Glucose Orbit

posted in OHC656 on May 06, 2021

Was unsure what to do this week, and settled on taking some old melodies from earlier projects and trying something sorta like eurobeat. Took a while to find a groove for sugary cosmic formations XD

BONUS: Magmazoic Era

posted in PRC426 on May 01, 2021

Don't vote for the bonus entry!

I defaulted to one of my favored styles, rock orchestral music. I aimed for making a slightly more dry sound to this than the original to bring out the fun baselines. Two runs through the song with variations and extended a few parts some.

Alternate title: Dinorex has the High Ground.

Zork Super Highway 08

posted in PRC425 on Apr 20, 2021

I hit the gas for a eurobeat inspired approach! Y'know, if the text adventure included finding a cool cool car to break some speed limits in. I've been in a phase of interest for Eurobeat styles, so Zork is my latest victim. I bumped the whole thing to 165 BPM's in the process, and accidentally worked the whole thing on a 4/4 piano roll, not realizing it was in 3/4 time. Not sure how I missed that XD.

Sock on it, Fast Fast Gas

posted in OHC653 on Apr 15, 2021

For best results, you'll need stereo sound to hear the panning (symbolic of left and right socks). My attempts to create Eurobeat continues, with feet t0o hot to touch (the gas pedal) and probably drifting. And a violin happens, because I don't do vocals. Or violin, really, it's just a vst.

Vodou Ninja Meets the Gamerbot

posted in MnP123 on Apr 05, 2021

Named in honor of the artists that picked these fun sources! I covered both sources in a medley. I structured it to treat each song separately (mostly) to be sure that I kept things faithful for both songs to stick to the spirit of the MnP.

For Inner Darkside, I employed samples of authentic japanese instruments to take the lead and used some synthetic bass and pads to add atmosphere. And Taiko drums! I went for capturing the original's atmosphere, a kind of mystical awe of a strange, slightly sinister place. I primarily stuck to the original, but revisited the melody for some variation. The dark parts of the song connected well with the BFH03 Builder bassline.

Speaking of, I tackled the BFH03 Builder with my best attempt to replicate the gritty electronic vibe of the original. I used several FM instruments, and threw down some sfx's I found in my library. I used part of the original drumline, the almost militaristic snare beat. I distorted a piano vst for the thrumming chords of the middle, which made an interesting effect. After a runthrough, I adapted a few parts of Inner Darkside to call back to Shinobi. Right before the end, I got a bit carried away and created something almost dancey by changing the bass progression, and I hope it's not too outta line for MnP cause it was real fun to make.

This was great fun to create, a real eclectic experiment.

Consider Yourself a Hero

posted in PRC424 on Apr 05, 2021

I really don't got much knowledge on orchestral arrangements, I should probably do some actual studying on how to make cinematic scoring. But since I didn't, I created my best shot at a dramatic, heroic arrangement for a cinematic space marine soldier fighting for FREEDOM.

Screw it, I'm in a Good Mood

posted in OHC649 on Mar 18, 2021

I normally hate crowded urban scenes, but this turned out so happy and pleasant. Guess I was in a real good mood, walking through this bustling scene. But it ends on a more realistic note of being glad to shut the door on the world at the end of the day.

Fuse it or Lose it

posted in PRC423 on Mar 16, 2021

Went for something faster than the source. Started off using eurobeat for inspiration, found a rhodes piano sample to play with, and next thing I knew, it was THIS. Turned out interesting.

Doomed Orbit

posted in OHC648 on Mar 11, 2021

I took some parts from one of my previous space-themed OHCs, and remixed it to sound more dark and intense. And like the original melody, it took me like 20 minutes to get the beginning bass progression!


I interpreted my remix as the result of giving mercy to a little froggit, who then goes on a journey of self discovery with the life you spared him. And he ends up hopping into Secret of Mana for a little bit, because Distant Thunder from SoM kept playing in my mind as I worked with it.


posted in OHC645 on Feb 18, 2021

FL Studio crashed on me, but I still got this pseudo eurobeat styled thing in! Also, I am going to start titling all of my entries with the express purpose of hearing Chorus try and pronounce them.

Impending End

posted in PRC421 on Feb 02, 2021

Tried to take the Lufia 2 source for a dramatic rock-orchestra trip. Didn't get the mixing down as well as I'd like, but some parts made me happy. I tried to find a way to mix Technopera into this, but couldn't quite get it to fit, sorry. 

Chrono's Cabana Vacation

posted in MnP121 on Jan 16, 2021

I never played Chrono Cross and know next to nothing about it But my instrumentation choices made the song have a slightly beach-side vibe. And I hear that Chrono from Chrono Trigger can appear in the game So this happened. And against my better judgement, I tried using electric guitar samples.

These Frozen Walls (Chill Me)

posted in OHC636 on Dec 17, 2020

The pictures reminded me of ice castles, so I tried to balance a kinda grand and imposing tune against a cold loneliness, like some princess wanting to leave her icy palace. Running outta ideas on how to compose icy themed songs XD

Bloom Against the Cold

posted in OHC635 on Dec 10, 2020

The pictures reminded me of my first OHC entry which was a picture of flowers and sprouts. So I took some of the melodies from that composition and remixed them with a frosty mood.

Splintered Orbit

posted in OHC634 on Dec 03, 2020

Mainly drew from source one (The space picture.) Tried to capture the cold, drifting shards and the intensity of the big ol planet. Got way too caught up on making arpeggios, haha.

Gandrayda: Mimetic Corruption

posted in MnP119 on Nov 25, 2020

Gandrayda's battle theme from Metroid Prime 3, I always found this song to be creepily elegant and threatening. So I tried for something sorta delicate with twisted synths and driving rhythm to reflect the corruption of the shapeshifter.

(BONUS ENTRY) All The King's Plumbers

posted in PRC417 on Nov 24, 2020

"Humpsy Bumpsy plains on the wall,

Humpsy Bumpsy plains had a great fall

And all the King's koopas and all the King's Plumbers

Couldn't make Bowser a better jumper."


. Not the best nursery rhyme parody. So enjoy the song instead! Don't vote for the bonus entry.

Flickers of Gold and Green

posted in OHC631 on Nov 12, 2020

I saw koi fish and thought of japanese instruments, so I used some samples of shakahuchi, shamisen, and koto to set something of an oriental mood. Also tried working in time, which is not my usual time signature. Good learning experience. My mental imagery was the flickering colors of koi darting about under the shadows of lilypads.


posted in PRC416 on Oct 31, 2020

Wanted to get a sound like something from Jurassic Park or maybe Monster Hunter was after you in a primeval battle to the death. But also wanted to use my new jaw harp samples. My runner up title was Adventursaurus Rex.

Tread Lightly, Dreamer

posted in MnP117 on Sep 26, 2020

My first time entering a compoverse. I aimed to make an atmospheric sound filled with danger and apprehension, tiptoeing through a dungeon. And I got a didgeridoo sample, so I threw that in for fun.

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