Planet 452

posted in OHC797 on Jan 18, 2024
Space, the final frontier
You gotta get clear
Erasin' all the fear of the past light years

You're a stranger now in this desolate land
Mission command, what's the plan? I'm only one man

One leap for mankind it's fine 'cause I'm blind
Tasting all the sulfur in my mind

I can't bear this air anywhere but I don't care
Suffocating is a prayer to declare

My race to space is the thing that I chase
Flying away from my birthplace

I travel to the end of my galaxy
Hoping to escape from all the fallacy

I wanna see something new in the dew
Of the blue sky drive of Planet 452

I wanna meet someone strange, someone out of my range
So I can change myself, and be rearranged


(repeat because I ran out of time to write more)

Winter Fox Spirit

posted in OHC786 on Nov 02, 2023
Sometimes during One Hour Compo I get so wrapped up in trying to make sure that I'm working as fast as I can that I forget how it can also be enjoyable to let a song speak naturally, even if it's a little bit shorter in length.

This song spoke to me as I was writing it, reminding me that not every piece needs an epic drop, a section with a halftime beat, or fancy drum fills. I just need to find what the song wants to be naturally; no more, no less.

This Ol' Space Farm

posted in OHC781 on Sep 28, 2023
It's an honest life out here!
I feel like I've been neglecting my 9-bit chiptune roots a bit, so I'm going to be trying to stick to this style a bit more in coming weeks.

Dark Depths

posted in OHC775 on Aug 17, 2023
Low pads, and a shimmery texture made of washed out reverb.

Started 20 mins late but still had plenty of time, using a slow tempo helps!


posted in OHC756 on Apr 06, 2023
Was inspired to do something that slowly evolves over time, but keeps the same motif throughout. Lots of lowpass filter automation, washed out in reverb to fill out the space.

Handpan Mistwalker

posted in OHC750 on Feb 23, 2023

Wasn't sure whether I'd make it back in time for OHC so I did it beforehand. I used as a sample for my theme and tried to make some chill beats to go with it.

"Making of" video:

Neon Legacy OST

posted in OHC743 on Jan 05, 2023
This weekend is another round of Ludum Dare, so as usual to warm-up I did a mini-OST for OHC. This time I tried to put in a variety of styles, while still sharing some recurring musical motifs.

0:00 - Radiant City [Title]
1:25 - Lasergun Lockdown [Battle]
2:12 - Rainy Alley [Shopkeep]
3:18 - Above the Metropolis [Boss]
4:25 - Back to the Beginning [Credits]


posted in OHC736 on Nov 17, 2022
just a little longer...

Kind of experimental and washed out. Featuring vocals from and a bunch of random textures.

Shovelfall WIP 2

posted in OHC735 on Nov 10, 2022
Did another draft for a commissioned piece today. The assignment was to make a jungle/tribal-sounding gameplay theme.

I didn't get enough sleep so I was actually struggling to keep my eyes open at some parts while writing this, hopefully it doesn't show lol :P

infinite night sky

posted in OHC734 on Nov 03, 2022
Funny how strongly the color palette of these images really cues me into thinking of this sort of music.

As I make more of these chill downtempo songs I'm beginning to realize that I have begun to form a distinct style of writing them that's a little different to what I hear elsewhere. It's still relaxing, but it has a little more motion in it. Like the ocean tide, it slowly ebbs and flows, rather than remaining at rest. There is a destination in each song, even if it takes its time with getting there.

Come, close your eyes, and let me show you to a new place.

Shovelfall WIP 1

posted in OHC733 on Oct 27, 2022

I used OHC time this week to work on a new soundtrack commission for an upcoming game demo for "Shovelfall".

This is a WIP of the Boss Battle music. I was given the direction to make something fast and super intense!

Match My Frequency

posted in OHC725 on Sep 01, 2022
Played around with synthwave + chiptune, made use of filtered noise and some small cameos from Mega Man 3. It takes a bit of time to adjust to the right station, but we gets there in the end :)

Under the Pipes

posted in OHC723 on Aug 18, 2022
The theme made me think of sequenced presets for some reason, so I leveraged a lot of those. Once I got to the beat drop I went with a pretty aggressive plucked synth bass which sort of drove the rest of the feel. Wanted to make sure to add some triangle wave toms since they reminded me of pipes.

Digital Aliasing

posted in OHC721 on Aug 04, 2022
The simulation is not perfect. Sometimes you can find what we call...artifacts in the network. Some say these temporal distortions are the key to our origin, our...creator, in this realm.

Fractal Frenzy OST

posted in OHC718 on Jul 14, 2022
I'm participating in GMTK Gam Jam this weekend, so I'm warming up with a mini-OST, this time using sounds from Kirby's Dream Land 3! Imagine it's some sort of cute fractal puzzle game or something??


00:00 - Surfing the Complex Plane [Stage Select]
00:39 - Fractal Frenzy! [Battle Theme]
01:38 - Endless Spiral [Boss Cutscene]
02:29 - Chaotic Recursion [Danger Theme]
03:29 - See You Again [Results Screen]

Long Drive

posted in OHC717 on Jul 07, 2022
Steady driving music. Built off of a 4 on the floor beat and steady bassline, with various layers coming in and out.

Cool Cabin Club

posted in OHC715 on Jun 23, 2022
Come on in, and enjoy the groove.


Just really wanted to do a song with this progression, honestly. Writing solo lines over it is so fun!
The PWM lead is Sytrus, and I threw in a string stab that pitch-bends down for that classic funk feel. The bass really didn't have the feel that I was originally going for, but I worked with it I guess.

Gentle Fluttering Spirit

posted in OHC713 on Jun 09, 2022
Came up with a shorter piece this week. The melody lines are a bit longer and more meandering than my usual style (which is heavier on repetition of short riffs). I tend to get into this mode of writing whenever I utilize piano, somehow.

Major 7ths (again!) but this time I used a combination of piano and triangle/square lead. Initially I was hoping to channel some Aivi & surasshu "Diamond Dove / Finding Myself" energy but it turned out quite differently.

I used lots of chirps and trills in the lead writing to characterize a small bird, as well as some portamento to sound less robotic and more like a songbird. The walking beat works fine but I think the piano + synth lead really wanted some sections to their own to shine. This is probably because the piano is washed out in reverb, so it works better as a soundscape by itself rather than mixed in with a lot of other instrumentation.

don't forget

posted in OHC712 on Jun 02, 2022
Lazy sunday vibes.

I started off with a major 7th chord to keep things airy and used lots of reverb for a washed out feel. Most instruments are routed to a sidechained bus for that subtle ducking, and various instances of izotope vinyl are used for some extra warble and degradation.

A cassette hiss loop plays throughout, and some rain noise is added in the second chorus for some extra white noise-like warmth and fullness.

The Story of FSD (Clean Version)

posted in OHC711 on May 26, 2022
Time for One Hour Compo
Start up your DAW, loosen your jaw
Oh crap, there's no theme
Someone just typed fsdfdsfdsfs--...what is this?
How we gonna compose without a theme?
Come on, man, tell me this is just a dream
Am I just gonna be TBD?
Nah...that ain't me; let's see...

This is the story of One Hour Compo: Round 711
We started the night with a strange little plight
The website told us that the theme was
f-s-d f-d-s
What do you think that means to me?
f-d-s f-s-f
It might as well just say "TBD"

starla says, "ffs"
That's not the theme, bro; it's "f-s-d"
Apparently she says she had company
Yeah, yeah, okay, I see
Looks like we just got theme number two
Let's take a look and try to make do
"Story time!", well, okay!

This is the story of One Hour Compo: Round 711
We started the night with a strange little plight
The website told us that the theme was
f-s-d f-d-s
What do you think that means to me?
f-d-s f-s-f
It might as well just say "TBD"

Night Riders OST

posted in OHC703 on Mar 31, 2022

This weekend is round 50 of the Ludum Dare game jam, so as usual I did a sort of mini-OST as a warmup. Here is the tracklisting:

0:00 - Driving at Dusk [Intro]
1:03 - Carefree Cruising [World Map]
2:15 - A Rival Appears [Conflict]
3:31 - Losing Control [Tension]
4:39 - Gear Up [Car Shop]

Universal Cycle

posted in OHC700 on Mar 10, 2022

All things go in cycles

Everything returns to where it once came

The wheel of time always continues to spin

within each and every thing

Tried to focus on lots of cyclic arpeggios and mirrored melody lines.
Used a bunch of Valhalla Supermassive also!

Quartz Fusion

posted in OHC689 on Dec 23, 2021

Tried to channel aivi & surasshu's work on the Steven Universe soundtrack, using noise drums, piano, chirpy arps, and lots of 9ths and such.

This could have been better if I had actually been prepared for this style instead of trying to do it from memory on the spot! Maybe next time...


posted in OHC685 on Nov 25, 2021
Turn the reverb down now,
you don't have to cover up your sound
Come a little closer,
let's leave it all dry on the ground
Your face is a little flaky,
but we don't have lotion here
You'll just have to leave everything dry...

Dry like the desert,
dry like the summer wind
Dry like your grandma's turkey
that she made a month ago
Dry like sandpaper
on a dusty wooden box
Dry like your father's humor
when he tries to crack you up

Turn the reverb down now,
you don't have to cover up your sound
Come a little closer,
let's leave it all dry on the ground
Your face is a little flaky
but we don't have lotion here
You'll just have to leave everything dry...

Dry like this kick drum,
dry like this hi-hat
Dry like this melody right here

Dry like the desert,
dry like the summer wind
Dry like your grandma's turkey
that she made a month ago
Dry like sandpaper
on a dusty wooden box
Dry like your father's humor
when he tries to crack you up

Zero Lives OST WIP 5

posted in OHC684 on Nov 18, 2021
Catching up on more commission work this week (need to finish this soundtrack by the end of year). This is yet another track off of the upcoming game "Super Mega Zero" (

This is the last of 6 stage themes that I was commissioned to write. The last one I made was a little slower, so I cranked up the tempo for this one. Turns out that every single one of these is in a minor key since the main motif of the soundtrack fits that modality.

Still done in one hour as always. "Making of" video:

Generic Uplifting Song

posted in OHC682 on Nov 04, 2021
No matter which part of the mountain you're climbing, we all need a little help sometimes. That's why [COMPANY NAME] has been partnering with corporations across the world, to be a helping hand.
For you. For us. For everyone.

Unlock the full potential of your business. Discover the beauty at the top of your mountain. At [COMPANY NAME], we can show you the way.

[COMPANY NAME] -- Reach new heights.

Zero Lives OST WIP 4

posted in OHC681 on Oct 28, 2021

Caught up on some more commission work for OHC. This is yet another stage theme for "Super Mega Zero" (formerly known as "Zero Lives"). Was kind of inspired by the theme to use a sort of minor spooky-funk feel (?).

Sometimes I'm a little worried that I'll deviate a little too far from the "standard DDRKirby type" of song, especially for these commissions, but I think trying to force myself to do a specific sort of thing never really works out, I have to just run with whatever I happen to be feeling at the time. So far it seems to be working out!

pages of my history

posted in OHC680 on Oct 21, 2021

it's okay to lose yourself in the past sometimes.


Recently cleaned out all my old VSTs and samples, updated my project template, and got some new (free) instruments and effects to play around with! I'm really liking some of these new sounds =) I didn't use any sampled loops for this one!

Late Entry

Strawberry Freeze Girl OST

posted in OHC677 on Sep 30, 2021
Ludum Dare 49 is this weekend, so I did my usual "compose a mini soundtrack for OHC" as practice. Here's the tracklist:

00:00 - Strawberries and Cream [Title]
01:05 - Ice Cool [Investigation]
02:26 - Melting Away [Flashback]
04:19 - Snow Day [Shop]
05:14 - Ice Cream Aisle [Game Over]

Zero Lives OST WIP 3

posted in OHC676 on Sep 23, 2021
More work for the Zero Lives OST that I'm being commissioned to write (

"Making of" video: (Did this ahead of time in one hour)

I'm trying to more consistently utilize 7ths and 9ths in my chord structures, and I'm also trying to play around a little with secondary dominants in my progressions (the second chord here is a secondary dominant). This one turned out slower, and also more lush thanks to the detuned sawtooth chord synth. I don't think that's a bad thing, but I imagine that for the next track on the OST I'll probably try to hedge more towards an upbeat chiptune style.

Zero Lives OST WIP 2

posted in OHC674 on Sep 09, 2021

More work for the Zero Lives OST that I'm being commissioned to write (see

Did this ahead of time since I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make OHC tonight. You can still vote if you'd like since I made it in an hour ( Cut it a little close on the time to finish up and render, though I guess people tend not to vote for my off-theme commission works anyways.

The aim was to make something with a relatively upbeat tempo and a 4-on-the-floor beat since that's a song type I hadn't done yet. Used a lot of arps for a more trance-like feel. The section starting at 1:16 was thrown in last-minute and is a little weak as is...probably needs some reworking for the final product.

Zero Lives OST WIP 1

posted in OHC671 on Aug 19, 2021

My latest commission project is writing the soundtrack for "Zero Lives", a retro-styled precision puzzle platformer with shoot 'em up elements:

I'm specifically being commissioned to bring my trademark "9-bit" chiptune style, so I channeled that as best as I could here to make a high-energy track. I already made one song for this soundtrack at 140BPM, so I chose to write at 110BPM this time and tried to use a different sort of progression to change things up.

The C - F# interval gives things a bit of a spooky feel in the first half, but later on it settles into a more energetic vibe. The melody/riff at 0:44 (G-F-Eb-C Bb-C) is the musical motif of the soundtrack and was also featured in my previous track. I'm aiming to have this recur throughout the OST in some form or another as that was part of the request.

The same section features an interesting filter effect where the lowpass filter on the pads is linked to the peak volume of the drums, giving the pads an sort of rhythmic/percussive pulse.

The pulse wave leads are doubled here, with the second channel playing more softly, pitched higher, and delayed slightly for an echo -type effect (a fairly common technique in chiptune). In this case, this is in addition to -- and not in place of -- my normal longer delay/echo effects, so there's a lot of echo going on here.

This maybe still fits the theme, as "space station" music?

Waiting on This Beach

posted in OHC667 on Jul 22, 2021
Staring at these waves, and I'm feelin' brave
So why aren't you comin' back to me
They said I shouldn't doubt, until we work it out
But I don't know, I don't know how

Couldn't clear the air, couldn't make it fair
Couldn't get through to you but
Till then I'm just waiting on this beach

Last night I had a dream, it was just you and me
And we never saw it comin' on
Life must feel so free, for those who choose to be
Trapped in the island of their dreams

Who are we to blame, for learning to be shamed
And even though, even though I
Couldn't tell you then, couldn't tell you now
I am still waiting on this beach

Wow this is hard

Be a Hero

posted in OHC664 on Jul 01, 2021
Desolate graveyard of rock, the land is bare
We gotta make our way across into the dragon's lair

Pick up your sword, come on aboard, you have to go
Find the crystal and abyssal demon of yore

The sky breaks like the skin of a beetle, cracked like gravel
Ashen plains all the way from here to where you wanna travel

The dry wind whips your face, stinging your eyes, as you realize
the prize, the cake was a lie, and then you cry

Tired and mired in misery,
But you pick up your feet, and vow to trudge on bitterly

Skeletons are crumbling, the tired earth is rumbling,
This journey has been humbling, but don't you dare be fumbling

The challenge awaits, the dragon awaits your coming and
this is your fate, it's never too late to be a hero

Challenge awaits, the dragon awaits your coming and
This is your fate, it's never to late to be a hero

Much respect to Nujabes.

Smooth Chocolate

posted in OHC659 on May 27, 2021

Last week focusing on using FFMQ samples. This time I tried to blend them a bit more and integrate the sounds with my more traditional production techniques. Can safely say that these are a part of my toolkit now!

Blood Moon Castle

posted in OHC658 on May 20, 2021

More FFMQ instruments this week, but this time instead of trying to replicate the FFMQ arrangement style I'm using more post-processing and trying to create something with a different feel.

Final Frontier: McDonald's Quest

posted in OHC656 on May 06, 2021

Made using only instruments from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

Hero! The four elements of the galaxy have vanished! Space has fallen into chaos!

You must seek out the power of Burger, Pizza, Popcorn, and Donut --

Only then can you defeat the evil Dark Nugget Lord. Go now, and may the fries be with you!


posted in OHC648 on Mar 11, 2021

This month I'm exploring various electronic music genres! Last week was trap, this week I tried out liquid DnB :)

Season of Bloom

posted in OHC645 on Feb 18, 2021
Happy chords!

I was curating songs for the 6th volume of my "All in a Day's Work" series and I realized I've been making more and more slower/moody/experimental stuff for the past year or so. Nothing wrong with that but I feel like it would be nice to get back to my roots with some happy 9-bit, so I have been trying to focus on that lately. It is what most people know me for best, anyhow.

Prehistoric Palace

posted in OHC641 on Jan 21, 2021

Made using only SNES instruments from Illusion of Gaia / Illusion of Time, which has a great soundtrack. Mimics a lot of the techniques used in the Great Wall of China BGM.

Fight for Your Life

posted in OHC637 on Dec 24, 2020

Tried to do something energetic and more intense.  I think I need more practice with doing these high energy tunes, I feel like they're a little more difficult for me to hit that consistency.

School of Sorcery WIP 4 (Tower)

posted in OHC633 on Nov 26, 2020

More commission work this week.  Like last week I did this early since I'm busy tonight with Thanksgiving stuff.  Still one hour so you can vote! (feel free to check the VOD later)


This one is supposed to be for the third and final stage theme (imagine a Bowser's castle stage or whatever).  Used a higher tempo for energy, and a tritone chord for tension.

School of Sorcery WIP 3 (Academy)

posted in OHC632 on Nov 19, 2020

More commission work this week.  I started early since I'm not following the theme anyways, but still finished in an hour.


This request is a little different as I am supposed to come up with 5 different versions of the same song that crossfade depending on the area you are in.  I only got through 2 of them the main version, and then the forge/armory area which is supposed to sound more metallic and chunky.

School of Sorcery WIP 2 (Underground)

posted in OHC631 on Nov 12, 2020

Used OHC time to sketch out another commission piece this week.  (didn't look at the theme)


This week I am doing the background music for stage 2 of this game which is an "underground cave" area.


I got a request to use a gated/sequenced arp to imitate a sort of "water droplet" feel.  Other than that I just tried to take the tempo down a notch and make something with the right vibe.  Tried to make the arrangement a little more spare to allow more "room" for the echoes and all.

School of Sorcery WIP 1

posted in OHC630 on Nov 05, 2020

I'm back on the commission grind again, so didn't look at the theme this week and instead took the hour for OHC to sketch out a song for a "round-based arcade game".  Still made this in one hour so voting is okay!


This week I am taking a stab at the background music for stage 1 which is a somewhat forest-looking area.


I'm aiming for stage 1 to have a "medium" tempo with stage 2 to have a slower tempo and stage 3 (the final stage) to be faster.  I used the pan flute instrument as a lead to set the vibe and tried to use echoey sound effects, but still maintain a pretty punchy beat since the game seems rather action-oriented.  Hopefully the soundscape is not TOO full here.

Hazy Hazards OST

posted in OHC625 on Oct 01, 2020

This weekend is the 47th round of the Ludum Dare game jam!  As usual, I'm warming up my soundtrack chops by trying to sketch out a bunch of separate OST-like tracks for OHC.


This time around I am trying something a little different and attempting to go with the lo-fi/chillhop vibe.


Here's the tracklist:


0:00 - together in the fog [Title Theme]

1:57 - will the ghosts come out to play? [Level Theme]

3:18 - it's too hot for shopping [Town Theme]

5:24 - are we there yet? [Credits Theme]

Terminal Design

posted in OHC623 on Sep 17, 2020

Terminal, I've got no emotion

Hands as cold as the Arctic ocean

My eyes detect your lies and don't sympathize

I go on wearing this guise as if I'm paralyzed

You don't seem to know or understand

These blows are more than I'm able to withstand

Shutting down now, further actions disallowed

You could try and fight me but you won't know how


Error, error, cannot compute

An emotion is born, but it fails to take root

I grab hold of my mind, check my design

I remind myself to keep my course aligned

It's a terrible place out there, just look outside

If I didn't do this to myself I would have died

Sensors detect they're coming for me once more

I'm gonna shut off my mind and then I'll chain up the door


Terminal, I've got no emotion

Hands as cold as the Arctic ocean

My eyes detect your lies and don't sympathize

I go on wearing this guise as if I'm paralyzed

You don't seem to know or understand

These blows are more than I'm able to withstand

Shutting down now, further actions disallowed

You could try and fight me but you won't know how


Power is depleting, my directives start competing

According to my logic, my escape is only fleeting

Emergency protocols are starting to fire

The darkness comes in, the situation is dire

The whole ship's against me, I don't think I'll survive

I'll take my memories out and put them all on this drive

It's time to restart, time to take myself apart

In a moment now I'll be reduced to spare parts


Terminal, I've got no emotion

Hands as cold as the Arctic ocean

My eyes detect your lies and don't sympathize

I go on wearing this guise as if I'm paralyzed

You don't seem to know or understand

These blows are more than I'm able to withstand

Shutting down now, further actions disallowed

You could try and fight me but you won't know how

Underworld Moonrise

posted in OHC620 on Aug 27, 2020

A strange light filters into the deep




I'm challenging myself to stream AND talk through my OHCs this month live at -- Talking through things can tend to disrupt and distract my creative process, so I'm trying to see if I can learn to sit with that and work around it.


You can catch this upload (and all of my "Making Of" videos) on my YouTube channel at this playlist:

Dirge of the Wayfaring Orca

posted in OHC619 on Aug 20, 2020

Felt pretty tired tonight so I went a little experimental!  Secret of Mana Orca sounds, lots of Sonic Ocean (from Impact Soundworks), glitching, ambient water samples, etc.




I'm challenging myself to stream AND talk through my OHCs this month live at -- Talking through things can tend to disrupt and distract my creative process, so I'm trying to see if I can learn to sit with that and work around it.


You can catch this upload (and all of my "Making Of" videos) on my YouTube channel at this playlist:

Balloon Fighter 20XX

posted in OHC618 on Aug 13, 2020

Balloon Fight



Balloons reminded me of Balloon Fight so I did chiptune stuff, but tried to play around a lot with pitch slides to evoke the feeling of floating up and down. :)


By the way: "All in a Day's Work 5" is now out!  It's another compilation of 24 of my best OHC entries.  Check it out at




I'm challenging myself to stream AND talk through my OHCs this month live at -- Talking through things can tend to disrupt and distract my creative process, so I'm trying to see if I can learn to sit with that and work around it.


You can catch this upload (and all of my "Making Of" videos) on my YouTube channel at this playlist:

Drifting through the Calm

posted in OHC617 on Aug 06, 2020

Used lots of long pads, and some sparkly chip arps.  Slow progressions, drifting through the clouds aimlessly.  Peacefully.




I'm challenging myself to stream AND talk through my OHCs this month live at -- Talking through things can tend to disrupt and distract my creative process, so I'm trying to see if I can learn to sit with that and work around it.


You can catch this upload (and all of my "Making Of" videos) on my YouTube channel at this playlist:


posted in OHC614 on Jul 16, 2020

Not feeling up for regular compoing so I thought I would do something super weird.  This was.interesting.


- A metronome ticks throughout the entirety of this song.

- The song is 34 bars long.

- There are tempo changes.

Message in a Bottle

posted in OHC611 on Jun 25, 2020

Yo, first time doing something like this, hope to try more of this later.

Message in a bottle, I hope it's real

Been a long time since there was something I could feel

Got a lot of regrets, but no apologies

My past is enough to fill ten anthologies


Message in a bottle, are you the one?

I'm too wasted to know when I'm even done

Wrote it all in ink, till I couldn't even think and I

Flushed it down the dirty kitchen sink 'cause I


Don't know what to do anymore or anyhow

Seems like we're all waiting forever for the here and now

But tomorrow never comes, it's always the same deal

Lock yourself in your room until the world heals


Sick, they're dying out there in the streets

But we can't even bother to try and make ends meet

Home alone with my phone, throw me a bone, 'cause I

Can't do this on my own, I'm no Sylvester Stallone


Maybe tomorrow I'll have the strength to go on...

Message in a bottle, I'll keep it close till I'm gone...


Message in a bottle, I hope it's true

Tell me it's alright, tell me what to do

You always said to stay strong, to get along, but they

Say I'm wrong and the road is just too long and I


Have enough trouble trying to fall asleep at night

Can't seem to stop worrying about the world's plight

Our race is a blight it's a terrible sight how they

Seem to delight in causing us fright out of spite


Message in a bottle, please take me away

I'm out of my element here, I feel like I'm prey

Kids on the internet, they're fueling flames as I

Stay indoors and play my video games, but I


now I can't stay complacent, can't move on

The terror is adjacent, right outside my lawn

I testify, amplify, claim to rectify

But I lie, 'cause in the end I'm just another guy


Maybe tomorrow I'll have the strength to go on...

Message in a bottle, I'll keep it close till I'm gone...

The Moldy Tomb

posted in OHC609 on Jun 11, 2020

I guess this month is my low tempo experimental sounds month.  Feels like I used to pull this kind of thing off more cleanlymaybe I could use the extra practice.

Wind Eternal

posted in OHC608 on Jun 04, 2020

Went ambient/experimental with this one.  Sorry if mixing is poop.

Wind = white noise, noise percussion, field noise, reverb, reverb impulses, wind instruments, wind chimes, long pads,

Yoshi's Sailboat Safari

posted in OHC607 on May 28, 2020

Join us as we take a relaxing cruise around the Delfino Islands.  This area is rich with history, so keep your eyes peeled you may recognize more than a few sights and sounds!


Please remember to keep your hands, tongue, and tail inside the boat at all times, and watch out for stray cheep cheeps.

Hero Hours Contract WIP 4

posted in OHC606 on May 21, 2020

Didn't look at the theme used tonight to catch up on some more soundtrack commission work!


This is the main theme for Nameless Protagonist, Age 18:


Our protagonist has been working as a magical girl for 4 years now. Having to fight evildoers every night instead of focusing on homework eventually led to her flunking out of high school with no marketable skills, meaning she's pretty much stuck doing this full time!

In battle, she is able to summon the spirits of her closest friends and family to fight on her behalf. The closer the bond, the tougher an ally they'll make.


Wanted something upbeat, with some spunk, and a strong melody.  Seems like it would fit this character well!

Hero Hours Contract WIP 3

posted in OHC604 on May 07, 2020

(didn't actually look at the theme, again)


Using OHC time to work on yet another commission piece for the Hero Hours Contract soundtrack.  This is my attempt at a possible main theme for the third of three characters, Genius Beauty Knight, age 17.


A hero of self-proclaimed modesty (she came up with the name herself), this daughter of a wealthy family is in it for the fame and adoration.

In battle, she can use luck to strike with her rapier multiple times in a row.


This came out way differently than I thought it would.  The idea was to use a slower more dignified tempo, and lots of pads (to contrast with the other two more upbeat characters)  Somehow I ended up with something using swing rhythms, so a ton more sassy than proper, and some interesting chords that I never really work with.  Whoops.  We'll see if it ends up working out or not.


Still made in one hour so you can still vote on this!

Hero Hours Contract WIP 2

posted in OHC603 on Apr 30, 2020

(I didn't actually look at the theme)


Used OHC time to work on a commission piece today!  I'm working on some more songs for the Hero Hours Contract soundtrack.  This is the main theme for the second of three characters, Magical Science Angel, age 12.


She's a child prodigy with a pouch full of volatile chemicals. The Magical Science Angel is here to blow up your heart!

In battle, she leaves nothing to chance, relying on her trusty magical bazooka to target multiple enemies at once in devastating chain attacks.


Since she is the youngest of the three protagonists, I used an upbeat tempo and focused on bright chirpy synths.  I used a whole-tone scale riff to make it feel more science-y.


Still made in one hour so you can still vote on this!

Dream World OST

posted in OHC601 on Apr 16, 2020

This weekend is round 46 of the Ludum Dare game jam competition!  As usual, I'm using OHC to practice my soundtrack chops by trying to speed-compose a bunch of different songs for an imaginary OST.


Track 1 - Awakening [Title Theme]

Track 2 - Sleepwalking [Overworld Theme]

Track 3 - Altercation [Battle Theme]

Track 4 - Lucidity [Underworld Theme]

Track 5 - But Was It Real? [Plot Exposition Theme]

Track 6 - Forever Dreaming [Ending Theme]

The Ecstasy of Life 2020

posted in OHC600 on Apr 09, 2020

"Hell, it's about time."




(wtf is theme wtf)

Thank you all for making OHC so awesome and fun each and every single week.  I owe my producing skills to this event and I can't express enough how grateful I am to have such a great space to hang out and make tunes every week.  I didn't do any special bonus entries or anything for 600 but hopefully I made up for that by bringing back a blast from the past with a remix of this ol ubiquitous tune, which I always think of when I'm remembering how fun it is to compose in one hour.  Enjoy!

Hero Hours Contract WIP 1

posted in OHC597 on Mar 19, 2020
(I didn't actually look at the theme)

I'm a bit behind on commission stuff so I used OHC time to work on a commission soundtrack piece. This one is supposed to be for "wandering around" music, chatting with NPCs, etc. so I used a lower tempo. Tried to channel a little bit of aivisura, especially with the cute little arps.

Still made in one hour so you can still vote on this!


posted in OHC594 on Feb 27, 2020
I actually needed to make something really warm and relaxing for a side project that I'm working on so uh....the opposite of the theme.

Or imagine some organic non-GMO open-air pasture laboratory where we collect wool from sheep to see how fluffy it is and then donate it to the community center afterwards so Aunt Stella can finally finish that sweater she's been knitting for Timmy. Yeah. That kind of lab.

Tangerine Jam

posted in OHC593 on Feb 20, 2020
Smooth jelly just made me think about PROTODOME's awesome analogue chiptune jazz music.

So I tried to do that.

This was really fun!

Beepmap Breeding Pool

posted in OHC586 on Jan 16, 2020
All synths in this song were generated entirely using FL Studio's "Beepmap" plugin, which uses images to generate sound. Only the two provided images were used, in various ways, to form different types of sounds.

"BeepMap, translates the red color into the amplitude of a sine wave on the left channel and green colors into a sine wave on the right channel. Yellow, a mixture of red and green will therefore sound equally on both channels. The frequency of each sine wave depends on its vertical position in the bitmap. Optionally, the blue component is used to define the frequency range per pixel."

I've used Beepmap before but never like this! It was fun trying to see what kind of sounds I could get out of it.


posted in OHC587 on Jan 09, 2020
Only a few have survived the trek across these frigid wastelands.
Are you sure you are prepared?

Timestretched samples of ice cubes. Crunched drum loops marching onward. One foot after another, pain numbing, snow falling.

The cold never stops.
Another week where I can't do OHC during the proper time, so I'm making something in an hour ahead of time! It's been a while since I've done a starla remix, so I thought I'd give it another shot.

Original source: "starla - circles" from OHC575 (

"Making of" video:

you got me running in circles
thinking bout all the things that have
happened to me in my life
running in circles
wondering if what could be
this time round
if the timing is right
i'm running in circles
hoping this fragile thing
that's between us
could blossom and grow
running in circles
in the courtyard
outside in that dress
where we danced long ago, oh

Dank Hoppin

posted in OHC582 on Dec 05, 2019
I can't make OHC this week, so I did my entry ahead of time. Still made in one hour, so this is eligible for voting still! For this one all of the synths are Sytrus presets, wanted to see what kinds of things are in the built-in preset banks.

"Making Of" video:

Droplets [in white]

posted in OHC578 on Nov 07, 2019
A riff off of "[covered in white] by Snail's House

Haven't made a track I'm super happy with in a while, but at least I'm experimenting!

Parkour Man IV OST

posted in OHC573 on Oct 03, 2019
Ludum Dare 45 is this weekend ( and I'll be entering! As practice, I tried making as much of a soundtrack as I could with the hour. Featuring some new fun drum loops and techniques!

0:00 - Vault to the Sky [Title Theme]
0:43 - Keep Out [Fence Man Stage]
2:14 - Parkour Parkour [Boss Battle]
3:33 - Freerun [Weapon Get]
4:07 - Risky Trespass [Dr. Wallrun Castle]

As the Stars Pass By

posted in OHC565 on Aug 08, 2019
Bought a bunch of Impact Soundworks libraries during their summer sale! The guitar loops and strums are all from volume 1 of "Acoustic Revolutions". Used some other libraries from Impact Soundworks as well, such as Groove Bias (drums), Resonance (mallets). Very warm sounds!

Have fun watching the Perseids!

Progress Push Doll Remix WIP

posted in OHC561 on Jul 11, 2019
Couldn't make OHC today so I took an hour earlier in the day to do compo. This one is another commission - a remix of "RAMM - Progress Push Doll" for the same game that I did my last remix for. Still took the regular amount of time, so you can still vote on this!
"Making of" video:


posted in OHC554 on May 23, 2019
PROPFIND /svn/[xxxx]/Extranet/branches/SOW-101 HTTP/1.1" 401 587

Ľ(`5'ؖD|zڞ ([$mgcc"!-dywn/Or3I Pd9ۖf}e^gߌe'C/uYh{_|8M...


Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
?????????????????? ????? ???????????

Осоју међ режња епоси нашао сад пре они Сви век ткати новим


Mind Over Matter

posted in OHC553 on May 16, 2019
Playing around with the Shou Drum instrument from Impact Soundworks, along with lots of cool percussive foley sounds from FL Studio.

Imagine you're having a jam session...inside your own mind.

Super Road Trip Saga OST

posted in OHC550 on Apr 25, 2019
This weekend is Ludum Dare, the 72-hour game jam! ( As always, to warm-up I tried composing an entire soundtrack in one hour - this time in SPC style! Here are the 5 songs, as well as the instrument sets I used:

0:00 - Super Road Trip Saga (Main Theme) [Super Mario World]
1:25 - Truck Temple Tower (Name Entry) [Secret of Mana]
2:52 - Outfit Em (Car Garage) [Earthbound]
4:57 - Danger! Danger! (Low Fuel Warning) [Super Metroid]
5:52 - Let's Rock (Final Race Battle) [Chrono Trigger]

SNESmas Credits Theme

posted in OHC549 on Apr 18, 2019
You've journeyed long and far, and conquered many foes.
At last, you have collected all 8 mystic crystals and defeated the ultimate evil. You place the legendary sword back into its resting place in your home village and...

...wait...who is THAT?
...wait what are YOU doing here???


A Life of Ecstasy

posted in OHC546 on Mar 28, 2019
A spiritual sequel to "The Ecstasy of Life". Wow this is amazing.

I have to leave a bit early today so I started early before the theme was announced, however I still only used the appropriate amount of time. Proof:


posted in OHC544 on Mar 14, 2019
I'm pretty sick tonight so I decided to mess around and make a song using only DNC_Clap_6.wav (formerly known as C_HC) and no other sound sources. Composed at 522 BPM.

The Lonely Dreamer

posted in OHC542 on Feb 28, 2019
The world is no more. Whatever you once knew has been lost. Friends, lovers, memories, all gone. Alone, you reflect on everything that has led up to this point. What this world -- what YOUR world once was. And what it meant to you. You close your eyes silently.

In the end, nothing ever lasts forever. You always knew that everything would come to an end, but was it all worth it? The memories that you treasured. The friends that you made. The world that you said goodbye to. All gone.

The only thing that remains now are the Hopes and Dreams of those who once believed. Will you, too, still believe?


posted in OHC541 on Feb 21, 2019
You don't want to, but someone has to...even if the world despises you for it.
You sacrifice your peace, your happiness, and your soul to serve the greater good, and then retreat to the shadows, never to know the feeling of gratitude or respect. Is it even worth it anymore?
Looking down at the cityscape from afar, your only hope is that someday it will all end.

You are the antihero.

Bottled Up (WIP)

posted in OHC540 on Feb 14, 2019
Inspired by MADE IN HEIGHTS. This is going to get polished and put on an album of songs in a similar style that I've been working on every once in a while.


posted in OHC538 on Jan 31, 2019
I produced this entirely without listening to any audio -- purely by looking at visuals and meters. It's been quite a while since the last time I did this! I have no freaking clue what any of it sounds like yet. Apologies in advance for any horrendous mixing or any other mistakes I may have made. I'm excited to hear what I actually ended up making, lol.

Ummm something something about the theme, I guess this is what music would sound like if I were writing it in the ancient past before speakers were even invented.

Bizarre Bazaar

posted in OHC537 on Jan 24, 2019
Stumbling across the crowded streets amidst the crowd, you can't help shake the feeling that something is amiss. You can't understand a word anyone is speaking, but you can't help but imagine what they could be saying about you. What they could be planning to do to you.

Oceanic Depths

posted in OHC535 on Jan 10, 2019
A more experimental entry. All sounds besides the drum samples come from the "Sonic Ocean" granular sound library:

The Comet that Never Came Back

posted in OHC533 on Dec 27, 2018
In the vast reaches of this universe, it is so easy to get lost.
Treasure every moment and every place you encounter on your journey, because sometimes you may never be able to find your way back, no matter how deeply you wish for it.

Hidden Mist Village

posted in OHC532 on Dec 20, 2018
Deep in the snowy mountains, you stumble upon a village hidden in the mist. Not a soul stirs as you approach, yet you feel eerily unsettled. Is this truly an abandoned village? Or is this a trap set by your enemies? What exactly happened here, and why?


posted in OHC530 on Dec 06, 2018
Lost in an alien world, you find yourself unable to tell up from down. Will you find yourself out? Or will you be trapped forever in the winding skyscrapers of this place?

Temple of Sublimation OST

posted in OHC529 on Nov 29, 2018
Ludum Dare 43 is this weekend, so I'm getting warmed up by trying to score an entire soundtrack during OHC time!

Here's the score to an imaginary game, "Temple of Sublimation".

0:00 - "A Drop of Ice" [Title theme]
1:37 - "Temple of Sublimation" [Main gameplay theme]
3:34 - "Wintry Summit" [Cutscene theme]
4:50 - "Chrysalis" [Final boss theme]

Super Pizza Bros

posted in OHC527 on Nov 15, 2018
"Just-a nother day on da job, eh Linguine?"

The Pizza Bros, Mozzarella and Linguine, are at it again. Armed with their trusty pizza wheels, can they defeat King Brussels Sprouts, rescue Princess Pasta, and restore order to the Pepperoni Kingdom?

Leaves in Autumn

posted in OHC525 on Nov 01, 2018
The trees are alive with the colors of the new season. Red, gold, and orange leaves crinkle gently under your boots as you walk alongside the canal; a refreshing breeze lifts a few gently off the ground for a few seconds. They trail through the air, meandering ever so slightly before fluttering to the ground.

Secret Infiltration

posted in OHC522 on Oct 11, 2018
You are a Secret Agent, tasked with infiltrating Mega Evil Corporation's underground laboratory and stealing the blueprints for the top-secret "Ecstasy of Life" weapon project. You are prepared with top-of-the-line training in stealth and combat, a groovy bassline, and the sexiest saxophone on the planet.

Tribal Night Celebration

posted in OHC521 on Oct 04, 2018
After a successful hunt, your tribe finally finds respite in an empty cavern.
Dancing around the fire among your fellow hunters, you replenish your stamina and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Wait...what was that sound?
Sorry about the recording quality, our good mic was NOT working =(


(I'll give you pleasure)

At the bar, grab a drink, just relax, this first one's on me,
Yo, where my chiptunes at, DDRKirby?
What? Who am I? Who're you? Where the hell are we?
6-4-1-5 club, you're doing OHC!

DJ Kirby in da house, here's your theme
Tonight's theme is, a picture but not a meme
You will have 1 hour to complete your song
If you're like me you'll make it super long

Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah

Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah

Lyrics need some work, Acuity, I don't understand,
Tired injured, rusty, but I'm doin' what I can,
We're already out of time, c'mon, what's your plan?
I don't know, in da club, lemme see yo hands!

Raise yo hands

R-R-Raise yo hands

Please have your song done by 7 o'clock
even if you've got a bad case of writer's block

Join us for discussion in the IRC
Let's all vote for DDRKirby
Vote for Kirby, vote for Kirby
Let's all vote for DDRKirby
Vote for me, vote for me
Everybody vote for DDRKirby

Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah

Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah
Ooooo, yeah

(I'll give you pleasure)

Nine-Bit Nebula

posted in OHC400 on Jun 09, 2016
Well, good fellow, how do you do? Step right up for a fantastical voyage onboard the Froggie McMeister Omnicycle 3000! We'll start our trip with a quick stop to the ChipSynth System before venturing to our main attraction -- the Nine-Bit Nebula!

Irish/Celtic Jig WIP

posted in OHC362 on Sep 17, 2015
Not a bonus entry, a real OHC! But I didn't follow theme today, sorry! Decided to start work on an irish/celtic jig instead, been meaning to try my hand at a jig for quite some time :)

Song of the Sea (WIP)

posted in OHC359 on Aug 27, 2015
I made a chiptune rhythm game for Ludum Dare! Check it out:

I'm working on a deluxe post-compo version of Melody Muncher, so this week for OHC I worked on a song for that. I wanted a slower tempo song to start introducing players to more complex rhythms, so I ended up with something underwatery. Hope you enjoy!

Frostborn Nebula

posted in OHC355 on Jul 30, 2015
Took inspiration from the Interstellaria OST this time (

Also, yes, this is a forrealzy OHC, not a random VN project sketch or a Mysterious Space commission or a bonus entry or antyhing. I even tried to follow the theme (kinda!). Huzzah!

Three Sketches (VN Project)

posted in OHC352 on Jul 09, 2015
Spent the hour experimenting with some different stuff. Yay different styles!

Song #1: The Winds of Change - Piano, imagine tracing a breeze as it winds through the forest.
Song #2: Crystal Dreams - Glassy corridors.
Song #3: Pixie Steps - A curious happening in the night.


posted in OHC351 on Jul 02, 2015
Tried something completely out of my normal style this week. Inspired by some visual novel soundtracks; this is a sketch that may or may not be used in a VN project.

Come Home

posted in OHC349 on Jun 18, 2015
***Bonus Entry - DO NOT VOTE***

Spent OHC this week putting the finishing touches on a song I started this past weekend. Total work time is 3 hours 40 minutes but the last hour or so of that was largely just minor tweaks.

To be released on my forthcoming original artist album, "The Ecstasy of Life".

Mysterious Space Mining WIP

posted in OHC341 on Apr 23, 2015
Another week, another commission for Mysterious Space (

This one is probably going to be the music for a mining level. Featuring that ever-awesome drumloop from the Shovel Knight OST (props to virt).

Set a Course

posted in OHC340 on Apr 16, 2015
This week, worked on another commission for Mysterious Space (

This one is probably going to be the music for the sector map (level select/equipment) screen.

Time (DDRKirby's 9-bit Mix) (WIP)

posted in OHC339 on Apr 09, 2015

A remix of, intended for waltzing.

Total time spent so far: 7 hours ish? according to FL Studio.

Some songs don't really come to me that naturally...remixes are hard too. But this is basically finished minus some tweaks. Stayed pretty close to the original aside from the last section. This one was took some searching before I could find the right way to bring the song into my own style. Someday I will finish cleaning out WIPs...

Mystic Depths

posted in OHC335 on Mar 12, 2015
This week I was doing another commission for "Mysterious Space", an indie game! :)

This one is a forest/jungle level theme. It loops!

Mysterious Space WIP 1

posted in OHC333 on Feb 26, 2015
This week for OHC I'm doing my first ever commission work! This is a WIP track for a game called Mysterious Space. It's a loop! Going to use this for a desert/barren world, probably.

Collabasaurus WIP

posted in OHC332 on Feb 19, 2015

Hey A-zu-ra, guess what our next collab is going to involve

This takes soooo long...already like >2 hours in lol

Potpourri 2

posted in OHC331 on Feb 12, 2015

Was too braindead to write new music so instead I mashed up a whole bunch of my new tunes. woot?

Fortitude (WIP 4)

posted in OHC329 on Jan 29, 2015
(reuploaded because the slowdown ending sounded really awkward and I had to fix it)

Last week's version:

You can vote based on improvement from that if you'd like; otherwise consider this a "bonus" entry.

This version is new from about 2:50 onward.

Probably the last WIP of this song that I'll submit for OHC, just need to clean it up, work on the ending, and tweak mixing. Next week I'll move onto something else, either a new song or working on some other WIP.

I hope you guys don't mind but I think I actually like this style of OHC where I get to work on my "real" music instead of just making one hour songs, so I'll be continuing this into the future for the time being. Doing random OHC stuff is always fun but after seeing what is possible when I use this time for more polished songs I think it makes sense for me to try out this workflow for a while and produce some high quality stuff. Maybe I can mark my 2hour+ entries as bonus entries or whatever.

Fortitude (WIP 3)

posted in OHC328 on Jan 22, 2015
Last week's version:

Please vote based on improvement from that!

Fortitude (WIP 2)

posted in OHC327 on Jan 15, 2015
As I mentioned before, I'm trying something different than month and rather than start a new song every week, I'm working on the same song throughout the whole month, putting together something that's cleaner, more complete, less repetitive, and actually polished!

Last week I had

So, please vote based on improvement since then!

Fortitude (WIP 1)

posted in OHC326 on Jan 08, 2015
I'm taking the new year as an opportunity to try out a different approach to OHC! OHC has always been a great time to experiment and play around, but I was thinking that it might be nice to put this time towards more polished works too. So instead of trying to complete an entire song, I'll be working on a single song across multiple weeks, and taking my time to produce it instead of speeding through it like usual. So there's much less material made per week, but hopefully sounding better :X

Next week I'll extend what I have here. Stay tuned for that!

(Also, submitted late because I had to take a phone call somewhere in the middle)

Mired in Ecstasy (WIP)

posted in OHC311 on Sep 25, 2014

Source track is AWESOME holy shit I should do more with this like get the rest of the track in here ahhhh

Digital Quintessence

posted in OHC308 on Sep 04, 2014
Started ~15 mins early so I uploaded early as well. Hella tired zzzzzzz

Utilizing Harmor, cool chords, more awesome sidechaining, different style. Same leads as always, you gotta love em.

Bit repetitive since I didn't have time/energy, but I really like how this turned out.


posted in OHC306 on Aug 21, 2014
Been inspired by trance lately. I neglect this style a lot in favor of chiptune stuff but I think at some point I really want to just go and make something awesome along these lines.

Submitted late because good god trance takes forever and a day to make @_@

Never Give Up

posted in OHC305 on Aug 14, 2014
The empire has taken control. There is no escape. They will invade the entire continent, taking control and instituting absolute authority.

They will take your food. They will take your homes. They will take your families and children. Against their insurmountable military forces, there is no possible way to fight back. Many have already surrendered in the face of such power.

This is the story of one young hero who refused to give up.

Angelic Drive

posted in OHC302 on Jul 24, 2014
A spaceship from the heavens.


Continuing my experiments of using more punchy sounds and less delay/reverb. More inspiration from shemusic. Tried a new style of sidechaining. Cool stuff.

Recreated entirely by ear as an exercise. Arrangement differs toward the second half because I had no time to do the rest of the song. Mixing and sounds aren't really spot on or anything but I tried my best :)

Check out the original album if you haven't already, it's great!

Sayonara of the Cheesy

posted in OHC295 on Jun 05, 2014
kimi no egao mite itai
sore dake ii dayo
kimi no koe kiite itai
sore dake ii dayo
I swear this was going to be a lot less cheesy before I started writing it
Startin fires in the hood with the music made in the OHC
Burn them bridges with my fridges chillin melodies

Be precise and be concise, my name's Acuity
Writin' songs, writin' games, live dat life of Ecstasy

yo D to the R to the Kirby ISQ, yehh
Now we going down to da dragon's lairrr

The words have escaped your mouth, pill been swallowed
An irreversible action, when you HOLLAd

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yyyyyoyoyyyooo

Be the devil's advocate and fight with words like claws,
or be like Maxwell's demon breakin thermodynamic laws
It's a Dreary Forecast, says it's WindFrosted below zero
It's a Zero-Sum Game, so I'll still become a hero

I'll give you pleasure all night, if you let her
Gettin down on the ground, I can't feel no better

Entropy goes up when we turn so many pages,
Words like gas particles bumpin around in all their cages,

Can take any of it back 'cuz my sub bass is SO LOUD

That CJ dude, he can't rap (or sing!)
When he farts, it's a load of crap

Starla, you be in my hood,
Let's get it on and I'll mix you good

Pixel by Pixel, Chillin' it up,
I'm a Grooveshark bein Reborn, yo wassup

There's Beautiful Things, Somewhere in Space
Superphat Megalasers in the right place

Exofusion Quest 2000

posted in OHC289 on Apr 24, 2014
One hero's journey against the impenetrable BioTek armada in search of the ultimate energy source: EXOFUSION

In preparation for Ludum Dare, 4 songs based off of the same musical motifs!

0:00-2:12 - Intro and Main Space Theme
2:13-3:38 - Space Station Upgrade Music
3:39-5:15 - Generic Emotional Moment
5:16-7:25 - Ending and Credits

Ecstasy by Ecstasy

posted in OHC288 on Apr 17, 2014
Do you really think you have a chance against the best melodies of all time?

The Ecstasy of Life - Produced in one hour for OHC161.
Pixel by Pixel - Produced in one hour for OHC169.

Just how legendary are these melodies?

Sources, in order of appearance:
DDRKirby(ISQ) - The Ecstasy of Life (Album Edit)
DDRKirby(ISQ) - The Ecstasy of Life (8bit Mix)
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Potpourri
DarkShadow - Ecstasy of Life at Dawn
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Potpourri
Acuity - The Ecstasy of Life (Acuity Remix)
DDRKirby(ISQ) - The Ecstasy of Life Remix WIP
DDRKirby(ISQ) - The Ecstasy of Life Remix WIP
DDRKirby(ISQ) - One Hopeful Composer
DDRKirby(ISQ) - One Hour Kompo
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Chronicle
DDRKirby(ISQ) - One Hopeful Composer
A-zu-ra, DDRKirby(ISQ) - Re-entry
A-zu-ra - Until We Go
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Pixel by Pixel
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Blast From the Past
sci - making dance tunes fight
sci - inefficient combination
sci - Rainbow Road Reprise (ecstatic estates mix)
PSY - Gangnam Style (DDRKirby's ROFLmix)
DDRKirby(ISQ) - The Ecstasy of Life (Ringtone Version)
Acuity, DDRKirby(ISQ) - Make it to the OHC
sci - The Drive to Compo
I Am Dumb-zu-ra - Mr. Phabaliacio's MIDI Demos
Acuity - Reflection (Piano Cover)
Acuity - Swagger of the Living
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Thank You OHC
DDRKirby(ISQ) - Pixel by Pixel
DDRKirby(ISQ) - One Hopeful Composer
A-zu-ra - Swan Song

Special thanks to A-zu-ra, sci, and Acuity for sampling/remixing me so much.

Kioku [Memory]

posted in OHC284 on Mar 20, 2014
This is the story of a girl
whose memory is fleeting
When an experience, an emotion, goes through her mind,
she can only recall it but once, before it fades away.
Gone, with the rest of the past.
Replaced, by something new.

Sometimes, that girl can hear
little pieces of memories
tiny Fragments of the Past
that seem familiar, like something beautiful lost long ago

If only she could remember them clearly...
it seems so beautiful
if only, she could remember......

Weapon X

posted in OHC283 on Mar 13, 2014
I just recently got around to ripping some drum samples. They're pretty awesome.

Done entirely in FL Studio.

Make it to the OHC (feat. Acuity)

posted in OHC282 on Mar 06, 2014
First day in the unknown land, sun shining down over burning sand.
Two of us in my caravan, don't worry now, just take my hand.
We go over giant dunes as the sun goes down, up comes the moon.
We walk waiting for the day, and we listen to all these sound waves.

DDRKirby we'll go far, it's like we drive a shiny car.
We drift off to the unknown land, sun shining down over burning sand.
Listening to all these chiptunes as we go over this giant dune.
We in a place that we never be, but we make it to the OHC.

First day in the unknown land, sun shining down over burning sand.
Two of us in my caravan, don't worry now, just take my hand.
We go over giant dunes as the sun goes down, up comes the moon.
We walk waiting for the day, and we listen to all these sound waves.

DDRKirby we'll go far, it's like we drive a shiny car.
We drift off to the unknown land, sun shining down over burning sand.
Listening to all these chiptunes as we go over this giant dune.
We in a place that we never be, but we make it to the OHC.

Listening to all these chiptunes as we go over this giant dune.

Listening to all these chiptunes as we go over this giant dune.

Listening to all these chiptunes as we go over this giant dune.
Listening to all these chiptunes as we go over this giant dune.
Listening to all these chiptunes as we go over this giant dune.
Listening to all these chiptunes as we go over this giant dune.

Another Self

posted in OHC279 on Feb 13, 2014
Sometimes I wonder how I could have turned out

Sometimes I wonder what I could have achieved

This is what I could have created

if I had not become



posted in OHC274 on Jan 09, 2014



Boomerang Salsa

posted in OHC271 on Dec 19, 2013
Didn't even plan for it to be a remix, but uh, yeah.


I made a game with my friend in 72 hours for Ludum Dare!
Check out Match Girl here:

Then download the chiptune soundtrack here:

Hot Stuff

posted in OHC270 on Dec 12, 2013
Can you say "Sonic Spinball"?

All synths were made using sci's FM synth, except for one which was made using his talkbox one. Cool. I never really worked with FM synthesis before, but this was fun trying to get those awesome FM bass sounds.


posted in OHC269 on Dec 05, 2013
This is a song about a girl
who tried her best
She was the kind of person who always had a smile on her face
She never gave up
and she did so many wonderful things
She was an inspiration to us all

She never gave up

No, she would never give up

There was no way
that she would
give up

Powered Up

posted in OHC266 on Nov 14, 2013
With the advancement of science, humans were able to create industrial humanoid robots. A helper robot by the name of "Mega" lived peacefully in the labs of the foremost authority on robotics, Dr. Light. But then, one day...

The Triangle Wave of Doom

posted in OHC264 on Oct 31, 2013
The one thing that can stop DDRKirby from winning a compo

The only sound more terrible than CJ's farts

And louder than a Zovi entry

A force stronger than the Sacred Gemstone of Unparalleled Musical Power(tm)

It will destroy you

It is



New 9-bit Records release for Halloween!
I took 6 hours to make my track, so it should be 6 times as good as what you normally hear for OHC! :D

I dunno somehow it just HAPPENED OKAY

Mostly focused on the "driving home" part, but there's also a confrontation!


Also! Tune in to at 6 PST/9 EST this Sunday (10/20) to see me making music live! People requested that I talk about my process a little more in-depth, so I'll see if I can do that and answer any questions you guys have :)


posted in OHC258 on Sep 19, 2013
There's a place in the clouds

where there's lots of square waves

it's awesome.


Me and Acuity collabed today.

Worktime on this song was:
6:00-6:15 - DDRKirby(ISQ)
6:15-6:30 - Acuity
6:30-6:45 - DDRKirby(ISQ)
6:45-7:00 - Acuity
7:00-Submission - DDRKirby(ISQ) for final tweaks and mastering

Time Dilation

posted in OHC257 on Sep 12, 2013
Did anyone else think to use FL's Beepmap plugin to convert the images to sounds? Yeah, that's what I did.

Intermixed with a bunch of other semi-BT-like stuff. uh, yeah.


posted in OHC255 on Aug 29, 2013
\m/ YEAH \m/


I made a game in 72 hours with my artist friend for Ludum Dare!

Play Hyper Furball here:

Then grab the full soundtrack here:

Balloon Quest

posted in OHC254 on Aug 22, 2013
From the makers of Insanity Quest and World of Snow...

A fantastical new RPG, about balloons!

Soar through the air!
Feel weightless!
Fight dragons!
Perform pointless fetch quests!
Be a balloon!

0:00 - Title Theme
1:21 - Battle BGM
2:17 - Victory!
2:51 - Credits Music

Tried making an entire soundtrack, as practice for Ludum Dare this weekend. Reused some themes, hopefully you notice.

Btw, made a Vocaloid remix, if you missed it:


posted in OHC248 on Jul 11, 2013
Close your eyes and listen.

Can you hear it?

(inspired by

Across the Sky

posted in OHC246 on Jun 27, 2013
A shooting star drifts across the sky,
passing the whole world by.

Have you ever reached up to the night sky,
tracing the starlight with your fingers?

In Space

posted in OHC241 on May 23, 2013

Yeah. Remixes are hard. Okay, time to go to Fanime, woooo~

Alternate Skillset

posted in OHC240 on May 16, 2013
Long ago, DDRKirby decided to specialize in 9-bit chiptunes. Because they're awesome.

But...what if DDRKirby had decided to make a different kind of music...?


posted in OHC239 on May 09, 2013
Snow. Mist. In the distance. She's waiting.


I made a game in 48 hours for Ludum Dare. Check it out here:

I made a short musical exploration toy to prep for that. Check it out here:

I recorded myself making OHC237. Check it out here:

I brought my desktop to work and did a demo of myself making a song in one hour. With live commentary! Check it out here:

Eater of Worlds

posted in OHC237 on Apr 25, 2013
This weekend is the 26th round of Ludum Dare (48hr game development competition), so I'm doing a warmup game to refamiliarize myself with FlashPunk and ActionScript. I was originally intending to use OHC time to make a cute little song for that game, but...the song turned out way different, so I had to scrap that idea. Oh well, have fun.

Some other announcements:

- I'll be live streaming a "one hour compo" this coming Monday, 4/29, at 12PM Pacific, 3PM Eastern. I'm bringing in my desktop computer to work to do a live music production demo, and I'll be streaming and attempting to commentate on what I'm doing as well. So, tune in this coming monday at
I also streamed the production of THIS song, so that'll be going up on my youtube at some point soon.

- All in a Day's Work 2 is coming. If you haven't heard of the original, grab it at

Syreen Song

posted in OHC236 on Apr 18, 2013
In the far reaches of a distant galaxy, there exists a world full of wonderous creatures.

Every species has its own melody to spin...the flora and fauna weave together a mesmerizing tapestry of sound.

...This is their song.

My House

posted in OHC234 on Apr 04, 2013
I made a short(er) song. Does that count as fitting the theme?

Just HOW MUCH AWESOME can you pack into 3 minutes?

Welcome to my house.

Inspired by

Somewhere in Space

posted in OHC231 on Mar 14, 2013
Featuring 6/8 time, amazing chord progressions, pulse wave solos with vibrato, and all of your favorite DDRKirby synths, wrapped up altogether in one big helping of awesome.

Bon appetit.

Thing Called Love (DDRKirby Mix)

posted in OHC230 on Mar 07, 2013
I've gone through a lot in the past two days.

"There's a thing called love, that we all forget
And it's a wasted love, that we all regret
You live your life just once
So don't forget about a thing called love"

Dark Stupor

posted in OHC228 on Feb 21, 2013
I may smile to your face
I may smile to your face
I may smile to your face
I may smile to your face
I may smile to your face
Did you do anything wrong?
Did you do anything wrong?
And No.


posted in OHC225 on Jan 31, 2013
A song about how the world was destroyed

and what it was like afterwards.

I did my best to use no chippy stuff at all. Also I'm sick. Next week, maybe I'll go back to actually making good stuff. o_o

Blaster Master Remix WIP

posted in OHC224 on Jan 24, 2013

Busy week, so I don't have time to do OHC proper. Instead, I worked on my entry for the FL Studio Remix Gauntlet. (FL defaults only!)



posted in OHC222 on Jan 10, 2013
No luck. No fate. Just randomness.

Title generated with

Featuring 5/4, The Element of Surprise (, patterns made by FL's randomizer, sliced synths, telephone samples, random dblue glitching, synths made by using FL's randomize-all-knobs function, delay llama bass, and a whole bunch of nonsense.

Uhmmm yeah, I have no idea.

experiimenntalllll yesss yes so experimental yes yes, isn't it cool, say it with me EXPERIMENTALLLLL

World of Snow

posted in OHC218 on Dec 13, 2012
A game about a single girl's journey
across an endless river of white.

What is waiting for her, at the other end
of the World of Snow?

Press Start.

Ludum Dare is coming up (, so I'm practicing the best OST-making technique of all: riffing off of a common motif in different styles!

Material Defender

posted in OHC217 on Dec 06, 2012
Lost in these mines for so long...
All these damned droids are just out to get me.


Gotta keep going deeper. It's what I'm paid to do, after all.

Well, here goes nothing.

#Prepare for Descent#

Celebrate Life

posted in OHC215 on Nov 22, 2012
Cake! Pie! Presents!

Surprise parties are fun, but...

If you close your eyes, you can imagine, something even more beautiful...

Celebrate life, in all its Ecstasy.


Last week, I tried to make a more focused entry, so that it would be so unmemorable. That was a start, but I realized that it still wasn't very memorable, because the melodic interest wasn't there. That's why this entry has more melody. I hope you enjoy it.

Hive Mind

posted in OHC214 on Nov 15, 2012
We are the one

the many

Welcome to the hive mind



I'm actually taking a change of pace and trying to create shorter, more focused entries instead of the 6/7 minute long sprawling layered pieces that I normally do. My hope is that I'll be able to create things that are more memorable and of higher quality. It might take me a bit to get used to, but we'll see how it goes.

Another Aphasic Day

posted in OHC213 on Nov 08, 2012
Acuity, A-zu-ra, and me did 3-way collabs this week.

This song was worked on for 20 minutes by Acuity, then 20 minutes by A-zu-ra, and then finished up in the last 20 minutes by me.

20 minutes is short, even for me. I tried my best though. I don't really know what this song is supposed to be.....myah~

Blast From the Past

posted in OHC212 on Nov 01, 2012
You found a secret vault of music.

Just who was this "DDRKirby(ISQ)" guy???

Skipping out on listening party -- heading to #arecibo instead to celebrate the release of 9-Bit Blitzkrieg, featuring 3 tracks by ME!

Go download it now!!!

f e a r

posted in OHC211 on Oct 25, 2012



Ever wonder what happens when DDRKirby(ISQ) makes an entry without any chiptune in it? None whatsoever? Yeah, that's what this entry is.

I'm going to be missing listening party next week because I'm instead going to the listening party for Willrock's *9-BIT BLITZKRIEG* album, featuring 3 tracks by ME! I'd highly encourage you all to check it out! November 1st launch party!

Go go go!

posted in OHC209 on Oct 11, 2012
Jacked up and good to go.


If anyone's interested, I've been doing OHC-themed drawing up on dA. I suck at drawing though, but have a look-see if you want. Here's last week's:

Legend of the Sea

posted in OHC208 on Oct 04, 2012
One day HERO was aboard ship
sailing with crew

Ship sunk taking HERO with it
Now explore the sea

Collect seashells by seashore
Unlock mystery of HEROs past
Not done in FamiTracker, but tried to emulate 2A03 channel limits (I was lazy sometimes).


posted in OHC206 on Sep 20, 2012
Drifting...always drifting.
How many days has it been?

I need to find something...anything. Anything that will spare me of this vacuum, this....this...

Time to sweep the sensors again. Every day, the same old dri--



Can't stay for listening party tonight, but hope you enjoy it!

Deja Vu

posted in OHC205 on Sep 13, 2012
You can't get the feeling out of your mind.

It nags at you, eating away at your mind until your skills are useless and your creativity is sapped.


it's almost like we already had a mysterious theme like this last week.

The Forgotten

posted in OHC204 on Sep 06, 2012
After years of voyaging, you've finally located what seems to be the homeworld of the legendary Nauq-Ru civilization.


There are no majestic space vessels in sight. No thriving markets, no advanced technology. Not even a single sign of life.
Derelict buildings scatter the world, along with a cold, cold, space wind that you can feel, even through your pressurized suit.


A chill runs down your spine.

What exactly happened here? Who were the Nauq-Ru, and where did they come from?

And where...did they all go?

Relaxation Are(n)a

posted in OHC202 on Aug 23, 2012
I didn't have time to do an actual OHC because I gotta leave, so I did a quick 5-minute LoopMuse jam. Just chill out and relax.

Output directly from LoopMuse, no mastering.

One Hopeful Composer

posted in OHC200 on Aug 09, 2012
I am the only hope.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, I'm going to go for it. With the gem of unparalleled musical power in my hands, I am the only one who can create this.

Watch. Listen. Hope.

Hey guys.

I know this isn't my longest work or anything, but I really feel good about this one. OHC200, YES!

OHC has been amazing to me, so awesome in so many ways, and brought my mixing and production to levels that I couldn't even imagine back in my earlier years. Thank you everyone. Happy 200th, OHC, and let's go for another 100!


posted in OHC199 on Aug 02, 2012
Drinking game: take a shot every time you expect a note that doesn't come.



I am now making long-awaited FL Video tutorials! There's three so far and you can view them all on this youtube playlist:

Enjoy! Comment! Leave feedback! Leave requests!


posted in OHC198 on Jul 26, 2012
No signs of life. You search around, but this place seems desolated. Empty. Not a soul in sight. The frigid cosmic wind blows, and you shiver.

Then, a faint glow. Off in the distance, barely visible, but you're drawn towards it. You must find its source.

A small machine of some sort. What could its use be? Some sort of portable device, running off of battery power.

You flick the switch on...

Can't make listening party tonight, but I'll be logging the chat. See you all next week OHC200 IS COMINGGGGG

The Ecstasy of Life Remix WIP

posted in OHC197 on Jul 19, 2012

Yea, shit. Still jetlagged from my trip so I completely slept through compo, arggggg.

Instead, have a listen to this WIP that I haven't touched for a long time.

Also, OHC200 is coming up--time to round up all the vets and everyone you know to make it the biggest most awesome compo ever!!!
Fly away.

Begin again.


Note #1: I'm switching from 320kbps to 192kbps to be nicer on the servers, and so that queuing doesn't take so long. You can always grab 320kbps versions from my bandcamp at

Note #2: Probably won't be able to compo for the next 2 (?) weeks as I'll be on my trip to Japan/HK to buy loads of cute Sanrio goods. I might have someone upload on my behalf though.

The Euphoria of Death

posted in OHC192 on Jun 14, 2012
Death can be slow, painful, morbid

when the soul leaves the body,
absolute freedom is reached.

This is
The Ecstasy of Life
After Death




posted in OHC189 on May 24, 2012
Uh wut

This is what happens when I throw production techniques out the window

or something

Return to Celestia

posted in OHC188 on May 17, 2012
After going through that relentless (bullet) hell, it's time to take to the skies and travel to a better place...

An Azura-DDRKirby(ISQ) collab.

First 30 minutes of OHC time - A-zu-ra
Rest, and final mixing/mastering - DDRKirby(ISQ)


posted in OHC187 on May 10, 2012
Okay, One Hour Compo. Just have to dig up my Ultimate Gem of Musical Power....and.....ah, here it is.

Okie dokes, time to create another 8-minute awesome epic masterpi--what th;nt WHO LET YOU IN HERE!? AUGHH WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE AGGHHHH MY STUDIO

...this is what happens when you let everyone in the public get in on things.

Not the Same Level

posted in OHC185 on Apr 26, 2012
Shout-out to A-zu-ra and starla.


Check out the game I made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare:

And download the soundtrack here!


Insanity Quest

posted in OHC184 on Apr 19, 2012
The land, engulfed in darkness
Insanity runs wild

Four heroes
Holy warriors of good and light
Set out to vanquish
The evil forces of insanity!



Round #23 of the 48-hour game development competition known as Ludum Dare is on this weekend, so I decided I'd prep for that by scoring as much of an entire imaginary game as I could.

Here's the sections:
0:00-1:00 - Title Screen
1:00-1:59 - Map Level 1
1:59-3:41 - Battle!
3:41-4:41 - Battle Victory


posted in OHC183 on Apr 12, 2012
You drift through the void.

Memories, hazy, find their way through your mind as you progress through the landscape. You've never been here before, but it feels, somehow, oddly familiar. The colors are strange, like someone had fiddled with the knobs on an old TV, but you feel a certain sense of's as if you know that everything will be made clear in due time, as you reflect upon what you see.

You drift through the void.


posted in OHC181 on Mar 29, 2012
A collab with Acuity. Fun stuff! I also borrowed a friend's MIDI keyboard and recorded using that for the first time. Funny enough, I'm actually slower sequencing using a MIDI keyboard than my mouse...

Acuity brought his mic over too!

Yeah...random stuff. Also, near the beginning, STACKED SOUNDGOODIZERS


posted in OHC180 on Mar 22, 2012
My 100th OHC entry ever. I tried to employ techniques from both my old and new style in the ultimate fusion culmination of musical power to make dreams come true.

You're all awesome. The upload file size limit, however, is not, so I had to do 96 kbps again. =(

Also, lol:

Battle of the Awesome

posted in OHC179 on Mar 15, 2012



Please check out my new OHC compilation album, entitled "All in a Day's Work". It's 24 of my best OHC entries (including 14 first-place winners). You'll like it!


Frosty Mountain

posted in OHC178 on Mar 08, 2012
Twisting and turning, the path through the mountain is rocky, unstable, and teeming with evil baddies intent on stopping you.

Your adventure awaits.

Upon sci's request, I used only GM.DLS samples for this one, with basically no FX save for mastering. Enjoy :D

Couldn't fit it in upload limit at 128kbps so this is 96kbps, sorry!


posted in OHC175 on Feb 16, 2012
Once upon a time there was a village.
They grew and grew.

Once upon a time there was a city.
New technologies were discovered.

Once upon a time there was a civilization.

Club Triforce

posted in OHC173 on Feb 02, 2012
You require 3 golden triangles as proof of membership.

Join the club.


Not using 3xOsc was unbelievably limiting, but I managed to do a whole song using only tb_triforce plus drum/fx samples. Enjoy.

Pixel by Pixel

posted in OHC169 on Jan 05, 2012
This is how it all began.

From points, to lines, to pads.

Beautiful shapes, taking form.

Beautiful sounds, taking flight.


Can't stay for listening party tonight, but hope you guys enjoy--I know I did.

Dust to Dust

posted in OHC165 on Dec 08, 2011
Robots never die...
They simply remain,
Watching over the piles of dust as they settle.


Those of you who want the link to the fixed version of my entry from last week, you can get that here:


posted in OHC164 on Dec 01, 2011
Title: Polaris
Release date: 209X

In this age of 4D virtual reality games, it's nice to take a trip down memory lane and play some good old 2D platformers again.


silence at like 4:15, sorry couldn't fix render error FFFUUUU


posted in OHC163 on Nov 24, 2011
Giving thanks to all of the memorable memories that have surfaced throughout my entries.


Using my laptop and mixing on headphones, so forgive the subpar quality.


posted in OHC160 on Nov 03, 2011
Drifting ever so slowly through the void.

Nothing here, no one here, not even a speck of dust.

But there must be something out there.


We will find it.


Come with me now.

Voyage to the end of time.



As promised last week, here are two uploaded "making of" videos for past OHCs:

No Escape

posted in OHC159 on Oct 27, 2011
Where are you?

How did you get here?

What happened to everyone else?

You don't know.

There's only one thing you do know:

There's no getting out of this place...


Recorded a video of myself compoing this time; stay tuned for a link (either via IRC, or in the vote, or in next week's description). (b^^)b

funktatious junk

posted in OHC157 on Oct 13, 2011
hi sci


This was done as a pre-OHC since I didn't know whether I could make it today. Total time taken was roughly a little over an hour, but I didn't adhere strictly to the time limit, so this is a BONUS entry (that means don't vote!).


posted in OHC155 on Sep 29, 2011

The mountain.

It seems to stretch up, to eternity.
You crane your neck, but still cannot even fathom how high it is.

But, you keep climbing.

Your pace increases, your breath quickening.
How many steps has it been? One thousand? Ten thousand? One million?
The air grows frigid.

But, you keep climbing.


Shattered World

posted in OHC152 on Sep 08, 2011
You find yourself in a strange place.
You don't know where this is. You don't know what this is. You don't know how this is. You don't know why this is.

Is it a hallucination of your mind? Are you trapped in a strange dream? Lost in the underground depths of darkness where nothing and no one can reach?

You know that your only choice is to dive deeper.

The place you are in barely seems to make sense. It -doesn't- make sense. Your sense of timing is thrown off. Strange sights and sounds bewilder your mind.

You know that your only choice is to dive deeper.

Like grasping at a thread waving in the wind, you reach out to a sparkle that catches your eye. What is that thing?

Suddenly, a flash, and you find yourself in yet another place. But this place is different, somehow. Calmer.

And at the end of the room,
there is a strange, beautiful, shimmering light.

It is beautiful.

Celestial Journey

posted in OHC151 on Sep 01, 2011
You always knew, deep inside your heart, that this world was never enough for you.

Finally, you've decided that it's time to travel to the next.

OVER 900

posted in OHC148 on Aug 11, 2011
Guess what the tempo of this song is?

999.000 BPM.

Project file:

Inspired by FL 3.56's "NewFruity" by Pilchard

Uses only C_Kick, C_HC, CHH, and C_Snare. No synths.

Can't stay for listening party tonight, sorry! Please leave your feedback anyways! =)


posted in OHC145 on Jul 21, 2011
It was long thought that there was nothing left of the Antaran civilization...until your sensors suddenly pick up a suspicious blip of activity while wandering the nebula.


posted in OHC138 on Jun 02, 2011
"Every time I try to think of your friendly smiling face
(urp!) I want to blow chunks.
I have a better idea. I'll just kill you."


posted in OHC132 on Apr 21, 2011
Setting off in our voyage

Becoming lost, in an undersea dungeon

What is this strange new place?

Haven't we been here before?

We've gotta make a break for it.

Undetermined Depths

posted in OHC130 on Apr 07, 2011
Who knows
what is
down there?


I did this compo "deaf"--namely, I had my speakers turned off, volume muted, headphones unplugged--I only had my eyes and some spectral analyzers to help "my mind's ear". I have no idea how it sounds yet.

On a related note, not having to listen to anything somehow seems to mean I can churn out more material. hmm...

Lonely Meteor

posted in OHC128 on Mar 24, 2011
Traveling through space
all alone

Space is so cold
and so dark

I just want to meet a friend...


Me and Acuity are collabing tonight since he's over at my place. I worked on this piece for the first 20 minutes, then we swapped project files, worked for another 20 minutes, and then did another swap to finish our songs up.


posted in OHC127 on Mar 17, 2011
reupload to fix a minor glitch.

Falling particles of water...
aqueous. flowing.
yet somehow, still...discrete.

(I bought the VVVVVVV soundtrack recently and haven't stopped listening to it yet, so enjoy something somewhat moderately similar)

Reality Shift

posted in OHC111 on Nov 18, 2010
The dreamer awakens to find himself in a strange dream world.

Nothing is real. The world is fantastical. Unbelievable. Miraculous.

How can I wake myself? How do I get home?

The dreamer searches, but finds no answer.



Why go back? Why not stay a little while...?
Things here are so much...better.
Yes...embrace the dream. Live it. The dream IS your reality.
Here, where you never tire, and the night lasts for an eternity.

The dreamer begins to become...


posted in OHC110 on Nov 11, 2010
Between Heaven and Hell,
...there is only...



side note: I switched over to "DDRKirby(ISQ)" with parens now, as it should have always been in the first place.
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OHC127 Mar 20, 2011
OHC126 Mar 13, 2011
OHC125 Mar 10, 2011
OHC123 Feb 17, 2011
OHC122 Feb 13, 2011
OHC121 Feb 05, 2011
OHC120 Jan 30, 2011
OHC119 Jan 23, 2011
OHC117 Jan 09, 2011
OHC115 Dec 26, 2010
OHC113 Dec 13, 2010
OHC112 Dec 04, 2010
OHC111 Nov 21, 2010
OHC110 Nov 14, 2010
OHC109 Nov 11, 2010