Late Entry

In Barren Land

posted in OHC716 on Jun 30, 2022


Galloping with speed, riding on his steed

Toward the mountains, filled with ease under a dark sky

Though the ships prepare, scanning here and there

That old horse intuits a path through the long night


Stomp against the stone, they are not alone

But the vehicles they near-miss both their shadows

Making due, their life must pursue, it true

and the time they have on this world has diminished



On their own in barren land, visitors have sought the man

Fewer choices are at hand, so there's not much else, but seek the hills

Forget diplomacy, when they're after you, and see

Have to hide away tonight, your companion leads they way with sight



Baffled by the end, caught within a net

All the effort spent is gone in just an instant

They might find a way, out from this someday

When the astronauts comprehend all their missteps

Late Entry

All the Glow

posted in OHC715 on Jun 23, 2022


When the sun falls, all there is to see is fireflies at night

Up against the twilight, something more can go commence a flight

See the magic swirling, can't believe they float and phosphoresce 

By the morning, they will have been gone, and we'll want more of this


Lightning bugs and I are made to join the fun

and when we stop and think about it, why deny it?

Catching all the glow and finding all of those

Who sparkle in the dimming evening, can you see it?


'Fore we know it, there begins the embers of a brand new day

and the flies respond, they scatter off, and go so far away

So we hope another night will bring them for a nice reprise

But the time just passes slowly, leaving us with memories

Late Entry

Earth Rise

posted in OHC714 on Jun 16, 2022


Just sitting with a drink on the moon

Don't care if its my first or my last here

Reclining, not a care coming soon

The earth can shine away while I see clear

My work is paying off for the view

Who else can say they travelled as far and

Why else would I have brought all the brew?

Chillax and snap a cap off my forehead


Heart swelling up with pride, Earth, it begins to rise

Can't get enough, bottoms up, with another bottle

Taking another swig, love makes it twice as big

As I admire the world coming out from darkness


The last, I pour it out for my loss

The ones who laid the road for my thoroughfare

A giant step for mankind I made

Impossible if not for my forebears

Late Entry


posted in OHC713 on Jun 09, 2022


The day when we leave the nest, gripping the branches

Spreading our wings, preparing

It's how we learn how to fly, air that surrounds us

Lifting us up, elating

It seems like we could just fail, hitting the ground hard

Nothing is worse at that height

But we succeed after odds were all against us

Pointing our beaks to sunlight


We go higher in ascendance

With no limit, hardly a hinderance

We touch clouds now, our existence

Is light as the wind that will lift this


We swoop around and come back, doubling our efforts

Diving to build momentum

and just when we get enough, tilt our heads upward

Catching the speed forever

Late Entry

Talk of the Town

posted in OHC712 on Jun 02, 2022


You think you're the talk of the town, talk of the town

You've been scrolling upward and down, upward and down

Doom and gloom can give you a frown, give you a frown

So good news could turn it around, turn it around

What more can you find in the feed, find in the feed?

A phone that beats your brow in defeat, brow in defeat

What can make you cool in the heat, cool in the heat?

A fan that blows from head to the knees, head to the knees


A need to be upset is what drives home, unending doomscrolls

On a warm afternoon, for you

Desire for darkened futures is what you seek,

and you find it all, peruse


All the socials carry a tale, carry a tale

You devour all of the fails, all of the fails

But your forehead hurts from the whale, hurts from the whale

Constant drops, your phone makes you ail, phone makes you ail

Where's My Socks?

posted in OHC711 on May 26, 2022

(This was my unreleased OHC653 entry)


Today just felt any other day, I didn't think it'd go awry

but it's laundering day

I had my socks right here, they must have jumped right out the hamper

and took flight, or just scampered away

Imagine if the socks had found a portal and arrived at other homes

A ridiculous thought

What other reason could there be though? Have I really lost my final shot?

Maybe sandals today?


Am I a lunatic, because I'm losin' it?

and all things I own are gone

I had enough of it, maybe I'm full of it

The question still remains: where's my socks?


What would happen if you spotted unfamiliar footwear in your house?

Would you call the police?

Might you put out posters asking if you recognize these little socks?

Or just toss them right out?

Late Entry

Far and Away

posted in OHC706 on Apr 21, 2022


Roll past the street lights, pitch black in these nights

Lampposts are far and away

Cities lay sprawling, moon rays are falling

Surely will shine all the way

Some folk lay sleeping, others are seeking

New roads to travel and ride

Buildings are reaching, beyond their ceilings

Rooftops stand tall, to the sky


Eyes are not open, for those who've chosen

Resting 'til sun would arrive

Still those who stay up, doing their favors

Sleep when the others will rise


Thus is the cycle, night is delightful

For some who worship the dusk

Light casts a shadow, and within that glow 

Mysteries make such a fuss

Late Entry

Oh (Love Me Again)

posted in OHC705 on Apr 14, 2022


Oh, I wanna love you for life

Oh, I want you here by my side

Oh, you are more than a friend

Oh, can you love me again?

Oh, with the globe ever close

Oh, what a sight to behold

Oh, as the waves crash and ebb

Oh, will you love me again?


Oh, I see it so clearly

That I've got to let you know

Oh, I love you so dearly

and I would hate to see you go


Oh, with the sphere on the coast

Oh, I adore you the most

Oh, though the view never ends

Oh, can you love me again?

Late Entry

Good Luck

posted in OHC701 on Mar 17, 2022


Some believe it's all random, a roll of the dice

Some will rub on a token to make it feel right

The belief that improvement can come to your life

and the touch of a charm can get you through the night

You discard the small notion and let the cards fall

There's no way to control your fate, nary at all

The idea that a keepsake with luck you can call

Is a fallacy, only a trap in you'd fall


Good luck, with trying to follow all of your dreams

Good luck, it's not a fortunate as it seams

Good luck, with trying to have a happy good time

Good luck, is not a thing with which you'd rely


When a fate is turned, faith is spurned, doubt can be much

and the trinket you clutch is warm, not by your touch

You discard your old notions and go by a hunch

Not lean hard on the facts and instead by your trust

Rustling Jam (2022 Edition)

posted in OHC700 on Mar 10, 2022

Seven hundred, gone right past me

As the wheels of time are spun

No one quite knows where it all goes

Battles lost and battles won

A rustling jam is all I'm left with

As I roll on down this long road

Never certain where I'll go

Pick things up as I go along now

Breaking even, getting old

A rustling jam is all I'm left with

making due with constant changes

faces scatter like the leaves

distant winter coming closer

get my mind up off that freeze

Late Entry

Ships Happen

posted in OHC698 on Feb 24, 2022


We sail by the sea, swaying happy as can be

We wander on under sky, the horizon never meeting

Water runs ever more, as we wait for what's in store

Another day we brace ourselves


An adventure's never knowing how it all will end til it comes

To continue takes the bravest heart of them all

You can ration out your fortitude, but it won't last all the way

and your sail won't stand as strong, or reach quite as tall


The ocean is wide, spans across imagination

If you cast out a net, it will grab a dream or two

But until then, it depends. Ships will happen, cross your path

You're not alone A fleet holds out

Late Entry

Lonesome Balcony

posted in OHC695 on Feb 03, 2022


Every day I can watch the sun set

But the vision of it fills me with such regret

Over yonder a dream unfulfilled

Have no heir to continue my line, there is nil


No descendants, no family left

The end of my family, hope is bereft


So serene, all the scenery stands

But to think that a mortal is trapped to his past

When I'm gone, who'll remember my name?

Cuz whatever I do, the result is the same


There it lies, the end of a path

Alone in a tower, it all will just pass


Through the clouds and the flying birds

A life not lived, a choice not made

As the sun smiles upon the scene

My frown won't cease, I find no peace


In the end, was no fault but my own

Is it really too late? Am I really too grown

Is there time to turn it around?

Could I change up my course? Should I go out to town?


I have much to do, and so much to see

I must leave this lonesome balcony

Late Entry

The Wolfpack (Day Version)

posted in OHC694 on Jan 27, 2022


When the sun is out, we can run about

Free to roam on the earth in the day

Nature rushes by, no more passerby

Lead the hunt, going off for our prey

Further down we go, through the hot or cold

The luxurious fur keeps us warm

We had formed a pack, speeding front and back

Stronger as a group, more than apart 


As sure as a howl, we go off on the prowl

There is power in numbers, the wolfpack is out


When the daylight ends, we could still be friends

We return to our shelter and rest

Huddle down at night, til the time is right

Had this way since the day we first met

We can scratch that itch when we're in that ditch

We can climb with our claws all day long

When we reach the top, just a little hop

Cross the river, together we're strong

Late Entry

Yes (Look Down Now)

posted in OHC693 on Jan 20, 2022

Sequel to my song "Don't (Look Down Now)"


Took so long to get where you're at

Quite a hike and climb for the chance to see it

Past the edge, a joyous vision

Just be careful, hold on, and carefully


You feel free to stare to the ground

Eyes can't handle all that there is about it

Fun to think that after the warnings

No longer keep your chin up, irrelevant



Yes, look down, yes, look down

Now's the time, observing it all, that's right

Yes, look down, yes, look down

You deserve to gaze at the light



"Don't look down" is now so passe

So outdated, and context is gone already

All you can do now is just stare

Everywhere except up, and far beyond it



So beautiful, it takes a breath

So far extends, til nothing's left

Just drink it in, so much to view

Who cares what's all up in the sky? Not you

Late Entry

One Splash Away

posted in OHC692 on Jan 13, 2022


Once there was a vast desert that spanned

Across the land, arid 

None dared to traverse nothing was worse

Dry like a curse hit

But there came a day when it would rain

Blessed was the parched ground

Out from under was life, reaching for light

Oh so profoundly


Just one droplet can move mountains

One drip can go carve out fountains

Solutions to all problems are

One splash away


Grand canyons that stretch out there for miles

Are of a style, born from bodies

Of seas from the past, they didn't last

Leaving a large gap

Heaven Help Me (2022 Edition)

posted in 90MC051 on Jan 11, 2022


Heaven help me, I'm being watched

All they do is stare and stare

They look at me like I'm a superstar

There's such an eerie feeling in the air

Heaven help me, I'm being stalked

They crowd around me wherever I go

and they don't even want an autograph

Oh why oh why do they stand so close?


What do they want of me?

What do they want to see?

What kind of logical reason could there be?


Heaven help me, the sound they make

It's so unnerving, they croak and croak

A pair of eyes is perched on every branch

I might have thought this was all a joke

Late Entry

Never Open

posted in OHC691 on Jan 06, 2022


When I am caught out in the rainstorm

You will refuse to unlatch your doors

Why do you stand firm in your beliefs?

What will it take to let me in please?

When the right time to enter can go

off in an instant, no one can know

Still I am sopping wet, head to toe

You disregard it all


You're never open to me when I ask you

You're not available when I'm in need

and when you are you just act like you're out of stock

Then you close back right when I leave


Will I return? The question beckons

Without your service, I don't reckon

Around the corner lies my answer

There's other stores after all

Late Entry

Ticks and Tocks

posted in OHC690 on Dec 30, 2021


It begins and ends tolling the bell

Mark the eras and eons so well

Like a river flows forward, not back

So the sun it fades down to the deepest black 

Just compare it to taking a breath

Can't take one that has past or has yet to come

All we have is the here and the now

Take advantage of it


In all of time, there isn't another way

and all the clocks are right twice a day

So when you find, the hours have gone away

The ticks and tocks are all that remain


Change has come in the blink of an eye

What you thought was forever has passed you by

All the dust is what bookends your life

Cherish all that you've got

Late Entry

Precious Gems

posted in OHC689 on Dec 23, 2021


Life is full of crystals unworked

For jewelry needs a hand to take form

In the end, a piece to show off

Requires skill, a beauty is born

Many facets, sides to the story

Shining like the sun, sparkle on

Tougher than the most of its brethren

Lasts long after we are all gone


Precious gems, diamonds are forever

Yes my friend, catch your eye, the light

and don't pretend, it won't dazzle

cuz it can impress, the shine can raise your smile again


Once my love had offered her hand

She showed to me a precious gold band

On its top the blinding white sheen

A gem that represents what we have

I said yes, and off to the races

It seemed quite unorthodox then

On her knee proposing for marriage

Me accepting right when she asked

Late Entry

Scrambled Eggs

posted in OHC688 on Dec 16, 2021

(Previously performed by Paul McCartney with Jimmy Fallon)

Scrambled eggs

Oh, my baby how I love your legs

Not as much as I love scrambled eggs

Oh, we should eat some scrambled eggs

Waffle fries

Oh, my darling how I love your thighs

Not as much as I love waffle fries

Oh, have you tried the waffle fries?

They are so damn good that they should be illegal

They're like regular fries but they're shaped like a waffle

Chicken wings

Oh, my baby when I hear you sing

All I think about is chicken wings

Oh, did you bring the chicken wings?

There's a place I know where I go for kick-ass wings

We could even get a side of onion rings

Scrambled eggs

Oh, my baby how I love your legs

Not as much as I love scrambled eggs

Oh, let's go get some scrambled eggs

Late Entry

Honolulu Baby

posted in OHC687 on Dec 09, 2021

From the Laurel & Hardy film "Sons of the Desert" (1933)


While down on a South Sea island

Underneath the beauty of the stars

I strayed upon some maidens

Who were strumming on their guitars

A hula maid was dancing

and she knew I'd found my paradise

So this is what I told her

As I gazed into her eyes


Honolulu baby, where'd you get those eyes

and the dark complexion, that I idolize

Honolulu baby, where'd you get that style

and the pretty red lips, with that sunny smile


From there we were swaying gently

As the sunlight turned to dusk

The time it had all escaped me

and the morning came in quite a rush

The hula maid was gone now

Leaving me with just a memory

I'd do it again in an instant

For the way she looked back to me

Late Entry

Hands Up, Foot Down

posted in OHC686 on Dec 02, 2021


I face the same things that I had at the start

Go round and round until fatigue has had the best of me

While I could take down what I faced off before

They rise again and the futility is tiring

Dust off my shoulder, and prepare to commence

Just like before, it never ends, a cycle all-consuming

But then it dawns on me, the end to this curse

Toss down my sword and shield, give up and let them all go through me


Hands up, foot down, I've had about enough

No more, I'm done with playing in the rough

I quit, retire, and off into the hills

I throw the towel, I've had my fill


Like that it ended, but I'm raising my doubts

I come to think that the solution isn't quite what I hoped

But starting up again is not for me now

Upon reflection all my fate decides is where I will go

Winters Are Long

posted in 90MC044 on Nov 23, 2021


In this old town, the fall is long over

and the temperature drops ever colder

Seeing Jack Frost creep onto your shoulder

and you brace for yourself (cuz)


Winters are long and cold

They can be harsh alike for the young and the old

All be told, winds can take down those who are careless

Staying inside and warm

Isn't enough when you have encountered that storm

Within your bones, you can't escape the chill tonight


In a couple of months we'll get through this

and the sun may come back from the chill mist

Must have patience, and not take a fool's risk

To step out in the wild (cuz)

Late Entry

Sea of Dreams

posted in OHC684 on Nov 18, 2021


I look the bygone years and I wistfully reminisce

At those times you were with me and would honor me with a kiss

(You set me right)


We had our doubts, we had our fights, but we resolved our problems

We had our quips, such petty bouts, but we just walked right past them


When we would spend our nights together

We'd go to where the ocean met the streams

Brighter than the stars up in the sky

Across a sea of dreams


Just like the beginning, when we took our long fateful climb

I'd see my reflection in your wild and wondering eyes

(so full of light)

Late Entry

Nothing to Sphere

posted in OHC683 on Nov 11, 2021


Took a million years just to build a sphere

That could harness the power of our dear old sun

But within an instant, shattered into pieces

All that's left is ensure the survivors can run

Take a pod and flee for eternity

Go in vain that one might find a new home in time

Though what chance is there, with the space out there?

It could take near forever to find the next star


Yes it seems somewhat futile

Light gone in this dimming future

Fracturing the looming structure

Nothing to sphere, in this culture


Afters eons go by, building ever so high

Even then never quite making up what was lost

It will not compare, to what once was out there

But those who could remember have all long passed on

Round and round it did spin, where did it all begin?

Supermassive, the resources baffle the mind

But it cracked like an egg, so the question it begs

Why would one try to recreate such a big flop?

Late Entry

Your Stonks Are Smooth

posted in 2HTS397 on Nov 07, 2021

(To the tune of "Your Kiss Is Sweet" by Syreeta Wright)


This song goes out to all you folks

Who think your stonks are smooth as can be

But mine got you beat by a million miles


Your stonks are smooth, as smooth as can be

But my investments beat yours by a million miles

Your stonks are smooth, as smooth as can be

But my investments beat yours by a million miles


You came and purchased your shares and ran away

Leaving that company's price to short today

Now you are back and are saying they have to pay

When you bought you stayed too long

Might as well keep moving on and on and on and on and on


To you the ticker was nothing but a game

Now you're here and you want me to take the blame

How could you take all this time and feel the same?

Sorry for the tears you cried

There's no money, I won't lie, won't lie, won't lie, won't lie, won't lie, won't lie


Beats them by a million miles, beats them by a million miles

Late Entry

Rely on Me

posted in OHC682 on Nov 04, 2021


Through the roughest of times, you are here

Hand in hand, we have nothing to fear

Seen it all, undergone all the years

Never distant, companions are near

If it happens, a perilous step

Toward the chasm, in need of some help

In that second, dependent on me

To take you up by the arm


'Cuz sometimes you slip, and lose your footing

What you had thought was solid is crumbling

Losing your balance is not the ending

When the moment comes, you can rely on me


If you're in free fall, I'll hasten your plunge

As all the air rushes out of your lungs

Never worry, with me you are safe

For the rest of your days

Late Entry

The Face

posted in OHC681 on Oct 28, 2021


Now there's a lovely face, by the by

I cannot help but walk and say hi

I'm suddenly transfixed by the way that she glares right toward me

A moment ago she ignored me

and when she held her gaze, then I knew

There's something more to this, in my view

The magic that she cast over me is a wondrous feeling

A tingle that traps all of my old feelings


The face it involves, much more than a glance

My soul it leaps out, and it just wants to dance

She captures it all, and keeps it herself

It's worth just her smile


I'm caught up in her spell, yet I'm glad

To know that such a girl can be had

Whatever she has planned, I am willing to go the distance

The others who all had rebuffed just missed this

Late Entry

Ancient Tomes

posted in OHC680 on Oct 21, 2021


In the ancient tomes, there lies 

Something waiting for your eyes

Heavy secrets, categorized and indexed right the taking

With the text, the words will shine

Knowledge spreading to your mind

What was known is now redefined, with these, the uncovered chapters

Kick the layers off, the dust

Many topics are discussed

Doors are open now that were shut, and in comes fountains of info


The piles of books are worth a look

enlightenment waiting inside is your hook 

So crack a spine, in this gold mine

Delectable facts and so much more to find


Flipping front to back again

Learning never has an end

At the bottom line, there's a trail that leads right on to the next one

Why would anyone just stop

When you're reaching for the top

At the peak of knowing it all, the cup is full, overflowing

Snake in the Grass

posted in 90MC039 on Oct 19, 2021


Like a young snake in the grass

Chasing a tail of the past

Glories once conquered, to reminisce

Left all behind, and one starts to miss

All the success in those years

Easily toppling fears

Now all that's left is a checked-off list

Summarized so you can get the gist


Oh, to claim those old days again

When vitality was your friend

What you've kept in a jar since then

Is a thing that won't last 'til the end


Memory is quite a thing

Changes from winter to spring

When we move on from this mortal coil

Sliding away as we made our toil

Late Entry

A Specter Within

posted in OHC679 on Oct 14, 2021


Under darkening skies lies a curse

Fog rolls over the scene, nothing worse

All those moments of failure, absorbed

Manifest in a horror unfurling

In a matter of fact, it's alive

In the darkest of swamps, it survives

Can't believe it, a specter within

Give a second of doubt, what you witnessed


From the corners of your mind, regrets take a form

and then it will storm, going right down to your home

When setbacks animate, you've met a new fate

New steps it will take, right before your face


An illusion, it must be this night

Simply shadows, a trick of the light

Couldn't be what you thought it could be

All the bad dreams your head just set free and

Late Entry

One Metro Night

posted in OHC678 on Oct 07, 2021


The shiver of night, one metro night at fall

They turn on the lights, and buildings sparkle on

It turns to a blur, a streak of moving cars

Go shining so bright, you hardly see the stars


The steel reaches to the skies

The residents aren't surprised that

The city, it never sleeps

The secrets, will always keep it


You go far and wide, a train can take you there

For taking a ride, can access everywhere

When reaching your stop, the marvels make you still

This night isn't done, so you have time to kill

Too Late (cover of injury)

posted in 90MC037 on Oct 05, 2021


I want to reach up to the sky

I want to see behind your eyes

I want to feel behind your smile

I wanna know about 



cuz I feel the secrets hiding deep inside your brain

and I feel like I should know about it yesterday



Cuz now it's too late to talk about it



I want to reach out toward your hand

I want to make you understand

I want to see what makes you smile

I wanna know about



I lift my head right up and wonder why

open my heart to the whole world

I lift my head right up in this cold night

Is that what it's like for the whole world?

Late Entry

Six Ice Cream Cones

posted in OHC677 on Sep 30, 2021

(Cover of Souleye)


So many flavors ahead

Much to choose, but a limited time to decide

Colors flood through your head

Sugar, cream and as brisk as a mountain full of ice


You barely hold your glee (can't get enough)

Even though you know your brain will freeze

Go ahead and take it all (so much to eat)

Then you'll come right back, and happily get some more


Mouth filled with rapturous joy

Ice cream stands were made for the whole world to enjoy

If the world has an end

It will be when this treat has run out, only then


Hold on to six ice cream cones

Had your fill as you stroll all the way back to home

When the next day begins

First thing on your agenda is getting back for sure

Late Entry


posted in OHC675 on Sep 16, 2021


Down through the hallway, you see silhouetted

Person unknown, never met 'em

Turns out it's just you reflected

Tense, walking down in this floor full of mirrors

Weird, but it could even be worse

Cracking the glass could be a curse

Oh, where your feet go, they flip toward the ceiling

Up is down, whoa, what a feeling

Mind wobbles, brain it is reeling


Infinity reaches outwards

Beginning and ends, the tower

You see the reflections in this complex

Late Entry

The Ancient Secrets

posted in OHC674 on Sep 09, 2021


Shimming up my way along this hike

Never thought I'd make it after the long trip

Scenery amazing, mountain high

Camping out until I warm up a bit

Here the ancient secrets I may find

Lying undisturbed, millennia freezing

May I find the answers lost to time?

Brush away the snow and unceasing ice


Nature has a way of making you think, just then

and when history begs for you to make amends


Push apart the door and there it goes

Sitting there a chest, the item inside

But alas, it left so long ago

You were not the first to reach here and find

Late Entry

The Road of Life

posted in OHC673 on Sep 02, 2021


When we travel the road of life

There's a moment within the light

Fog has scattered our path from sight

It's becoming unclear

Can't predict what befalls us all

Past the trees that grew bare in Fall

As the future will make its call

In the months and the years


We cannot see our end

Our vision will not portend

On the horizon, thoughts can lend

To make us ponder (just as sure as all that)


When we hit a bump on the way

We can shake but not drive astray

Go direct to tomorrow's fate

Of the life we hold dear

Over the Muck

posted in OHC672 on Aug 26, 2021


All around me lies the marshlands

I'm surrounded by the large plants

In the muddy slick of meadows

I can meet up with my fellows

Making sure your boots are tightened

We can search the land and find it

Analyze the ecosystem

With a bit of effort in


We're here, under the sun, over the muck

Here for the answers, with some luck

We will dig in, research within

and we can walk knee-deep in


Took some years, but we made progress

All the data worth the long trip

Take it back and catalogue it

Worth the dirt for scientists

Late Entry

In the Vacuum

posted in OHC671 on Aug 19, 2021


Alone inside a capsule in the void

I speed along without making a noise

In space you'll never have to hear me cry

Yelling out that I have missed you by my side

Though I will go where no one's gone before

I think about you stronger, ever more

I wish I could go back and stop this voyage

What's out those can't compare to simple joys


As I round the rings of Saturn

In the end, it's only matter

With the space that stands between us

and our love as hot as Venus

Count the days 'til we're together

Our devotion spans forever

In the vacuum my heart's yearning

Like a gaseous cloud, it's burning


I spin and find myself right on a path

Rebound around a planet heading back

This unexpected turning of events

Will bring me back to you, my love again

Skies Unlimited

posted in OHC669 on Aug 05, 2021


A life encapsulated, surrounded by these bars

I dream of touching the sky, as I sit passing hours

The moment comes to happen, I'm taken by surprise

A door is open freely, it beckons me to rise


I can spread my wings and fly into the air

I can go anywhere, and soar without a care

I know that life can be so free when uninhibited

With skies unlimited, and just the whim of it


The light that shines upon me, I never felt before

Then I look down and I see, the ever distant floor

Could I go even higher? I fly up even still

The cage is long behind me, my hopes are now fulfilled

Life Can Be Hard

posted in OHC668 on Jul 29, 2021

(Based on an unfinished Paul McCartney composition)


Life can be hard, but then

Just when we start to put it together again

She leads me on, and I'm enchanted by her beauty

Floating on air, it seems

This other world, she holds me forever, a dream

Encompassing all that I thought was reality


Impossible things have come to be

What once was a fantasy is real

and now that it's here before my eyes

What was hard is now easy


Life can behave in ways

You wouldn't expect, those objects above and away

beyond reach, all I can do is stop and wonder

Late Entry

Make a Deal

posted in OHC666 on Jul 15, 2021


Down on your luck, everything is never going your way

All you do is bring shame, your life is going astray

Then one day, it would seem a fortune falls on your path

All it costs is the whole of your soul, so you


Make a deal, if your problems can dissolve now

Sign away, on the contract you are offered

Naturally, there's a catch with this agreement

Especially when you're dealing with the devil


So it would seem that your life has improved, and daily

But inside you can feel the emptiness, a craving

To fulfill, it won't take, you'll never feel completed

and you wish you could renegotiate it so

There's a Ground

posted in OHC665 on Jul 08, 2021


You take your steps toward the other side

A bridge too far, and yet you saunter right over

With every step it wobbles to and fro

and then you feel it when you get the cold shoulder

You freeze in place, your feet cannot go forward

The destination is a speck in the distance

An ounce of strength is what would steel resolve

But on the other hand, you'll rest for a minute


If you fall, you will soon recall there's a ground

It isn't bottomless

The bridge can kill, if you drop you will make a sound

With no one else around


Your body tenses, nearly halfway there

and grip on tighter as you fight for your balance

A simple slip and you could end it all

The mental strain alone could drive you to panic

World Remember Me Now

posted in 2HTS379 on Jul 04, 2021

Cover version of The Go! Team. My theme was "exploding kittens".


Baby, it's just another day

If there's another way

Then where's the sign? 'Cuz I don't see one

Maybe it's 'cuz the meaning's gone

The days go on and on

And every morning is the same one


Hit the radio at 6-2-5

Down the hallway and I rub my eyes

World remember me now, world remember me now

Pour the orange juice and check the post

Flip the calendar and pop the toast

World remember me now, world remember me now


Maybe it's time for moving on

But I can't see beyond

When it's the only thing I know now

What's living really anyway?

When honey yesterday's

A carbon copy of tomorrow


Press the uniform and braid your hair

Check the mirror and you're still not there

World remember me now, world remember me now

Flip the horoscope, it's 7:08

Time to go, now hurry, don't be late

World remember me now, world remember me now

Out the door and take the 125

Down to Lexington and take a right

World remember me now, world remember me now

Just another year of doing fine

Just another year of getting by

World remember me now, world remember me now


Who's the person I can really be

If the galaxy believes in me

World remember me now, world remember me now

Catch up on the social, all the memes

Animated kittens exploding

World remember me now, world remember me now

Eyes are straining, feeling so fatigued

Then I go over to watch tv

World remember me now, world remember me now

After all of that, asleep by ten

Seven hours, do it all again

World remember me now, world remember me now

Late Entry

Micro Transaction

posted in OHC664 on Jul 01, 2021
Hi! I see that you've been slain 882 times. Need a little help?

See that your soul has succumbed to the epic monster thrash
But know that hope is not lost
You've got a chance, all you need is to pony up the cash
For every thing, there's a cost

Leveling up is as easy as entering your card
Your info's safe and secure
and in a moment, you're buffed and the beast you can discard
He'll be defeated for sure

Paying to win is not a shameful as people will say
An option to take, a simple micro transaction
The others will claim, it's just a scam to get money from you
To get to the end, you'll do a micro transaction

Draining you wallet is your choice and no one else's here
You fed your impulse, is all
Try on your own, but the boss is no joke, impossible
Unless you grease some more palms

Shut the Front Door

posted in OHC663 on Jun 24, 2021


Years ago, it felt like any day

Strolling back toward home after my daily struggles

As I bounded 'cross the barren yard

I could tell that something was amiss

Tried my key, but it could hardly fit

Wouldn't turn, I knew at this point it was over

All my livelihood, everything I owned

Locked away, this is how they evict


So my head it spins, I lost everything

Must be some way to set this right

Can't begin again, find some way to win

Where do I go to sleep at night?


Took a second to collect my thoughts

There's a chance that hope wasn't lost for the moment

All that's left is put my right foot forward

As I walk toward the rest of my life

Late Entry

The Rebels, Part II

posted in 2HTS369 on Apr 25, 2021
(A new followup to a compo song I wrote in 2010)


Just in time, the wall had fell. The rejoicing filled the streets

I didn't have a doubt that we had conquered the evil

Most of us had survived to the sequel


Dawn had risen, chapters closed, all the badness swept away

and we were free to roam and make our lives for ourselves

Oppression had dissolved in an instant


So what we did just then, we remembered who were gone

They went and made the ultimate of sacrifice for us

We will not forget what they brought us



The rebels, they are among us

The rebels, they fought the battles

The rebels, they were the fighters

The rebels, they who departed



I feel a tinge of dark, as we march down toward the streets

But there we plant a new flag to mark it

When the rebels were here to spark it


I go and shake it off, all the doubt I had inside

It's time to mark a newborn day, and open a new door

Kindred spirits fill up the town floor

Flamingos at My House

posted in 2HTS368 on Apr 18, 2021


Today just felt like any other day, I didn't think it'd go awry

But the flapping increased

I looked right out my window and I saw them, the flamingos flying by

and disturbing the peace


Imagine if the birds had found their way through their migration at my grounds

A ridiculous thought

What other reason could there be though? Have I really lost my marbles now?

They're just rolling a lot



Am I a lunatic, because I'm losin' it?

and all things I own, I guard

I had enough of it, maybe I'm full of it

So many pink flamingos at my house



What would happen if you spotted unfamiliar creatures at your stead?

Would you call the police?

Might you put out fencing blocking entrance, though they'll fly over your head?

Would you kick them to flee?

Late Entry

A Good Drive

posted in OHC652 on Apr 08, 2021


The extinguishing sun, no longer in your eyes

With the moon shining out, you know it is your time

Make a turn 'round the corner, go and take a right

and whatever occurs, you know it was a good drive


You ascend to the highway, speed without a care

Let the air whip around you, flowing through your hair

When you sit in the zone, you could go anywhere

and whatever goes down, you know it was a good drive



Your foot hits floor, you're gunning fast

Don't know how much this is gonna last

and through it all, your mind at ease

A comfort, you found some peace



At a crossroad, you see the changing yellow light

Take a risk that you might not make it through the night

But you go ahead, as the moment's hanging tight

and whatever occurs, you know it was a good drive

Late Entry

Lines in the Beach

posted in OHC650 on Mar 25, 2021


We all draw lines in the sand

and choose a side that we want to live on

But as we look to the sea

The coming waves can be seen just beyond



No, it holds no bias

Water breaks the silence

Doesn't matter, it's the equalizer 



Tides that go up and down, ebb and flowing

erase and make lines in the beach, da da da

and your opinions are no match for mother nature

It does what it can within reach



We scamper back from the crest

and do our best to adapt to the change

Soon our leisure is done

and what's begun is reclaiming its stage

Late Entry

One in a Crowd

posted in OHC649 on Mar 18, 2021
(No A.I. lyrics this time)


Shoulder to shoulder, nudge through the gridlock

Around the corner, there goes a gift shop

A simple tourist life is a pit stop

Between the airports, hotels, a mishmosh


At every city block is a fantasy

In every door, a thing that you have to see

The bopping crowd swarms past, much humanity

You make your righteous path, it will set you free



One in a crowd, alone with your hopes and dreams

You stand apart, and walk forth without a team

Branching aside, a goal that belongs to you

Away from the mass, your light always shining through



Amidst the bustle, you spot a treasure

A happy place awaits for your pleasure

It's on the other side of the people

You go along, a thread through a needle

Late Entry


posted in OHC648 on Mar 11, 2021


Time to shine, hit the switch, watch it unfold

Cast the light, open up, aperture goes

Fresh portal, babe, open wormhole

Fresh portal, babe, open wormhole



Space, girl, your voice is my lullaby

On and on and on, girl, keep on



I wanna take this time to find you

Discover why I love you

and let my heart crash in through space

Let's go, the singularity



Then the sun comes up and mornings never come

When crowds rise from the night

the space where I should be right now

No one ever breaks it down



Because my heart is one big hole, ah

and I just want to hold you close tonight

Late Entry

Skipping Stones

posted in OHC647 on Mar 04, 2021


So smooth from weathering, in the wash that came on the shore

The weight is comforting, it compels you, makes you want more

On the horizon, you might skip that stone far beyond

Some skill required, but your steady hand carries on



A stone from the stream

How much can you reach, far out there?

Hold on to your dreams

Aim well, and you'll meet your target 



Life is a narrative, there are twists on board toward the end

As far as you might throw, the stones sink again and again

Late Entry

Something About Us

posted in OHC646 on Feb 25, 2021

(Daft Punk 1993-2021)


It might not be the right time

I might not be the right one

But there's something about us I want to say

'Cause there's something between us anyway


Look out and see the shore line

The majesty, and bright lights

But there's something about us I've got to do

Some kind of secret I will share with you


I need you more than anything in my life

I want you more than anything in my life

I'll miss you more than anyone in my life

I love you more than anyone in my life

Blossom Out

posted in OHC645 on Feb 18, 2021


Winter's winding down, as the snow departs the ground

Warming up, the greens and browns are returning all around

Like the song, here's comes the sun, as the season's almost done

In a flash, the time will pass, and the spring will have begun


From the shadows it can grow, like a flower, let it go

It can sprout right from the cold, adding beauty to and fro

What a sight there to behold, every story ever told

Universal, never old, when the change starts to unfold



Light and the temperature rise, right in front of your eyes

As the flowers replace the ice, isn't it so nice?

When the weather will change, it provides a wide range

All the colors that blossom out from the shade



Curious for more, you begin to search the floor

Spot a plant or two galore, warms you right down to the core

Every second leads to growth, you admire nature's show

It's a metaphor for hope, only time will let you know

Rising Fire

posted in OHC644 on Feb 11, 2021


For too long, my life was frigid, lacking warmth within

No one to stoke that kindling, give me a chance to win

'Til you gave me the first spark, the start of a lasting burn

Gave me my new direction, I took a newfound turn



There goes a new emotion, a flame that resides in me

Inside, a searing passion, can't hardly stand the heat

There comes a rising fire, a lock for a molten key

Inside, a burning impulse, spreading for all to see



Witnessing all the changes, that you bestowed for free

I cannot help but wonder, are you my destiny?

Temperature keeps on climbing, but entropy settles in

Can't keep this up forever, the hotness is getting thin

Midnight Rider

posted in 2HTS358 on Feb 07, 2021

(cover of The Allman Brothers Band)


I've got to run to keep from hiding

And I'm bound to keep on riding

I've got one more silver dollar


And I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no

I ain't gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider

And I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no

I ain't gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider


I don't own the clothes I'm wearing

And the road goes on forever

I've got one more silver dollar


And I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no

I ain't gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider

And I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no

I ain't gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider


Yes, I've passed the point of caring

Some old bed I'll soon be sharing

I've got one more silver dollar


And I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no

I ain't gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider

And I ain't gonna let 'em catch me, no

I ain't gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider



I've never seen another pair of eyes

That caught my attention quite as much as yours

It drew my focus from the rocky sight

One step and I might have tripped right to the floor


A little date inside the cavern walls

The wonders that lie across the chasm there

They'll never match your beauty, such a doll

As long as I keep my grip, I won't have a fall



Don't look down, don't look down

Hold on to your wits, don't look down now

Hope looks out, it holds out

Don't look at the pit, hope holds out tonight



I sidle slow along the wide crevasse

It's worth it if I can get across to you

But if I missed, at least I gave a chance

A life that I fell into, and maybe I'm through

The Wolfpack

posted in OHC642 on Jan 28, 2021


When the moon is full, life is wonderful

Free to roam on the earth in the night

Nature rushes by, no more passerby

Lead the hunt that we need to survive


Further down we go, through the hot or cold

The luxurious fur keeps us warm

We had formed a pack, speeding front and back

Stronger as a group, more than apart



As sure as a howl, we go off on the prowl

There is power in numbers, the wolfpack is out



When the moonlight ends, we could still be friends

We return to our previous form

Go our separate ways, may return someday

Had this curse since the day we were born

A Forgotten Time

posted in OHC641 on Jan 21, 2021


When I walked through the growth

and the shrubbery on my own

I traversed, unaware

through a transport, exit unknown


I awoke, in a daze

The environment had a change

Then I stared, struck with awe

At the lizards filling the space



A forgotten time, before all mankind

There they lumber away, enormities

A forgotten sight, humble at their might

As they trample away, so much to see



I remain, in the past

and remark upon this affair

Perhaps I'll get back home

To my friends I'll say I was there

Sail the Universe

posted in OHC640 on Jan 14, 2021


Cruise through a sea of the cosmic, when we go through the tide

Bank on the wave unaccustomed, many sights that arrive

Nebulas fold in the darkness, and they shimmer so wide

Right off the bow is the future, and the future is now



Oh, when we sail the universe

there is no coast, no boundary

and when we float, when we sail the universe

We all behold, and the odyssey that unfolds



Traveling beyond through the parsecs, and the planets go by

Stunned on the deck, but we are set, any port that we find

Though we were used to the sunshine, on the edge of sea

Multiple stars lay before us, and what else might we see?

Snow Glare

posted in OHC639 on Jan 07, 2021


Going for a stroll, but little did you know

That the brightness blocks your way

You're used to the cold, did not expect your foe

Got hit by those sunrays


You begin to stumble and then you take a tumble

As you blindly search around

Head is gettin' dizzy, the snow is really slippy

Then your body hits the ground



When that sun hits ya, and the snow

underfoot decides where the light will shine

There's a solid chance that you'll need some shades

When the snow glare goes for your eyes



Still on the ground, don't dare look around

The light may strike again

Just gather your thoughts, all is not lost

It happens now and then


Get up on your feet, admitting defeat

You take your steps toward home

The sun at your back, it cannot attack

But your day of plans' gone cold


posted in OHC638 on Dec 31, 2020


It seemed impossible, but we achieved it

It's unbelievable, but we succeeded

Incomprehensible, it made a ruckus

and yet we look right back, a year behind us



We made it through this giant, insane, random, funny year of ours

Survived the unexpected turns within this wild and loopy ride

We fell right off that crazy calendar, now on the other side

Let's hope we reach another year to sing the tale



It's tough to put to words, what we are feelin'

The year has changed the world, let's get to healin'

Return to normalcy is what I'm hoping

But what is normal now? Let's get it going



We made it through this giant, insane, random, funny year of ours

Survived the unexpected turns within this wild and loopy ride

We fell right off that crazy calendar, now on the other side

Let's hope we make another year to sing the tale

Don't Give Up

posted in OHC637 on Dec 24, 2020


Ahead of you, there lies a trial

A bumpy road to face, with it's hills and it's obstacles

Try to process it, it drives you mad, a grueling gauntlet

Half of it incomprehensible


If you go and tell the big almighty, what your plan looks like

The response is bellowing laugh

You need to take that one first step

Into the great unknown, hope for the best



Things look tough. Don't give up

Keep it going 'til you make it through the course

Things look hard. Persevere

Don't you stop until you make it to the goal



Got farther than you think you could

Or maybe thought you should, you could still double back if you want

The rest might be a cakewalk here

Or maybe more to fear, only one way to know





The funny thing about a challenge, when you're on the other side

It feels like you're still in the trench

Your feeling of accomplishment is blemished by the notion

That you've got something left

Too Cold to Go

posted in OHC636 on Dec 17, 2020


I wandered in one day, so I could get a drink

Did not expect a freeze like I was in a rink

The barman looked to me, and asked what would I need

I want some warming up, to still my shaking knees



You gotta warm up, too cold to go

and when you're in, you sit right down

You gotta heat up, it's pretty cold

and when you're in, you drink it down


another cup, too cold to go

and when you're in, you sit right down

You gotta heat up, it's pretty cold

and when you're in, you drink it down, another



The looming walls of ice perplexed me to no end

The bar was lined with stools, they welcomed like a friend

I ordered half a glass, but he insisted more

Cuz it would heat me up, inside these chilly doors





and so I played along, within the frigid pub

Despite the arctic scheme, the place was filled with love

by the time I walked on out, was sweating like pig

In contrast to the icy night, I glowed within

Flowers Flow

posted in OHC635 on Dec 10, 2020


Oh, the frost has covered the hill

Can blossom forever still

collect the moisture

The frozen water can feed them, give 'em a fill


They turn over a new leaf

this time they won't be deceased

They color up the white sheet

The wide variety of hues seen


All seasons are the right time

The tulips always will shine

and 'round the corner you'll find

The daffodils all preserved in a line


Some roses peek from the snow

More kinds than you'll ever know

The countless species

Of flora spread on the ground, they grow and they grow



They won't ever let go, they bloom right in the snow

They won't ever feel the chill inside, cuz life find's a way to flow

They won't ever give up, a power like love

They won't ever feel the chill inside, the flowers flow



Spring and winter here are the same

An absent sun is to blame

The only warmth's around town

the kind you make yourself with a flame


The plants here bring us a smile

Can see them clearly for miles

In some small way

They cheer us up with a brightness, least for a while

Snowflakes and Starbursts

posted in OHC634 on Dec 03, 2020


As the powder falls, wonder clings to all

Up against a wall, a giant force field you see though

It contains the air, so we can live out there

Housing all the colonies, remote from our homeworld


We can roll up snow, toss it down the road

Go to shape a snowman, glowing under the starlight

Having all the joy, careful to avoid

Getting lost, among the darkness and in the bright white



The snowflakes and the starbursts

they mix together and make quite a sight

We walk along the path in awe of the splendor

A cosmic thing to behold


The snowflakes and the starbursts

are interchangable every night

We walk along the path in awe of the splendor

A cosmic thing to behold this time



Hear the crunching sound, coming from the ground

When you walk around, it flattens under your footsteps

Then you stop and think, what's the difference

From the cold in here, and coldness out in the vacuum?

To Feel Unique

posted in OHC633 on Nov 26, 2020


You want to feel unique

You'd like to feel brand new

The feeling hits, you want to stand out

But when it's time, you're still only you


You yearn to be distinct

Inspire all who sees

The impulse drives you all of the while

But make no progress, your hope has ceased



What is it like to be beautiful?

What is it like to be wise?

What can it be, to have all your fortunes?

What can you do to make it right?



You fight for every chance

Get knocked by every blow

and scramble back up, never do quit

Cuz opportunities always show

Tucked Away

posted in OHC632 on Nov 19, 2020
You would not believe your eyes
Cities underneath a stony ceiling
Rock that stands in place of sky
Stretching far beyond what you can see

Marvel at the structures tall
Take a step and hear those footfalls echo
Hiking ever closer still
Take a leap of faith and learn to let go

Hardly thought you'd see this place
In a lifetime's worth of exploring these
But one day you spot it all
A society tucked away here

So it comes all down to this
Just a yard away, you reach the front door
This is far beyond your wish
Now you get to see what youve dreaming of

They welcome you in, celebrate your sight
A visitor they had not seen in quite some time
They lavish with gifts, things you've never seen
But after a while, you must be off and say goodbye

So you leave the cave behind
What you see and felt, you'll keep forever
Take a final look, it shines
Lives that hide inside, like buried treasure

Shining Scales

posted in OHC631 on Nov 12, 2020

When you live like a little fish, stretching out your fins

and you swim 'til you reach the ridge, this is all there is

Life is clear, as you fill the gills, water's full of life

and as near as you are to it, it won't leave your sight


With a school of fellow swimmers

Round the bend, and then return again

With a cool, and flowing body

Listen in, and you will hear them


Shining scales, of a kindred kind, you don't act so coy

There you go, gliding parallel, sharing in the joy


With a school of fellow swimmers

Round the bend, and then return again

With a cool, and flowing body

Listen in, and you will hear your friend come again

No Rain

posted in OHC629 on Oct 29, 2020

(To the tune of "Cocaine" by J. J. Cale)


When the sky's overcast, and the sun don't last -- no rain

With a clill coming in, seep into your skin -- no rain


You won't drown in this town

Touch the ground -- no rain


We had hardly a drop, though the clouds won't stop -- no rain

In the fall bitter cold, freeze ya to your bones -- no rain


No sunshine, make you cry

In this life -- no rain


Light peeks through every now and again

With a sunshower, but not always

Then the warmth hits your face like a dream

But it isn't real, when it goes away


So you put up your hand, just to feel a chance (but) no rain

Yeah, you tighten your coat, cold may reach your throat -- no rain


You won't drown in this town

Touch the ground -- no rain

No sunshine, make you cry

In this life -- no rain

Polarity (reprise)

posted in 2HTS340 on Oct 04, 2020

(This is a cover version of the song starla literally wrote for this compo round today)



They say opposites attract

It's more likely than you know

When you crossed the finish line

I couldn't bear to tell you no


They say opposites attract

and you'll hear it every time

you reverse polarity

I found you at the starting line



When you pull us apart

and you stick us together

and you pull us apart

and you stick us together (like glue)



Though the two us repel

There's a chance we will connect

Because one of us will change

Who will it be? You take a guess

We Move On

posted in OHC624 on Sep 24, 2020


We come across our daily mysteries

Another puzzle to be solved

The ticking clock of life will not loose speed

So many steps it may involve


You try to crack the code, it will not budge

and no solution to be found

It's simply not worth all the trouble here

Maybe someday you come around



We move on, and beyond, we move on

We move on, and beyond, we move on, yeah



It's time to make a second go at it

But it persists, the problem lies

Continue right from where you went before

Then brush it off, not worth the time

Starship Thrill

posted in OHC623 on Sep 17, 2020


Venture into space on the bridge of a winner

Risks you have to take, just to see the whole picture

Travelling full speed, let's go right through the future

See what we will find, on the edge of adventure



Maximum warp takes us far away

Never know what we will run into, on the Starship Thrill



Then we reach our goal, and touch down on the surface

What will nature hold? We'll determine the purpose



What we discover, is like no other

So many lifeforms, I love them all

What we uncover, might make you wonder

More variations out there to find



On the Starship Thrill, at the end of our mission

As we head on home, so much things we'll being missing



Maximum warp takes us far away

and I hope I find myself again on the Starship Thrill

In the End

posted in OHC622 on Sep 10, 2020


Damp, and full of ruin

Where had the people gone after the worst had come?

A sinking void, where all the plants and moss had taken back their home

Seemed all alone, not even half the chance of meeting other souls

But there I see another person just like me



There I join a newfound friend

We'll survive disaster then

Cuz we made it in the end

Another day, it all depends, once again



Co-operate, we use our skills to raise the quality of life

It's not too hard, and so much easier with you



There I know a newfound friend

We'll survive disaster then

Cuz we made it in the end

Another day, it all depends


There I join a newfound friend

We'll survive disaster then

Cuz we made it in the end

Another day, it all depends, once again

Comfort (cover of Yoobii)

posted in OHC617 on Aug 06, 2020

This is a cover version of the intro theme to an RPG Maker game made by Yoobii.



A warm glass of milk, that old pair of slippers

Jeans that you'll never toss out

It's like the old tv show, you know it by heart

You sing the whole theme song out loud


We take it for granted, life that is cushioned

Makes for an easy livin'

Down on the couch, we're surrounded, creatures of habit

Reaching for what we're given



We just coast along in life

Keep our hopes inside, and sigh

Never go to take a chance

Put effort in our sights, and try



We could soar beyond what's familiar

We would leave our comfort then

We could fly right past what we recognize

We would leave out comfort there



The safe and the cozy, we always reach for

All to reduce the effort

No point in changing your routine this far

into your life, when it gives you pleasure

Rave in the Sky

posted in OHC616 on Jul 30, 2020


Creeping up on the horizon

Mystical, but not suprising

Such a view, and always rising

Twinkling, shimmering lights


All the world inside its purview

Even kids who hit the curfew

Change the mood, as if it heard you

Every single night


Never halts and always changing

Flips around and rearranging

Don't expect to see the same thing

It is quite the view


In a place and in the season

Simple cause, there is a reason

Stand in awe, and get the feelin'

It might take you



Rave in the sky

as the Earth begins to dance, on the cosmic floor

(I see a) rave in the sky

and the world moves with rhythm and flow



So the people get a-movin

Overcome, no refusin'

As the lights continue cruisin'

This might last for days


On and on, and no relenting

Not a shot that it is ending

The universe is always lending

All in the fray

Never Stopping

posted in OHC615 on Jul 23, 2020


It can grow from the shadows

From the cracks the crevices within

Where the water cannot flow

Though the desert is barren, it will win


There are moments of beauty

In the middle of stagnance and decay

It can sprout like a flower

Even places where weeds don't dare to stay



and the plant, it goes on, as it reaches the sun

as it goes right along, never stopping

never swaying from life, as it reaches the light

when the day turns to night, never stopping



One can pick up a lesson

Can observe the tenacity from this

Though surrounded by bleakness

Find the strength to endure and reach your bliss



So there's a place by the bay, makes a solid panini

Makin' love to the world, like Roberto Benigni

We could go there on your break, before all of the tweeny

polka-dot hot shots go and ruin the scene



It's like you're always on my mind, always on my mind

It's like you're always on my mind, always on my mind

It's like you're on it all the time, on it all the time

It's like you're on it all the time, on it all the time



Some folks float to the top, like a dollop of cream

I've watched you struggle like a mother since you were sixteen

It's insane, your brain is like a game of Jeopardy

Your Daily Double's got you down, you just wanna succeed



You're like the beanie baby everybody wants,

but nobody has (you're precious)

You're like a first-season sitcom no one picked up,

but I wish they had (cuz I would write that script)



We could try something new, or just a stupid sequel

Used to think people were good. Now I think they're just people

If you think that you are trash, then I guess I'm a seagull

Hover close beside you, all other things being equal

Crazy Passageway

posted in OHC613 on Jul 09, 2020


In the rain we go huddle beneath, but come out

in the sunlight, to find the world is dry

The tunnel's a journey we stumble within

'Til we're outside, and then we wonder why


Can tell my up from my down, directions are mixed

in confusion. Can someone help me out?

Am I at the beginning, or am I right at

the conclusion? And what's it all about?



There it goes again, point to point

In this crazy passageway, there's no other way

When I make it out, go right in again

Will this passageway end?



With a curve at top, and the pavement below

I am flummoxed, at where this path will stop

See what looks like a dot, it may just be the light

At the tunnel, but should I travel now?

Keep a Secret (cover of injury)

posted in OHC612 on Jul 02, 2020


The battle's just begun, the war I keep inside

I'll keep it secret from you, keep it for myself

When you're out of sight is when my life begins

I'll keep it secret from you, keep it for myself



I wrap my myself up and withdraw from you

Get covered and blanket myself, away from the truth

When you're far away, I unlock my own

private comfort, I keep a secret



The more I hide from you, the more I keep inside

I'll keep a secret from you, keep it for myself

When I'm all alone is when my life begins

I'll keep a secret from you, keep it for myself





So in the end I find a secret's more than words

I'll have it hidden from you, keep it for myself

To try to let it out is such a reckless thing

I'll have it hidden from you, keep it for myself

Back and Forth

posted in OHC611 on Jun 25, 2020

Distant relationships are a toil and a pain to the heart

I start to forget your face every second that we are apart

I feel so compelled to reach you, and feel your presence again

But all that I got right here is some paper and a pen to write you



Back and forth

Grab a pen and send me a letter, baby

Write me back

Let me know as soon as you can, my dear


Jot it down

You can go and send me a letter, baby

Please reply

Go to send a message and send it fast


So to my relief I find it, your warm and sunny reply

and though it seems energetic I hang my head back and sigh

Its not quite the same without you here in the flesh and with me

But just for the moment Ill keep my pen pal stationary to write you



Penmanship can reveal such character

Lines that go on and on, no editor

Grammar so slight, and careless structuring

Fretting on every word, as it goes

Taste of Sugar

posted in OHC610 on Jun 18, 2020

I turn your cravings into satisfied joy

I give you all the sweets you need to keep going

When youre with me, youre like a kid inside a candy store

You want some more, and I provide


Be happy when I give you all of my treats

Laid out like a buffet, its all you can eat

The instant pleasure waits right there before your fingertips

A Hersheys kiss, from you to me



A love so sweet can be like candy

It comes and goes, and can be so brief

I have you hooked and youre hooked on me

A taste of sugar is all you need


A rush and then a crash is par for the course

But when I fall, I land without too much force

I bounce right back and just in time to get your peppermints

Another lift, a hit with speed



Im in a daze, and Im phased at the tartness of love

Can be sour, can be bitter and coarse

Fill me for days, and Im crazed by the sugar release

Can it sate, for a moment or more?

Out of the Dark

posted in OHC609 on Jun 11, 2020

Shadows are my best friends inside the cave

I know that I would hardly ever crave

for more. The light may beckon me to go

Explore, but I hold on to my belief


My choice to stay right here inside the hole

Unmoved, I have it all, a treasure trove

Sunrays entice me still, and draw me close

I walk beyond


Out of my darkened sanctuary

Never thought I would be so happy

This was the place I always could be

Out of the dark and feeling so free


Had doubts that I could live out the wild

Stone walls were shelter when I was child

Now moss would cushion me with every step

I walked beyond




Years pass, I take a visit to the hole

Unsure if it was smaller than before

Ive grown, in body, mind, and in my soul

I moved beyond

Breeze at Night

posted in OHC608 on Jun 04, 2020

Home, staying in from the storm

Has become our new norm

Even as things get warm

Looking out, theres a howl


As we watch from inside

All we can do is hide

Leaving so much aside,

cuz we know whats beyond

and there it comes


A breeze at night, can be more than it seems

Yes a breeze at night, can become quite a wind


So, watching unrest unfold

as the wind starts to blow

and you feel you must go

as it grows to a peak


Leaving comfort behind

Is a risk you will find

That could help all mankind

For the time you will see

That there it comes

A Closer Look

posted in OHC607 on May 28, 2020

A vessel floats along so gently past the pier

But then I see its not big as it appears

We take it all for granted, what we see and hear

But then we act surprised as soon as it is near


I had a closer look

That was it took

I had a closer look

By the flowing brook


I chanced a meeting with a lovely little face

But then she wandered off, just gone without a trace

Years went by before revisiting that place

Had she come back? I swore it might had been the case


I had a closer look

That was it took

I had a closer look

By the flowing brook


Had a closer look

That was all it took

Had a closer look

But I mistook


My spirit floats away, no longer tied to being

A life that ended, body cast away and free

Did I die, or was I still within a dream?

A closer look discerns so little left to see

Roots from the Ground

posted in OHC606 on May 22, 2020

What you once thought was your home

(is gone) and nowhere to be found

They took your roots from the ground


You stood firmly in your yard

(but alas) they denied you your town

They took your roots from the ground


You thought you were just like everybody else, I suppose

But the truth of the matter is that you stood apart, alone


The authorities were called (just for you)

When the forces abound

They took your roots from the ground

There goes ten years, gone right past me
as I wonder what I’ve done
No one quite knows where the time goes
Battles lost and battles won

A rustling jam is all I’m left with

As I shamble down this long road
Never certain where I’ll go
Pick things up as I go along
Breaking even, getting old

A rustling jam is all I’m left with

making due with constant changes
faces scatter like the leaves
distant winter coming closer
get my mind up off that freeze

A Little Tune ft. Steven William

posted in OHC389 on Mar 24, 2016
(composed, produced by JH Sounds
vocals and guitar by Steven William)

This night I wrote myself a little tune
It's not quite as beautiful as you
You make me feel new, like this little tune

Like inspiration coming out the blue
joined together, holding strong as glue
just me and you, as we always do

and every time I get closer to finally
pairing words with the melody
So I strive and I try to communicate
what you mean to me

Your smile delights me still, my little muse
ideas flow that I could freely use
So I thank you for this little tune

Ice Carrier

posted in 2HTS19 on Aug 17, 2014
my toil is endless burden, I sweat in this freezing cold
hard path for a measly pittance, others gave up I'm told
pull behind me a frozen slab, I grit and i bare my teeth
just so the very wealthy have something to cool their tea

I'm slinging this ice on my back, so sure that one day I will crack
I'm working all night and all day, and bringing this ice on its way

a land of glaciers, an arctic desert wasteland
horizon blue and white, I carry as much as can
I reach an impasse, the path through is frozen over
do I leave my cargo, and turn back homeward?

most men would give up at this juncture
no pay would be worth such a task
but I'm not quite like other people
with me, I've got nothing to lose

Big Surprise

posted in OHC305 on Aug 14, 2014
you were normal, I had quirks, from the start it wouldn't work
yet somehow then, love began
you opened up your heart, like a distant glowing star
i ventured forth, toward your soul

all the odds were against us, we came from different worlds
but found a way to get back someday

the months and years would pass, did a lot, but went so fast
we shared one life, you and I
always got your hand to hold, you'll be here when we get old
you're my love and, my best friend

all the odds were against us, we came from different worlds
but found a way to get back someday
all the good cards were dealt we were left with just two pairs,
but just your face would give me my ace that i need

we hold our newborn child, and he has his mother's smile
his father's eyes -- big surprise
our baby has such joy, such a wonderful young boy
and suddenly, we feel free

all the odds were against us, we came from different worlds
but found a way to get back someday
all the good cards were dealt we were left with just two pairs,
but just your face would give me my ace that i need

What Remains

posted in 2HTS18 on Aug 10, 2014
When the rug's pulled from under you, feels like you're floating
There's nothing to hold on to set you the right way
This vacuous space, is what's left of our homestead
and nothing is what remains

Do you remember our life when it rendered apart?
Had our future and everything else to look forward to
All journeys take turns, ours turned for the worse
It's a gamble, a fateful game

If I could go back, take a different step, walk along a brand new path
Hindsight clear to me, my vision's right and I want to set this straight

Have you spotted yourself and said "oh what was I thinking?"
That moment detached from the world with your mind blank?
Well that's where we are and yes this moment's forever
regardless you're still with me

If I could go back, take a different step, walk along a brand new path
Hindsight clear to me, my vision's right, and I want to set this straight
Not so bad when were not truly alone, like the song says "all you need is love"
Can we say we have nothing at all, when I'm right here by your side?

When the rug's pulled from under you, feels like you're floating
There's nothing to hold on to set you the right way
This vacuous space, is what's left of our homestead
our love is what still remains

My New Life

posted in OHC299 on Jul 03, 2014
found a new place, a new taste
and a new face (a new identity)
fools stay in they're old ways
made a cool break (i'm startin' over)

but then she shifts her eyes
as if to say "oh cool, do i know you?"
sending shivers down my spine, end of the line

i see the way you eye me
oh do you recognize me?
are you just flirtin' with it,
or is my new life finished?

is it too late? will i move it?
should i leave here? (find a new place)
i'm spotted, disappearing's my one option (and high tail it)
am i just paranoid, or will she just spill it, out in public?
is this her way of warning me in time?

i see the way you eye me
oh do you recognize me?
are you just flirting with it,
or is my new life finished?

Fun Escape

posted in OHC298 on Jun 26, 2014
feel the coolness, it spreads as the sun sets
leave you worries behind, it's cast away
see the road as it stretches so far ahead
join your friends as journey begins

because there's no more stress and no more mess
for our fun escape (don't have to worry here)
smiling up at the sky it feels so great

and so relax, no need to be tense
vacation's under way (we'll find the light within)
life's a dream when you have a fun escape

oh the doldrums of living's so hard sometimes
keeping schedules and chores piling on
brighten up when you see an opportunity
throw aside what you're told for what you need

because there's no more stress and no more mess
for our fun escape (don't have to worry here)
smiling up at the sky it feels so great

and so relax, no need to be tense
vacation's under way (we'll find the light within)
life's a dream when you have a fun escape

The Box

posted in OHC292 on May 15, 2014
an overnight delivery
i thought the mail would be there in time for her
my faraway love
but no the package disappeared
oh, was it lost as i had feared? then it came
to my door

oh what's inside the box (does it really matter)
is that really my box (that returned to me)
oh what's inside the box (it had been my answer)
for what's inside the box (is a part of me)

how much of me i gave away
my heart, my soul and everything i am
with postage attached
like that, the box was turned away
rejected by a stranger i thought i knew
now no more

oh what's inside the box (does it really matter)
is that really my box (that returned to me)
oh what's inside the box (it had been my answer)
for what's inside the box (is a part of me)

Sven Hoykanik Theme

posted in OHC282 on Mar 06, 2014
slowly gaining his bearings
getting a hang of this world
Sven Hoykanik spends his time
getting used to cultures new

he strokes his beard, amazed
the unfamiliar and strange
lands weird to him, language eerie
adventures he'll pursue

people say that he won't find his way
but all those pessimists
they don't think hope exists

Sven is making much progress
he's learned a sentence or two
customs, greetings they come to mind
as easily as can be

people say that he won't find his way
but all those pessimists
they don't think hope exists

now people start to say he's on his way
and now they're optimists
the hope they all had missed
has come to stay

A New Start

posted in OHC280 on Feb 20, 2014
I step back into the open air
and see the sky, no longer scared
signs of life i see everywhere
no longer alone

i stumble forth as i find my place
and hope i find a friendly face
a victory for the human race
we'll all survive
and the earth is still one piece

we spent so long, far apart
now's a new start

I'm back within the community
forgot how great my old friends could be
i reminisce with my family
good times for us all

looking up at the distant clouds
thinking back to the crashing sounds
the bombs are nowhere to be found
there's peace at last
and the world might heal itself

we spent so long, far apart
now's a new start

oh those haunting days when the war raged on, made me still
memories of hearing fights, who won? no one knows

dust it off like it never occurred, but you know
life may not be one hundred percent
after all that we've been through

Freezing Away

posted in OHC278 on Feb 06, 2014
there were four of us that fateful day
but only three had come back home to stay
night had fallen, we wondered where he was
we hope for his return just because (it might be)

too late on the other side
freezing away til the morning light
as we wait by the fireside
whiling away til the morning light

inside the cabin we knew we feared the worst
a man in the wilderness, and all the snow immersed
we thought of going out and searching for this soul
despite the risk at hand, the unrelenting cold (it might be)

too late on the other side
freezing away til the morning light
(as) we wait by the fireside
whiling away til the morning light

The Surveyor

posted in OHC276 on Jan 23, 2014
Secret lives of people in love
makes me think of all those above
the way they peer with their eyes
and the way they scrutinize

Secret lives of people like me
are the ones the others can see
they pry and peer all day long
where they don't belong

the surveyor of all that you see
isn't me

now's the time to speak up and halt
stop them breaking into our vaults
taking all out valuable thoughts
slipping in, they never get caught

go on now and pick up your voice
cuz the others give us no choice
save our right to hide as we please
and our privacy

the surveyor of all that you see
isn't me

get those people off of our backs
don't you think we try to relax?
get away from all of our things
that we hold dear

Make a Wish Upon It [BONUS]

posted in OHC247 on Jul 04, 2013
[Disclaimer: This was meant to be my entry last week, but I tinkered with it too long and overshot the deadline by several hours.]

clouds part and the moonlight falls on your shoulders
it make me feel awe to have you
you smile and the sparkle comes from your eyes
and the night is complete, in my view

a flash in the distance grows ever large
what a night for a wish, a comet
that star with the glowing tail, where your dreams may be real
a belief, a promise

There's a shooting star right above you
Streaking light across, we look up to
Anything you want may just come true
When you make a wish upon it

There's a shooting star right above me
Streaking light across the whole country
Anything I want may just come true
When I make a wish upon it

We fly in my dreams at night and we soar
past the hills in our flights of fancy
come dawn and the wish was granted
your here by my side and the stars, they made it so

Down the Hall

posted in OHC245 on Jun 20, 2013
I just got the call
there's a party down the hall
it's just bumpin after all
and there's always something, always something

check the BPM, they're movin right and left
the DJ's namin' checks, checkin' names and spinnin decks
bodies on the floor, they always ask for more
that's what the jockey's for, the rhythm drivin', people jivin'

lights up in your face, they strobe across the place
right along the bass, buzzed at night, and feeling right
reach up to the bar, haven't gone that far
head all fulla stars, havin' fun until the sun

dig all through those crates, that crowd to satiate
those beats to contemplate, serving beats so they can eats
and feast upon those tracks, chicks are bumpin' backs
the club is fully packed, the night goes on all through the dawn

Feel So Bad (Duosis remix)

posted in OHC240 on May 16, 2013
Another place looks like home, but it doesn't ring true
subtle changes that strike me nonetheless, the little manners, the way you hold your dress, look different to me
And I don't feel right, belonging in this strange new world
Even though you look just like she did, to love you would be like I've lost my lid, I'm losing my mind
folks are phony, imposters, strangers to me
Would be great if I went from whence I came, got my whole other life to reclaim, I want to go back
To see those eyes again, the fire sparks within
And I think to myself, what's the rush? What's the other world got? Nothing much. (and I say)

I don't wanna feel bad anymore (x2)
Don't you think it's time that we explore the magic of our love together?
I don't wanna feel bad anymore (x2)
Don't you think it's time that we explore the secrets of our lives together at last?

This world is just the old one, everything's in place
you love me just like the other had, and all the times that we shared, good and bad, reliving my past
like some voodoo repeating all the things that we did
the bond that she held, we do too, it's like we're looping around, me and you, all over again
I feel so bad to be holding all these feelings for you
cuz somewhere out there I know she's still there. May never see her again, I don't care. I've got a new hope
Together we will prevail, unlike in the old world
Won't make the mistakes that split us apart, seems like I just got a new start (and I say)


You know I used to feel so bad, I don't feel so bad anymore

Fall of a Legend

posted in OHC191 on Jun 07, 2012
we sit back to remember an honored man
paved the road for countless others though his lifespan
his single lasting voice spoke throughout the ages
the legend grows forever, beyond the pages

we speak about the fall of a legend
leaving a footprint, an indelible imprint
of course we speak about the fall of a icon
one minute here, and in the next he is gone

we often take for granted what came before
all the talent, and the influence that opened the door
the endless line of people that walk his steps
they know enough to humble themselves in respect

Beyond the Silence

posted in OHC190 on May 31, 2012
our limbs outstretched for ever more
beyond the silence, grassy floor
I've never seen the boy before
he rushes up to me

he yells "what sorcery is this?"
we easily laugh and dismiss
this boy he knows not what he says
to disrespect our land

why do the humans
rush to our hands
they think we're just trees here
to follow commands

why do the humans
lie under our heads
do they think we exist
just to offer them rest

so we say "go on with you"
and he shrugs without a care
and we're losing our patience
in the darkening air

now why would he do that?
endanger his life
not a weapon is on him
no gun, and no knife

we reach the final moment
he makes his last move
though the boy was first brave
he was quickly removed

Descending Silently

posted in OHC188 on May 17, 2012
surrounded by four walls
the stainless steel so tall
the lift just goes one way
the sinner's path, your stay

the warmth rises up your neck
and lowest floor goes to [REDACTED]

descending silently toward a heat
imagine Lucifer there to greet
your chance to repent's flown, you see
the only option, is to retreat

the door opens suddenly
you know that you gotta leave
no ladder that's within reach
this cavern you must breech

hotness hits your every breath
avoid eternity worse than death

Raise Your Voice

posted in OHC187 on May 10, 2012
[I'm sure there's a song in here somewhere]

you've got to raise your voice (you got to let it out)
you've got to let them know (gotta tell em now)
you've got to raise your voice (you got to let it out)
you've got to let them know

spell it out and show them that your words are truly
something worth their time

here are all the people now
gathered just to hear your story
eyes upon your every move
you could fail or rise to glory

Hugging Time

posted in DDC14 on Mar 31, 2012
Team name: The Bangin Bros

JH Sounds - vocals, arrangement, production, lyrics

J Smooth (my brother) - vocals, melody, lyrics

Hangin' just my bro and I, havin' fun throughout the night
stop to think and then I sigh. do I try to hug him tight?
show I like him and I say "is this still a manly way?"
ask him now and he just shrugs. guess he's ready for a hug

Don't hug me too hard, but I like the affection
that has satisfaction, that has the affection

Think I gripped my bro too strong, but it didn't feel so wrong
care too much to let him down, when we stop to play around
knows I didn't mean no harm, when I tried to clutch his arm
he's delighted, smiles so wide. now I know it's huggin' time.

End of War

posted in OHC179 on Mar 15, 2012
War rages in my heart, once whole, now split to pieces
Both sides think they're right, but apart they're never beat again
Heroes rise to the occasion. Martyrs never see the light of day, oh so they say

The end of war's in their sights, they believe
Ceasing battle, reconciled, lasting peace

Love is a battleground. You toy with my emotion
and I take the lastet strike. Your strategy's in motion
Casualties they rise and rise. For what is all this madness? Who is right, in this fight?

Thursday Night's Alright

posted in OHC178 on Mar 08, 2012
It's getting late, been waitin since eight
And the OHC is gettin near
At nine o'clock I'm gonna rock
Got a head so fulla ideas
ThaSauce is a madhouse people go to hang out
And the organizer sits right there
60 inches tall, so she's really small
With a bit of blonde in her hair, ohhhh

Forget about all the chatroom drama
The music makes it disappear
Thursday night's all right for compo
Get a little headbob here
Ya gotta keep it cool when you write those tunes
But don't you miss-a that deadline
Thursday night's a night I like
Thursday night's all right

Well it's packed real tight, and the theme tonight
Got me thinkin that the chatroom's really goin right
All the stars in the crowd make their masterpiece
When the listenin party starts, I'm like, "QUEUE ME"
I got some VSTs that are really cool
The organizer hosts the round like she's head of school
She got her friends thinkin that she runs a class
The only thing I learned is that she got dat ass, ohhhh


posted in 2DC013 on Apr 16, 2011
The harmonious randomness of falling drops of rain. Made using Otomata.

Thank You

posted in OHC131 on Apr 14, 2011
I'm feeling a little off tonight, so here's another theme reading. Also I'll be taking a break from making music for a while, so I'll see how that goes.

Wandering Eye

posted in OHC129 on Mar 31, 2011
An ominous eye opened within the center of the harrowing storm. A sense of ominous danger...[read more at]

Tonight's Theme

posted in OHC124 on Feb 24, 2011
You have been invited to an exclusive club. What club? A club sandwich? A super secret club? A club to hit people with? A dance club? Club soda? A locking device for vehicles? Tonight's theme is "Club".


posted in OHC107 on Oct 21, 2010
[21:15] hangin' up there
[21:15] in the sky
[21:15] some might wish on it
[21:15] some might see it as a good omen
[21:15] or a bad omen
[21:15] some might think it's made of cheese
[21:15] some are determined to reach it

Fill Me Up

posted in PRC176 on Aug 24, 2010
This is more of a demo than anything else. I had fun writing the lyrics, but you have to imagine this being sung by someone who can actually sing.


Take me to the doctor, I've been oh so very sick
Get me that prescription that'll make me better
No, he's not a plumber, his degree is on the wall
Always has a plunger on him--

(a syringe, not the thing for toilets)

Surely he will fix me up, it's not an easy task
rid me of this fever, get me healthy in a minute

fill me up with goods
fill me up with love
fill me up with tiny pills to make me well

Get me to the MD, I'm not feeling very good
Give me medication, I'll be right as rain then
No, he's not the guy who checked my sink the other day
has a PHD and he can cure my ailments

He can get me healthy more than anybody can
clear away my fever, get me better in a minute

fill me up with goods
fill me up with love
fill me up with tiny pills to make me well

fill me up with meds
fill me up with joy
fill me up with tiny pills to make we well

Emotional Stage

posted in FBRC2010 on Aug 21, 2010
Game: Mega Turrican
Track: Stage 1-1
Requested by: LuketheXjesse
Duration: 2:40

I think of fire in connection with emotions because when you become "stirred up", when your emotions control your actions, it affects not only yourself but the people around you. Psychologists find that control of emotions can be gained by understanding the stimulus response pattern. When you have certain experiences, you respond with various emotions - a stimulus response. Cause, effect... Nature endows us at birth with three general patterns of emotional response: Rage is the response to the primary stimulus of thwarting, something interfering with our behavior, or actions; Fear is the response to loud noises, or loss of support; and the emotional response to love is usually the result of a show of affection, or favors... and these seem to be the emotions with which we start life. Then as we grow up, many everyday things and social situations become associated with these primary stimuli, partly by a process called conditioning... and so, many things and people cause us to respond emotionally, and in general that's good. For there are many factors involved in a personality, and a balance of emotion is important to a well-rounded personality... but emotions out of control, well... What might happen to you, or to me? What's the stimulus that brings on this sudden emotional response of anger or mild rage? Shortcuts often lead to trouble, and thus loss of emotional control. You've heard "haste makes waste"? Did you ever hear anyone say "I was so mad I couldn't see straight"? Severe emotional stress often decreases efficiency. Anger is a violent emotion, and we often see an induction of behavior or spread of emotion to other persons, almost like a contagious disease.

Space Medley

posted in OHC085 on May 20, 2010
This is a cover medley of my previous space-themed entries:

"Planetary Findings" (OHC028)
"Front Row Seat" (OHC019)
"Amps on the Moon" (OHC045.5)
"Darkness, Silence and Stone" (OHC055)

Pyramid Scheme

posted in PRC156 on Nov 03, 2009
Sonic Adventure 2 - Pyramid Cave

I was remixing this from memory, and it wasn't until I looked for a YouTube video that I realized a good chunk of source is missing. Ah well.

Spanish Armada

posted in FBRC2009 on Aug 22, 2009
After several false starts, I managed to conjure up something song-length. I guess that's enough for whoever requested the remix.

Source: Star Fox (SNES) - "Space Armada"

DIY Timeflux

posted in OHC043 on Jul 09, 2009
I'm wasn't sure how much I could trust the professor and his creepy basement lab, but his idea that he could give me back any time I wasted down there piqued my interest...

Titan Valley

posted in ORC117 on Mar 06, 2009
A young adventurer reaches the formidable fortress of the titans. Will his stamina endure, or must he visit the secret fountain to restore his health? Either way, his destiny lies further into the desert.

Double Cross

posted in PRC139 on Feb 08, 2009
I was planning to do a decent remix, but when I played around with it, the idea slowly drifted away. I thought I could dive in the stream to catch it, but realized that would only ruin my best pair of trousers.

Two Minutes Alone

posted in PRC135 on Dec 11, 2008
As soon as I heard the chords I just knew I had to do some sort of hip hop piece. There wasn't really a melodic hook in the source that could carry that idea along, so I ended up just creating one. :)

Monsters Don't Hurt Mario

posted in PRC123 on Jun 27, 2008
This track is inspired by the time I experimented with a GameShark; the title is taken from a code nickname. I had an ambient electronic piece in mind for my entry, but my physical ailments and lack of time restricted this to a bare-bones piano rendition. I was even about to rename it "Pianos Don't Hurt Mario" when I suddenly remembered that a piano monster ACTUALLY APPEARS in the game. :o

Sly Land

posted in PRC119 on Apr 29, 2008
This originally started off as a lullaby, but I got bored with the idea and shelved it. Then I tried an classical piece, which morphed into a march. I ended up tossing that as well, due to how slow-working I was on it. The final product sticks to the first idea, with tiny remnants of the other two for progression.
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