306th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS306)

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Feb 13, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. the munchies
    dione bigode
  2. 2 hours is just 1 hour with extra steps
  3. Racks on Racks Freestyle
Another epic week from all of you!

TheVideoGamer - Apple Pie was a cute connotation to me. Not because we are seeing an adventure time clip, with a grandma in it, but also because i felt something happy and whimsical coming along. The last few were pretty weird, so i wanted to try a more simple approach. For the most part it's 2 sections, with each section assisted by the ASDF Pie clip. The first section has a basic melody and chord sequence over some distorted beats, while the second section is a more faster breakbeat styled track, with a translucent synth feel. Both are uplifting. After structuring, it was good to go...


Dione Bigode - I love this. It's like taking 5 different moods, and processing it into a blender. One minute it's a Drum and Bass/IDM track, next minute it's a rather slow almost hip-hop like track. What keeps things grounded however, is the rumble of a what sounds like a PC fan, and a rather dark, but strangely warm melodic sequence. This was awesome, well done!

Vaiaphraim - This is great. You begin with a nice cute retro number, from some kind of Kirby platformer, before it turns into a funky house track! All leading back into the main melody. Really like the chords, and especially liked the drums here. Solid work dude!

Timv - This is some classic UK garage right here. Love how you take the same idea, but reinvent in each instance of repeat. So 3 parts of essentially one idea. The basslines is what sold it to me. Sound design was on point. Well done, loved this!

Hedcanon - The lyrics are pretty awesome here. They work well with the nice dynamic beats. A bit excessive use of the Ey's, but don't say a lot of modern hip-hop overuses this a bit. Whoever wrote the lyrics, weather it's you or your mate, but it's pretty awesome. Enjoyed this dude!

Antik - Nice simple chill beat dude. Great sample choice, and especially a nice buildup to the climax. Well done dude!

Onia - Great production here, and i really liked the vox. The melodic elements worked well with the nice drums. Sadly the vocals are a bit too loud for my taste. Apart from the that, i enjoyed the rest. Good job!

Nukage - This is pretty awesome, and as with all your tracks, the mixing and mastering is spot on. I did enjoy this no doubt, but i was a bit put off by it's 6 minute runtime. I got a bit bored towards the end. Other than that though the track itself is pretty fantastic. Well done!

Awesome - Dione Bigode, Vaiaphraim, Timv, Hedcanon, Antik, Nukage

Needs Work - Onia