best mixed yet. The bass sounds are sooooo good too. Also liked the middle part where it goes into more of a techno vibe, maybe hardcore, it's very well engaging! Abruptly ends though, just as i was really getting into it. Apart from that well done!!

Onia - Sorry onia, there's only so much wonky, i can take. Too off-kilter, to where it doesn't even sound like a groove anymore, more like drunk lobster lol. Shame, because the composition is beautiful, especially with that guitar, which i love!

Nukage - Daam, a Nuke compositon that goes beyond 6 minutes, and nearly into the 7 minute mark. I've never seen such a thing lol. Extremely nice mix, and definately a wide scope of sounds. I think with this one, you really extended the drops to add a lot of ideas, hence it's length. Love the growls. So dirty! Well done man loved it!

Awesome - RicardoMenegasso, UrinalPooper, Teenagebeard, Antik, Phoolard, bo0m3r31337, Nukage

Needs Work - Atmosfaerie, Onia