One Hour Compo - Round 84 (OHC084)

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May 13, 2010 JH Sounds
  1. Raw freestyle
  2. A story of creation and destruction
  3. Armageddon Cruisin'
May 13, 2010 dusthillguy
  1. FDSAASDF2000
  2. Lets not die together, eh?
  3. ANNOL
I just had to vote Ainor first, because their song was so original. It was truly groundbreaking stuff.
May 13, 2010 RAMPKORV
  1. FDSAASDF2000
  2. FDSAASDF2000
  3. FDSAASDF2000
May 13, 2010 Usabell
  1. Demon Mafia from Hell Destroys all Natur
  2. ANNOL
  3. integrity loss
It was a bit hard to vote this time because a lot of submissions didn't really fit the theme. I found these three to be the best overall for me, they have great compositional and production value.
May 13, 2010 Kinslayer
  1. The Darkest Hour
  2. Deathspire
  3. Apocalyptic Medley
These three compos stuck out in my mind the most, while some of the other were just as good, the first two stuck out in my mind simply because they really followed the theme quite well. Usabell's actually scared me a little bit. The third I chose because it was the most creative out of all of them, while it didn't fit the theme so well, it was miraculously well written despite the unoriginal use of source tunes. However, out of 32 songs, these were the three that stood out to me the most.
May 15, 2010 DDRKirbyISQ
  1. Demon Mafia from Hell Destroys all Natur
  2. Lost it
  3. When Blue is Bad
Comments on everybody's songs since I couldn't stay for the listening party.

Shael_Riley - Locust Pocus
lolololololol. best end.

coda - integrity loss
Very energetic, and very nice textures at 0:28 as well. Total VGM vibe here. Sweet! And nice way to end it off too ^^;

Draconiator - Armageddon Cruisin'
FL Slayer! Nice filtering here. Wish the hits had a little more reverb here. Ending was sudden but not bad! Hats were a little overpowering and the snare was way in the background; pay attention to that.

BrandonS - Who Cares
Very nice intro! And oh sweet, sexy guitar. Kinda felt like the rhodes is panned a little too far right; maybe it's just me. Very nice, though i would want something to break up the long solo section.

haha reverbbbb on the drums xD. I like the tom fills here, that's classic. Wish the hats weren't always panned to the right though T_T. Also the bass is a little underpowering compared to all the treble in here I feel. Nice piano work hahaha. wtf at 2:35...xD I think that section would have been better without the drums tbh.

B-Type - Lets not die together, eh?
You win for using "Also, gee" in your lyrics.

Bren - Apocalyptic Medley
I couldn't recognize the first two D=. Things start getting really loud around 1:37, careful about that. Neat medley!

AkogareZephyr - Preparing Your Doom
Oh whoa that bass is panned to the right T_T. Random: bass reminds me of the Melnorme theme from Star Control II. Your percussion is very neat, as always. Nice automation/LFO (whichever) on the arp synth. Swing/shuffle at 1:30, nice! Not that much going on here, but still cool.

CJthemusicdude - Failure at the slinky factory
I heard you sampled a slinky for this, which is absolutely amazing. YES! Nice snare/synth sound here, though I wasn't quite a big fan of the bass. And of course nice ending xDDD.

What is this I don't even...

Gario - Demon Mafia from Hell Destroys all Natural Life on Earth
This is perfect "I'M BACK" intro. xD NICE bells. Actually nice everything here, holy crap. Though I wish the big fat low brassy instrument at the very beginning had a liiiitlle bit more oomph. The xylo (is that a xylo? or is it vibes?) is great, and then when you lead into the synth section that's a GREAT transition. The last section is =totally= Perfect Dark. Awesome job.

Kinslayer - Prelude to the End of Days
Short, but has a very nice vibe to it.

dusthillguy - Min bror
Lol runs. Kind of gets repetitive =/

Usabell - The Darkest Hour
This is System Shock 2 music, totally. Seriously. Very nice atmosphere here; somehow doesn't really get boring even though it doesn't change much.

sci - When Blue is Bad
Lol what was that glitch at the very beginning and end? Hehe. Very nice intro. Very chill song, though I do kind of wish for a tad more variation in something of this length. But I really like this, and it's a departure from what I've heard from you do before too, so (b^^)b

Kaxon - Lost it
WIN!!! I can't believe you did this; you are amazing. That pad texture really works here too.

Jakesnke17 - Scary Rave
Interesting, hehe. Nice minor minor-ness on the rave. loudness o_o

cyrilthewolf - Catastrophic Failure
Nice screaming >=D. Very long =O

Flik - Dragon Failure
Nice minimalism. I really like the noise snare here.

LuketheXjesse - Defeat!
Short but sweet! Nice mixing here.

Arcana - A story of creation and destruction
Nice phased synth lead. I like the evolution of the song, there's really nice variety!

Suzumebachi - Roflocalypse
Moar angry metuhl.

swordofdestiny - Apocalypse Tritonal Blues
Haha nice. Drums are wicked sick...I don't like that sine-y sounding arp though. Also I kinda wanted more bass.

elsalluz - Raw freestyle
YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! This is perfect for when you want to "URRAHHHHHHH". Also, best end.

liquidwind - FAILURE
Neat synths! Would have liked more variation in the drums though; they really had potential. Cool hat fills in the middle section though, good job on that.

Biznut - This is how the world ends...
Haha neat intro. And then I really like the changeup at 1:20--nice chords! And it fits with the voice as well. Dude this is awesome. Normalize it next time though =X

trenthian - La surfin mexicana
Voice in the intro was really great; wish it was repeated once more. Nice strings! And at 1:13 whoa wtf yesssssss. hahahaha.

ProjektZero - catastrophic Failure For Reals!
Best lyrics!!!!!! =DDDD Watch the tuning on "catastrophic failure", but otherwise this is good fun ^^ and good end of course...hmm this seems to be a trend.

just64helpin - Joy After All
I wish the transition at 0:31 could have been a taaad smoother somehow. Other than that, neat!

Destroid - One Doomed Space Marine
Dirttyyy. Very apocalyptic. And very long. o_o

Shadix - Your Just a Failure
Really like the chords in the beginning, as well as the vocals in the background. What IS that clicking though? >_<
May 20, 2010 sci
  1. Preparing Your Doom
  2. Dragon Failure
  3. Deathspire
also, textures.
May 20, 2010 siebensus4
  1. Dragon Failure
  2. Deathspire
  3. Catastrophic Failure
1. great atmosphere & second part

2. great rhythm & drums!

3. death metal is just perfect for this theme ;-)